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A measure of the sugar concentration in the juice or wine.

A range of viticultural techniques applied in vineyards to manipulate the vine canopy. This is performed for vine shape, limiting direct sunlight and disease control, in order to create an optimal growing environment.

A storehouse or storeroom used specifically for holding wine. Long ago, wine was best kept in underground cellars. Modern methods of insulation and temperature control have transformed the job of storing wine, making it possible for wine “cellars” to be above ground as well. Wine is best stored horizontally in a dark place with minimal temperature fluctuation. The optimal temperature for storing most wines is between 45°F and 65°F. Check out Serving and Storage for more details.

Each region has different climates that mean diverse types of plant growing there.

A tasting term for the casual sensory evaluation of a wine.

In this paper the reader will be taken through several different steps and processes that must be accomplished for your wine to be of satisfactory flavor and clarity.

French for "in pulling", refers to the period of time in which bottled sparkling wine is rested in contact with lees generated during secondary fermentation. Part of the Méthode Champenoise process.

French for "bottled at the winery", usually in Bordeaux.

A wine accessory that slips over the neck of a wine bottle and absorbs any drips that may run down the bottle after pouring - preventing stains to table cloths, counter tops or other surfaces.

Everything in a wine except for water, sugar, alcohol, and acidity, the term refers to the solid compounds such as tannins. High levels of extract results in more color and body, which may be increased by prolonging the wine's contact with the skins during Cuvaison.

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An abbreviation for the German wine Trockenbeerenauslese.

A tasting term for the mouthfeel of wine on the palate.

Similar to D.O.C., with the “G” standing for “Garantita” or Guaranteed. This certification is also administered by the local producers, but is even stricter than the D.O.C. Traditionally considered the best of the best, the D.O.C.G. classification is reserved for a small portion of all wines from Italy.

A person engaged in the occupation of making wine.

The finish is the overall taste that remains in your mouth after you’ve swallowed the wine; it’s the length and pleasantness of the aftertaste. A well-balanced, full-bodied wine usually has a long finish, while a well-balanced, light-bodied wine has a shorter finish.

These are the topics that I will explore and expand on.

Here's an Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, just north of Italy and Merlot is the primary wine. As noted above, these can be rather expensive and they find a receptive audienceon their home turf. The grape seems to have arrived from Bordeaux back inthe early 1900s. It proved well-suited way back when and today somethingclose to 80% of Ticino's vineyards are planted with Merlot.

However, there are a few vines of Pinot Noir, CabernetFranc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Gamaret, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon, Semillon and PinotGris. Not to mention "nostrani Americani" (even the curiously foxy grapecalled "Clinton" is cultivated here!).

There is a current fashion of vinifying the red Merlot grape as a white wine,too. The use of small, French oak barrels is fashionable, too. Someproducers are making blended, barrel-aged whites, as well.

The winery is situated at the center of an ..

The indentation found in the base of a wine bottle. Punt depth is often thought to be related to wine quality, with better quality wines having a deeper punt.

The winery generation essay lmu essay

A designation of better quality German wines from recognized viticultural areas. It formally represents the second-highest level of German wine.

The US winery industry had a growth rate of 4 ..

A sweet fortified wine, which is produced from grapes grown and processed in the Douro region of Portugal. This wine is fortified with the addition of distilled grape spirits in order to boost the alcohol content and stop fermentation thus preserving some of the natural grape sugars. Several imitations are made throughout the world.

Daily wine news - the latest breaking wine news from around the world

You'll find some pale "blanc denoir" wine which is typically called "Oeil de Perdrix" (eye of thepartridge). This term may have originated in Switzerland, it's said, butit was not trademarked and so the term is found on bottles of French Champagnesand other pink wines.

6th generation winemaker the Steven Kent Winery specializes in ..

A designation for rating wine based on the ratio of its quality and its price. The higher quality and less expensive price a wine has, the better the ratio.

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