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Nearly every person’s health care experience involves the contribution of a registered nurse, and the effects of not having an appropriate nurse to patient minimum ratio affects not only the patient and nurse physically, medically, but also the hospital financially....

References are to be both in text and end text referenced. The references are to be from a minimum of five journal articles. Websites and books for this section are not to be used. Being able to demonstrate that you are able to access and utilise information such as journal articles is an important part of the role of both the student nurse and the registered nurse.
The essay is to be written in the third person. There are to be no headings. The essay is to be submitted through Turnitin.

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The empirical evidence from high-risk work environments tells us that collaboration and teamwork is a way to produce high-quality results. In the health workplace, the evidence for inter-professional coordination and effective teamwork continues to grow. One of the most critical tasks facing researchers, managers, policy makers and clinicians will be to work together to create, share and use all forms of evidence, including methods and techniques for effective and ineffective implementation. The path toward effective teamwork in Canadian healthcare will probably be bumpy and windy, but it is one that all stakeholders, particularly patients, are likely to demand both more frequently and vocally.

Most ambitiously, the experts convened by the CHSRF called for the creation of a pan-Canadian strategy that would develop a vision, strategic objectives, tasks, and responsibilities for implementing effective teamwork across Canada. The strategy would be led by an independent coordinating body that could identify stakeholders, help facilitate dialogue, and assist in determining which stakeholders could best help in addressing some of the gaps and issues not only in planning and implementation but also regarding policy, measurement, outcomes, and evaluations of the various projects already in place. This would include an inventory or clearinghouse of the various programs and initiatives throughout the country to capture best practices, identify gaps, and issue calls for papers on deficits in knowledge. The formation of the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative () in August 2006 is an extremely positive step in this regard.

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Nonetheless, participants were optimistic about developments such as the pan-Canadian Health Human Resources planning framework, as well as two 2005 reports from the Health Council of Canada, which reference teamwork and collaboration (Health Council of Canada 2005a, 2005b). The work of the IECPCP was often cited and seen as a hopeful example of longer-term funding commitments that could assist policy change. In the immediate future, the participants called for a national policy forum on collaborative practice to be convened, including discussion on topics such as research and evaluation dimensions to best practices, lessons learned, return on investment, impacts of these projects, change in policy and policy buy-in.

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In healthcare, teamwork is the ongoing process of interaction between team members as they work together to provide care to patients. The researchers found that while and are often used as synonyms in casual discussion, they are not synonymous. Critically, the researchers identified inter-professional collaboration as both a process affecting teamwork (and, in turn, patient care and health provider satisfaction) and an outcome in and of itself. In fact, collaboration can take place whether or not health professionals consider themselves to be part of a team. The researchers cite the example of primary healthcare, where professionals including a family physician, a physiotherapist and a dentist may all provide care to the same patient, yet in most cases do not see themselves as a functioning team. On the other hand, effective teamwork rarely happens where there is no collaboration (Oandasan et al. 2006).

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This paper references some of the key evidence gathered by the researchers funded by the CHSRF, as well as other key research. It is not a summary of their synthesis work (which is available in complete form on the CHSRF website) but, rather, a perspective on the report, as well as other relevant research. Similarly, the discussions with managers and policy makers referenced in this paper are not verbatim transcriptions but, rather, a presentation of what the CHSRF sees as some of the most pertinent discussions regarding the challenge at hand: the evidence-informed implementation of effective teamwork in healthy workplaces across Canada.

examples of teamwork and collaboration in nursing

In 2005, the CHSRF commissioned a team of researchers to synthesize the existing evidence regarding effective teams in healthcare and what is being done to promote effective teamwork in Canada and abroad. Funding for this work was also provided by Health Canada (Oandasan et al. 2006). With a draft report in hand, the CHSRF also brought together a number of policy and management decision makers, clinicians and researchers for two days of frank and open discussion about priorities and concerns, with the goal of developing recommendations that tackle the issue of how to implement effective teamwork at the different levels of Canada's healthcare systems.

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• Senario 1:
This is the first video scenario of Leadership and teamwork in Medical Emergency Teams.
Have a look at it considering the elements which are outlined above, Teamwork, leadership, interprofessional teams and client centered care.
You will use examples from this and Scenario two to support your discussion about effective teamwork and leadership. You will give eamples such as ” within Scenario 1 it was difficult to understand which health professional was which, in the literature Jones (2008) discusses that clear identification of team members and their roles to both the client and to other team members reduces stress and the chance of errors. You could see that by the Doctor not knowing what each member of the team could actually do.”

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The Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF) has engaged in a number of efforts on both the research and decision-making fronts, in keeping with its role of supporting the evidence-informed management of Canada's healthcare system by facilitating knowledge exchange between research and healthcare management and policy. The CHSRF has made the management of the healthcare workplace one of its key research themes, and effective teamwork and inter-professional collaboration - with a focus on the role of occupational hierarchies, organizational structures and management practices and approaches and their effects on workplace productivity, stress and absenteeism - are areas for which the foundation encourages both research and knowledge exchange.

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Senario 2:
• As I am sure you have now worked out one Scenario demonstrates the different good elements of effective teamwork and leadership and the other poor teamwork and leadership.
Through comparing how these scenarios are different it assists you to discuss different elements that are important in working in a teamwork environment. This information of what is important in effective teamwork and leadership is to be found in the 5 journal articles you will use to assist you to write your essay. Through using examples that you see in the scenarios (either good or bad evidence of teamwork and leadership) you can demonstrate that you can apply your knowledge from the literature to real life situations.
This will help you to recognise which are the important elements of teamwork and leadership that you will be part of the in the healthcare environment.

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Fortunately, significant work is happening on the research, management and policy fronts. Researchers have worked hard to bring together data on effective teamwork in healthcare and to extract key messages for management and policy. This includes teams here in Canada (Lemieux-Charles and McGuire 2006) and abroad (Baker et al. 2005a). System managers and policy makers are also making significant attempts to transform healthcare workplaces into effective team-based environments. This includes efforts on the national level, such as the great strides made by the 2004 Health Canada Initiative on Interprofessional Education for Collaborative Patient-Centred Practice (IECPCP), which developed an evolving framework to help accomplish the task; as well as the Enhancing Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Primary Healthcare Initiative, funded by Health Canada's Primary Healthcare Transition Fund. In addition, a major contribution has come from the health human resource sector studies funded by the federal government.

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