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Values Education, 2003

Despite the positive trend in enrollment rates across each level of the education system for the past decade or more, this data is deceptively positive when compared to the drop-out rate. UNESCO finds that more than 50% of children will drop out before they reach the lower secondary level of school [5]. Additionally, of the children that remain in school, the Government of Nepal finds that those students from lower castes, primarily janjatis and dalits, drop out more frequently . Programs like SSR are, in effect, targeting this demographic since people of a lower caste are much more likely to attend public schools, or community schools, rather than private, or institutional, schools.

March 2017 – Tabitha Collins“Tabitha exemplifies the Leadership Core Value when she represents the CoEd at local, national, and international conferences where she presents her work about literacy. She also teaches a master’s class in literacy and is co-authoring an article with Dr. Mary Fahrenbruck. Tabitha volunteers and participates in a variety of activities on campus. Her focus on LGBTQ children’s literature reflects her commitment to support diversity at NMSU and beyond. She strives for excellence in all she does. Her work ethic is outstanding and she goes above and beyond in anything asked of her. Tabitha is a member of a group that studies Imagology and will be one of the first to use it as a framework for a dissertation.

I think that this is one of the main reasons why students flunk out of college.

The value of a college education is priceless. very highly, so it is fitting that the University of Kentucky do the same.

Before the first earthquake shook Nepal on the 25th of April, 2015, the country’s political and social climate had already been unstable for decades. This meant particular instability for Nepal’s education system. Whether it was during the Rana regime, when education was reserved for the elite, or during the era of Panchayat governance when it was wielded as a culturally and politically unifying force, the education of Nepal’s young people was inequitable and of poor quality . Definitive improvement was seen in the 90s, arguably catalyzed by the World Conference on Education for All held at Jomtien, Thailand in 1990. The next decade in Nepal saw massive organization of the education system, including the establishment of the Department of Education and development and implementation of multiple plans aimed to expand access to education . This push for expanded access was largely successful, especially for enrollment in primary education. In 2010, the primary education attendance rate was at an impressive 95% compared to the meagre 64% measured in 1990. [4]

November 2017 – Bill Nolan “Bill is a very hard worker and is an Honors student. He challenges himself, is not afraid to ask hard questions of himself regarding the multiple facets of diversity, and works hard to achieve excellence in his work. He demonstrates leadership in the class due to his maturity and serious demeanor toward learning. Bill wants to become a math teacher and is investigating how to be a transformative educator for students in the borderland. He has a keen sense of integrity, honesty and kindness. He sees education as a way to assist others to reach their goals and access opportunity.”

Journal of Higher Education, 74, (6), 665.

While some regard the college degree as little more than a "piece of paper," most students believe that something important goes on during the college years. The problem is they don't have a clear sense of what that "something" is or ought to be. They are in no position to be intentional about working on precisely those outcomes most important to their future success and to the future success of our society.

Values teach us that we can reach as high as we can, rather than cutting ourselves short.

The students we interviewed who felt the most prepared for college were those who had taken Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate classes. The high school students who had taken these classes believed that these more demanding curricula and heavier course loads reflected the academic rigor of college. The college students' evaluations of AP classes varied, however. Some felt that general education courses in college simply rehashed what they had already learned in high school, while others felt they were unprepared for the demands of some college classes despite having taken AP classes in those fields of study.

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moral values & character education

The value of a college education is priceless.

Students are receiving these messages from their parents, but also from high school teachers and guidance counselors, and from the society at large. What they are not receiving is specific information about the challenges they will face in college or the specific outcomes of college that employers identify as essential. At least some students are getting lots of information about requirements for gaining admittance to college and guidance on how and when to apply, but they are not told what or how they will be expected to study once they get to college--or how they can best prepare to succeed there. The message about preparation seems to be simply "work hard, since college learning is difficult"--not a very helpful message to guide one's actual choices and actions.

Our Bulletin board for Values Based Education

We would like to congratulate Marlena Moreno for winning September’s Core Values Dean’s parking spot. Marlena was nominated for the award by exemplifying one or more of the Core Values of the College of Education.

Important figures and details about the state of education in Nepal.

A key factor in the high ratings ITAM programs receive is the variety of offerings and modalities. Both Best Choice Schools and Value Colleges noted the , which offers self-paced, competency-based learning for motivated students seeking a flexible schedule. Fully online specializations in the Bachelor of Science currently include Administrative Management, Cybersecurity, and Retail Management and Technology. The provides an opportunity for students with an applied associate degree to transfer into a four-year university.

Values of a College Education essays

Although many see this natural disaster as an event that could reverse many years of progress in school attendance, it may also mean something positive for Nepal’s education system. Even just a small improvement in education and literacy rates can do so much for a developing country like Nepal–for example, patients are more likely to seek medical care with just a basic knowledge of biomedicine, and educated citizens spark economic growth and decreases in poverty. Thus, this is a major pivot point in the future of Nepal: because of the utter devastation of the country’s schools and all the work that is currently being done to rebuild the system, this is an opportune time to rebuild and revamp the very backbone of Nepal’s education system, “building back better” than it ever was.

The Value of College Education – Essay Sample

Throughout the last academic year, who graduated from high school a few years ago in Montgomery County, Md., just outside Washington, D.C. We spent the last year talking with them about their choice of public, private or community college. Was the cost worth it? What is the value of higher education?

The Value of Higher Education | College Essays About …

In fact, when asked whether the degree is simply a "piece of paper" or credential, or if it represents significant achievement that will enable long-term success and fulfillment, the students were not in agreement. Some saw the degree as simply a "piece of paper"; others saw it as evidence of the attainment of knowledge, skills, and experience that enhance both professional and personal success. Two representative students articulated these different viewpoints. "I don't think it [the degree] means much of anything," said a college student in Alexandria, Virginia. "It's just a piece of paper. But that piece of paper will get you the interview at whatever job you want." A college student from Portland, Oregon, suggested that "college is about becoming a more well-rounded person--knowing, gaining . . . getting a wide variety of facts and knowledge about the world to become a better individual and a better citizen. . . . I think it's valuable for being in the workforce," this student said, "but I think it's perhaps more valuable for personally gaining knowledge and understanding."

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