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The so-called , devised by former Army Chief of Staff , had been carefully crafted to deal with a two-front war scenario. The plan, which very nearly succeeded, outlined a plan to conquer France, to knock her out of the war, on a 'Western Front', within five weeks - before, the Germans calculated, Russia could effectively mobilise for war on the 'Eastern Front' (which they estimated would take six weeks).

It is often speculated - and argued - that the plan would have succeeded but for the decision of the then-German Chief of Staff in 1914, , to authorise a critical deviation from the plan that, it is believed, stemmed from a lack of nerve, and crucially slowed the path towards Paris - with fatal consequences (and which ended in static ).

Some of the effects of World War II can easily be seen in the first glance like:World War... ...

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Examination of the history of the wars of the world reveals that a great number of wars that have ever taken place are a result of other causes. Other than religion being used as an excuse for war by the war inclined communities the presence of political forces influencing the course of wars, religion is a vita aspect of society

Conclusions about Organic Weakness #4 - how an unrestrained press led to war: A European and American press more concerned with sellling newspapers than with telling the impartial story of the grievances and shifting alliances brought about by imperialism added to the already fragile environment in Europe in 1914. Consequently, the unrestrained presses of Europe helped to publicize the final organic weakness - unrestrained nationalism.

The “Great War” and Its Consequences Essay -- World War I

In the article Nuclear Winter, based on the scientific paper “Global Atmospheric Consequences of Nuclear War”, Sagan explained and analyzed an unanticipated consequence, a drastic drop in world’s temperature, of a nuclear war.

The Cold War varied from most wars because it was as a great deal of a propaganda war than a war with military involvements....

The war in Philippines is a clear case of inter-religious conflict. This is between the two most successful religions: Christianity and Islam. The northern region is mainly Muslim, the only region in the whole of Philippines .Muslim was brought to the region at around 13th century by Arab traders. In that area Muslim Christian conflicts has been a continual issue that has been persistent over all the years. Though this may appear as a clear cut religion caused war, we must also note that religion also has been used to achieve political ends. Therefore one must realizes that though the war may rage ,it might after all be seen as a political war too.

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Conclusions about Organic Weakness #3 - how shifting and entangling alliances led to war: The consequence of these alliances was the division of two divided and armed camps that existed in Europe by 1914. Thus, one offense against any Euroean nations might ultimately draw in that nation's ally, and that ally's ally, or allies. The alliances gave smaller powers - like those in the Balkans - an opportunity to begin a crisis that could become a world war.

the effects or consequences of war can be

The implication of politicizing religion is that it becomes so easy to associate a particular region to a religion; this has adverse effects that have an effect on individual relations. This goes further goes ahead to create room for stereotyping. The common generalization that people have upon an area starts bringing out the differences in the open. Normally a war does not start like that, aggression especially if the religion has extremists in the area. A strict discipleship manifested by the area religious leader may incite one religion against the other. This has been the case in Philistines. Funding from warlords who stand to benefit from the war and armed conflicts ensue as the weapons are availed.

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Lamont noted with obvious satisfaction that, as a result of four years of war and global devastation, 'the national debts of the world have increased by $210,000,000,000 or about 475% in the last six years, and as a natural consequence, the variety of government bonds and the number of investors in them have been greatly multiplied.’ These results have made themselves manifest in all the investment markets of the world but nowhere, perhaps, in greater measure than in the United States."

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In a historical context, potential use of nuclear warheads in Cold War (1947-1991) influenced the writer to highlight the consequences of a nuclear war....

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The consequences of the war were numerous. Aside from the usual territorial gains - France ceded both Alsace and Lorraine to Prussia and was forced to pay swingeing reparations (equivalent to around $1 billion today) - the southern German states agreed to an alliance with their northern counterparts, resulting in the creation of Bismarck's cherished German Empire.

The Seven Years' War: 1754-1763

There are interesting consequences of this situation on the internal level for both countries. As far as Ethiopia is concerned, there was a sudden upsurge of support for the war. But this support was not support for the Government. Rather it was an expression of frustrated Ethiopian nationalism and it came from the opponents of the EPRDF regime. If this is a paradox it is only apparently so. In 1993, the Eritrean independence referendum had been regarded as a betrayal of Ethiopia by all the forces opposed to the EPRDF. And this did not mean pro-Mengistu forces, who were by then in any case largely exhausted. Support for the communist regime had vanished practically totally after the failed military coup of October 1989 which had been intended to bring the war to a negotiated end.[17] The political forces which opposed Eritrean independence were the moderate democratic forces which had not been invited by the Americans to attend the London conference of April 1991, such forces as those embodied today by the All Amhara People's Organization (AAPO)[18], the multi-ethnic Coalition of Ethiopian Democratic Forces (CODEF) or the Southern Ethiopian Peoples Democratic Coalition (SEPDC).

Three truths about the Iraq war and its consequences

When these opponents, who have now created a common front, recently met in Paris,[19] they definitely toned down their nationalist anti-Eritrean tone because they were by now aware of the genuine strength of independence feelings in Eritrea. But their friends in Ethiopia itself lost no time in demonstrating in support of the EPRDF-led war, while at the same time keeping a relentless barrage of criticism against the regime at every other level. As an Oromo critic of both the opposition and the government wrote:

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