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The violence committed against women is becoming worse.

I quite agree Victor sexual and domestic violence just doesn’t happen to women and girls when someone isn’t believed it must be terrible for that person. You can’t just blame men for all cases I agree with you.

The article online entitled “Death on the Baby Farm” exposes how today’s criminologists still deliberately distort the historical record on violence by women against children.

It is violence in private life that comprises domestic violence against women.
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And violence against women is among them.

One of the worse violence committed against women is now happening in Juarez, Mexico....
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I hope you can read statistics… 70% of violence against women is perpetrated by the female… in other-words, women statistically start physical violence they cannot finish, then they claim victim-hood! before you call someone a liar please look up your facts! you have been fooled by the feminist agenda so blinded by hate you cannot see past your own Bull, shyte! the feminist agenda is a fary tail myth!

Here is domestic violence expert, Dr. Frank Ochberg, Psychiatrist, on why it is women who are the most common prey of domestic and other abuse and discrimination:

Wife beating is the most widespread form of domestic violence.

not ridiculous buddy… it is true! women tend to hit, bite, pinch, slap,etc. more than men! according to the CDC 70% of all domestic violence is started by women! men just hit harder! take off the feminist shades

Violence against women in the media has been happening for decades.
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did you read the article? Women are more likely to be the initiator of violence in reciprocal violence relationships. So no 3/4 of the women did not hit him in self defence.

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domestic violence agaient women

One side of Domestic Violence is physical, impulsive, and vicious.

3/4 of the women who “hit” the man did it in self-defense after being physically abused first. A man would hit any man who physically attacked him, wouldn’t he? And the study found more men are likely to press charges against their female partners than women against men. Plus men are not in fear for their lives since they are usually larger, stronger and more confident than their female partners. If men feel so badly when they find themselves victims of females then they should understand how females feel. They should advocate against male violence and speak out against it since they know first hand how much it hurts.

Professional athletes are arrested for domestic violence every week.

For example, NVAWS found that women are significantly more likely than men to report being victims of intimate partner violence whether it is rape, physical assault, or stalking and whether the timeframe is the person’s lifetime or the previous 12 months. NCVS found that about 85 percent of victimizations by intimate partners in 1998 were against women.

But violence agains women is not anythng new.

Yes! Here’s what i have posted: I am witness to violence from a woman against a man. It’s all about power and control in the most insidious ways. She has indicated a desire to make him suffer in excruciating ways and has attacked in the most painful ways, including alienating his children from him while (unbeknownst to the children) receiving more than his full salary in support payments. She has been physically and psychologically violent: kicking, biting, and pushing him down the stairs, being verbally abusive, and attacking his sense of reality and sanity. Every violent and criminal action she has undertaken she has twisted into claiming he is the one who did the same violent or criminal deed to her, the innocent and benevolent victim … and she has been believed by most, sometimes resulting in misapplied justice – the victim being punished for deeds the aggressor has committed instead of the other way around. Can you imagine what that would feel like? Further, she is a registered social worker, who is viewed as being caring and helpful to others. It seems to take professionals about 3 years to figure out what’s really happening, and then, somehow, the help promised gets twisted into oblivion for a variety of reasons, largely due to attitudes like yours and others who remain blind to what is really happening. There is a lot of misinformation about domestic violence, including the violence of women against men.

Most of us still hold on to the old notions about domestic violence.

no 3/4 figure for self defense. In fact, over 50% of women stated they initiated the first violence. Your total response is not factually supported and is based on stereotypes created by “Women’s” groups. The facts are in conflict when they stand by themselves.

Sample Essay On The Topic Of Violence Against Women

For example, NVAWS found that women are significantly more likely than men to report being victims of intimate partner violence whether it is rape, physical assault, or stalking and whether the timeframe is the person’s lifetime or the previous 12 months. NCVS found that about 85 percent of victimizations by intimate partners in 1998 were against women.

View and download violence against women essays examples

Women, just like men abuse as a result of abuse. Violence is a learned behavior, I am struggling with this as we speak, every relationship I have ever been in has left me beaten and broken more so then the previous, as a child my mother beat me, to take her anger out on someone from her violent marriage, my father sexually abused me, at 15 I was so happy and full of life even after all of that.
I never thought that 18 years later I would have so much anger and fear towards men. My husband suffers from bipolar 1 and is very manic at times. He will harp on things, get very mentally and verbally abusive, then I go into to flight or fight mode, I have never been able to flee so I stand and fight. I love my husband ( I know every abuser says the same thing) I do everything I can to not resort to violence, he wont let me walk away. He walks away he leaves and runs off. I fear losing my whole world over and over again. So What do you do? You can’t get help because youll be labled. Charges maybe even.

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