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"English America was a corporation before it was a country,' David A. Price explains in his solid and engaging new history of Jamestown, the first English-speaking colony in North America that managed to survive. Since Price was a business reporter before he turned historian, a reader might expect him to expatiate on how capitalism shaped Jamestown and on the inspiring business model chosen by the Virginia Company, which raised the money to start it.... Price focuses instead on the human story of Jamestown, nearly mythic in its resonances, and he interprets it not with economics but with political philosophy." — The New York Times Book Review

This kind of thinking is, according to psychologists, unsurprising. Each of us can have firsthand knowledge of just a small number of topics—our jobs, our studies, our personal experiences. But as citizens—and as elected officials—we are routinely asked to make judgments on issues as diverse and as complex as the Iranian nuclear program, the environmental impact of an international oil pipeline, and the likely outcomes of branding China a “currency manipulator.”

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"Price's well-researched book skillfully weaves together period letters and historical documents into a narrative and is an engaging and detailed account of the many lives that clashed during the founding of Virginia." — U.S. News & World Report

"Price puts the first settlement back where it belongs: at the center of the American story.... Prices book is beautifully written and an authentic page turner.... The scholarship is unassailable but not oppressive.... Anyone who wants to understand the United States must consider that first colony — and David Price's book is a good place to start." — National Review Online

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"Price has digested the most recent scholarship on early Virginia, then filtered it through his instincts as a storyteller to create the most historically correct and stylistically elegant rendering of John Smith and Pocahontas that I have ever read." — Joseph Ellis, author of FOUNDING BROTHERS

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"Jamestown in Virginia, that is, from the landfall of European economic migrants in 1606, determined not to founder and fail as had the Roanoke settlement of the 1580s. They made it, but only just; the first 40 years were a woeful chronicle of competent leaders demoted and incompetent promoted by shareholders back in England, of aristo sloth and inter-settler strife, besides the mutual treacheries and butcheries of Native American-colonial confrontations. Price is scrupulous about both sides, and his John Smith and Pocahontas portraits unromanticised. His wry asides are full of unrealised American futures: what if the subgroup shipwrecked in the Bermudas had stayed there, living high on the wild hogs, and not struggled on to support the few Virginians who had survived starvation? What if John Rolfe had heeded James I's advice to raise mulberry-fed silkworms or grow wine vines, rather than make tobacco the colony cash crop?" — The Guardian (London)

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"Scholars and lovers of history, take note. Don't be put off by the title of David Price's excellent new account of the Jamestown colony and the levelheaded soldier who, above all others, ensured its survival.... Price, who holds degrees from Harvard, Cambridge, and the College of William and Mary in Virginia, tells the story straight. The unvarnished record in packed with best-selling elements: greed, arrogance, intrigue, valor, stupidity, torture and cruelties of the worst sort, as well as valor, suspense, and cataclysmic tragedy. Then there is that remarkable relationship between John Smith and Pocahontas, favorite daughter of the Indian chief Powhatan.... Price interweaves all these elements with a graceful, reportorial style that never forgets the humanity of the individuals involved.... John Smith once had a much higher profile in U.S. history, revered in the same light as the Founding Fathers and the framers of the Constitution. LOVE AND HATE IN JAMESTOWN reminds us of the station Smith once held.... Price's book makes an excellent case for pulling Smith from the dusty corners of American history and restoring him to glory.... LOVE AND HATE IN JAMESTOWN presents an excellent counter to pop culture's fixation on so-called reality television programming. The passages describing the horrific Starving Time or the vivisection of a captured Englishman surpass 'Survivor' and 'Fear Factor' in their ability to rivet one's attention. Middle- and high- school teachers of English and history should read them aloud to students. The lessons are many. Most readers will find the book equally engaging for other reasons. LOVE AND HATE IN JAMESTOWN has the potential to do for Capt. John Smith what UNDAUNTED COURAGE by the late Stephen Ambrose did for Lewis and Clark: rekindle appreciation for our history among a new generation of Americans, and deservedly so." — Orlando Sentinel

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"This sparkling book retells a beloved tale in modern terms. Journalist Price's subtitle suggests that the book might be only about John Smith and Pocahontas — who 'crossed into one another's cultures more than any other Englishman or native woman had done' — as well as about Pocahontas's eventual husband, John Rolfe. Fortunately, the book ranges more widely than that. Price relates the entire riveting story of the founding of Virginia. Smith is of course at the center of the tale, because rarely did a colonial leader so bountifully combine experience, insight, vision, strength of character and leadership skills to overcome extraordinary odds. But no one will come away from this work without heightened admiration also for the natives, especially Chief Powhatan, and greater knowledge of the introduction of a third people, the African slaves, into the Chesapeake.... A splendid work of serious narrative history." — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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But the courts are not as distant from the political process as some like to think. The first judge to rule against the individual mandate was Judge Henry Hudson, of Virginia’s Eastern District Court. Hudson was heavily invested in a Republican consulting firm called Campaign Solutions, Inc. The company had worked with the Presidential campaigns of John McCain and George W. Bush, the Republican National Committee, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, and Ken Cuccinelli—the Virginia state attorney general who is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuits against the Affordable Care Act.

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"[An] admirable new history of the Jamestown colony.... The Pocahontas-John Smith story is one of our most famous and most fictionalized.... The truth is more interesting.... A fine book, LOVE AND HATE IN JAMESTOWN, one that personifies the virtues I esteem in a work of popular history: clarity, intelligence, grace, novelty and brevity." — San Jose Mercury News

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