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Sample Papers, Revision Notes & more for Class VIII - Child labour is a business term which means to employ children at work below the age that has been demarcated by the government essay on holi in about 250-280 words Q). and purchase of medicines for children Child Labour is a curse We must work to get rid of it at all costs Good essay But it has to be a long essay Reply 9th Class Result 2014: Matric Class Result 2014.

studies on unemployment show that the number of unemployed adults in India nearly equals the number of child laborers there Child labor poses long run consequences that actually help perpetuate poverty by You can order a custom essay on Child Labor now!

Child labour is one of the topic that presents strong emotions, beliefs and opinions

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Hi there! Ms Liz, regarding what extent do you agree or disagree, if ever I will stand for partly agree. Which for me, I partly agreee because it is not the best way to deal with the problem, there should be a supplemental option. In my first paragraph, I will discuss the positive effects of physical education in school in fighting obesity problems.
Second paragraph would be this way ” However, there are other options that should be blended in physical education in school to achieve an optimal effect of eliminating obesity. This is the importance of healthy diet that should be incorporated into physical education to achieve an optimal effect in eliminating obesity. Because nowadays fast foods are everywhere which students tend to choose more often regarding everyday nourishment. Lastly, my conclusion would be, “To conclude physical education could give a positive effect in hindering obesity in children, however, to further achieve the best result of lowering cases of overweight individuals, proper diet should also be included. Thank you Ms Liz.

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My introduction: Many countries are discussing child labour laws to find out a fair solution for it. Specifically,first world countries agree that the importation of manufactured work of minor age should be not allowed. I do believe that this statement is true but also we might take in consideration some drawbacks.

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708 words essay on Child Labour in India

It is the wrong approach. If you wish to give an opinion of both, you must quantify it. Here’s an example “I think that parents are the best teachers for very young children under the age of five but from that age, teachers are better to educate them”. This is an acceptable opinion for IELTS. You MUST avoid changing the essay question into a discussion essay with equal weight on both sides.
All the best


I want to ask if I’m allowed to incorporate sayings or proverbs in my essay.
For example: “Obliging children to begin formal education earlier is no different from flogging the proverbial dead horse”.
Or: “As the saying goes: The devil makes work for idle hands”.


secondary, increase workout lessons and it’s role in reducing obesity risk factors among elderly people not only students, because having body mass index more than 25 could be harmful to that age group as same as children .A good way to achieve this goal is to educate people over 65 of age during regularly family physician visits .
To conclusion ,there are plenty solutions such as more education between society subgroups,but it’s not lonely enough to deal with the issue

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Nimrod is his next instance of enjoying this patriarchal power, p. 16; but I know not for what reason our author seems a little unkind to him, and says, that he “against right enlarged his empire, by seizing violently on the rights of other lords of families.” These lords of families here were called fathers of families, in his account of the dispersion at Babel; but it matters not how they were called, so we know who they are; for this fatherly authority must be in them, either as heirs to Adam, and so there could not be 72, nor above one at once; or else as natural parents over their children, and so every father will have paternal authority over his children by the same right, and in as large extent as those 72 had, and so be independent princes over their own offspring. Taking his lords of families in this latter sense, (as it is hard to give those words any other sense in this place) he gives us a very pretty account of the original of monarchy, in these following words, p. 16. “And in this sense he may be said to be the author and founder of monarchy,” viz. As against right seizing violently on the rights of fathers over their children; which paternal authority, if it be in them, by right of nature, (for else how could those 72 come by it?) nobody can take from them without their own consents; and then I desire our author and his friends to consider how far this will concern other princes, and whether it will not, according to his conclusion of that paragraph, resolve all regal power of those, whose dominions extend beyond their families, either into tyranny and usurpation, or election and consent of fathers of families, which will differ very little from consent of the people.

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By making an explicit consent of every commoner necessary to any one’s appropriating to himself any part of what is given in common, children or servants could not cut the meat, which their father or master had provided for them in common, without assigning to every one his peculiar part. Though the water running in the fountain be every one’s, yet who can doubt, but that in the pitcher is his only who drew it out? His labour hath taken it out of the hands of nature, where it was common, and belonged equally to all her children, and hath thereby appropraited it to himself.

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IPEC The Programme IPEC worldwide; IPEC Donors; Design and evaluation What is child labour ILO Conventions and Recommendations; Worst forms of child labou.

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