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Free Essays on The Truth About Lying by Judith Viorst

People lie all the time. According to the psychologist Robert Feldman, who has spent more than four decades studying the phenomenon, we lie, on average, three times during a routine ten-minute conversation with a stranger or casual acquaintance. Hardly anyone refrains from lying altogether, and some people report lying up to twelve times within that time span. I might open a conversation, for instance, by saying how nice it is to meet someone—when I’m really not at all happy about it. I might go on to say that I grew up in Boston—a lie, technically, since I really grew up in a small town about forty minutes outside the city. I could say that the person’s work sounds fascinating, when it’s no such thing, or compliment him on his (drab) tie or his (awful) shirt. And if the person mentions loving a certain downtown restaurant where I’ve had a terrible experience? I’m likely to just smile and nod and say, Yes, great place. Trust me: we often lie without giving it so much as a second thought.

The mismatch between our conception of a liar and the reality—that there’s no “Pinocchio’s nose,” as ten Brinke put it—is surely one reason that, despite our confidence, our ability to tell a lie from the truth is hardly different from chance. The psychologist Paul Ekman, professor emeritus at U.C. San Francisco, has spent more than half a century studying nonverbal expressions of emotion and deception. Over the years, he has had more than fifteen thousand subjects watch video clips of people either lying or telling the truth about topics ranging from emotional reactions to witnessing amputations to theft, from political opinions to future plans. Their success rate at identifying honesty has been approximately fifty-five per cent. The nature of the lie—or truth—doesn’t even matter.

However, sometimes it is not always that easy to tell the truth sometimes we lie

The Truth About Lying General Statements English Literature Essay

IntroductionThe Truth About Lying is an interesting essay on lying and different types of lies people use.

He gives examples and situations for all four and explains them very effectively.

The purpose of this essay is to show how people use lying and which kind of lies they use.

Integrity is a valuable but flawed value, and lies can often be a better thing to tell than the complete truth. That is why I believe that telling the truth may not always be the best, and one must sometimes resort to lying.

The Truth About Lying by julia paterson on Prezi

In a nutshell, lying is often better than telling the truth, and I believe, that it is almost always better to convey some lies amid the truth. The way society is organized, it is almost impossible to be frank for an entire lifetime, and lies must prevail sometime.

Type of Essay
The Truth About Lying is an expository essay because the author states her ideas of how people lie and gives examples to show how they are used in everyday life.

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The Truth About Lying - Real Simple

What Does the Bible Say About Lying

Another time when telling the truth isn’t always the best is in essays – especially the essays that come with a specific prompt and are graded. On standardized tests like the SATs, there is always the daunting essay, which is evaluated for a score and sent to others. And then there’s the scholarly prompt, which often asks one to respond to something that one does not know or care about. Now, if one writes the truth – either blank because one doesn’t care, or something that the evaluator would not approve of – one could get a bad assessment and possibly affect one’s whole life. Instead, the writer must write something of which the reader would approve, which often does not represent the writer’s true feelings. Essays (including this one) often contain many lies, in order to receive approval from others, further signifying that lying can sometimes be better than telling the truth.

What does the Bible say about Lying

The ideal is a relationship of completetrust and corresponding simplicity, the most uncomplicated andinvigorating atmosphere on earth.Lying in business. Commerce is an ancient and respectablehuman activity that predates written language.

The truth about lying | TED Talks

One of the most likely places where telling the truth would fail is when answering a question. Many times, when asked a question, the real truth would be impudent. However, by twisting it a little bit, one can easily arrive at a response that will please the other person and make everyone happy. By saying the downright truth, one could offend the other person and possibly instigate violence or hostility. Additionally, sometimes a question can be invasive, and even malignant. Obviously, one would not willingly reveal a deep secret to another, so one might lie about it. Maybe one may tell something similar to the secret, or something different, but not the truth. Even if asked a simple question like ‘where do you live?’ or ‘what is your birthdate?’, one should never tell the truth unless one can trust the asker, as there are scores of potential harassers out there, whose intentions may not necessarily be honorable.

The Truth About Lying - Essay by Brikozi

I believe that, sometimes, it is better to tell a lie than to tell the truth. Growing up, we are all taught to embrace the values of integrity and honesty, to always tell the truth and never fib, which worked up until we turned seven. If asked a question, we could just say the truth, no matter how obnoxious, for example, when four, one could comment on an obese man: “Mommy! Look – a fat man… HI FATTY!” but as one gets older, that becomes unacceptable and breaks the codes of society. Yes, telling the truth is very important and should be kept in mind at all times, but sometimes, telling the truth fails at the job to which it has been assigned in society.

What, then, is the truth about lying?

Once relationships are reconceived as a partnership of equals, having nothing to do with "mastery" or"property", the obligation of truthfulness comes to the fore, as it does in any kind of partnership. Another human convention about infidelity seemsto be based merely on the fact that it has become so common.

The Truth about Lying to Your Kids - Essays

The thesis is
and states:
"On the subject of lying, whether the lies be social, peace-keeping, protective or trust-keeping, there is always a conflict of morals that keep us from answering what we can and can't tell lies about."

Thesis Development & Structure
"He says that social lying is lying, that little white lies are little white lies.

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