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However, it is a mistake to only think of war at a national level.

This simple expression of patriotism is often a welcome relieffrom the cynicism of elites in our nation's capital who are too "sophisticated" to becaught waving a flag.

“I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually,” James Baldwin.

Others believe that a person must be much more involved in a cause to show patriotism.

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However, love for the country can be focused in ways that are much more productive.

Wherever among men a heart shall be found that beats to the transportsof patriotism and liberty, its aspirations shall claim kindred with thy spirit!"I have never seen such an effect, from a single passage.

I shall never forget his appearance as he strodeacross the open area, encircled by some fifty thousand persons—men and women,waiting for the "Orator of the Day," nor the shout that simultaneously burst forth, as hewas recognized, carrying up to the skies the name of "Webster!" "Webster!" "Webster!"It was one of those lovely days in June, when the sun is bright, the air clear, and thebreath of nature so sweet and pure as to fill every bosom with a grateful joy in the mereconsciousness of existence.

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The right to choose who shall run our government for us, the right to a secret votethat counts just as much as the next fellow's in the final tally; and the obligation to usethat right, and guard it and keep it clean.

A patriot is someone who loves, supports, and is prepared to serve their country.

Patriotism was still a love of one's country that included connections to the land and people, but then also included its customs and traditions, pride in its history, and devotion to its welfare.

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The question before the House is one ofawful moment to this country.

What's the love of country for which it stands?

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George Orwell contrasted the two in terms of aggressive vs. defensiveattitudes. Nationalism is about power: its adherent wants to acquireas much power and prestige as possible for his nation, in which hesubmerges his individuality. While nationalism is accordinglyaggressive, patriotism is defensive: it is a devotion to a particularplace and a way of life one thinks best, but has no wish to impose onothers (Orwell 1968, 362). This way of distinguishing the twoattitudes comes close to an approach popular among politicians andwidespread in everyday discourse that indicates a double standard ofthe form “us vs. them.” Country and nation are first runtogether, and then patriotism and nationalism are distinguished interms of the strength of the love and special concern one feels forit, the degree of one’s identification with it. When these areexhibited in a reasonable degree and without ill thoughts about othersand hostile actions towards them, that is patriotism; when they becomeunbridled and cause one to think ill of others and act badly towardsthem, that is nationalism. Conveniently enough, it usually turns outthat we are patriots, while they are nationalists(see Billig 1995, 55–59).

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The Patriot, directed by Roland Emmerich for Centropolis Entertainment, Columbia Pictures, It tells the story of Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson), a South Carolina.

The feeling of Patriotism is important for the Freedom of a Country

To be sure, there is much overlap between country and nation, andtherefore between patriotism and nationalism; thus much that appliesto one will also apply to the other. But when a country is notethnically homogeneous, or when a nation lacks a country of its own,the two may part ways.

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1994 National Flag Foundations "Standard Bearer" Magazine.
This article remains the copyrighted material of the and is presented here by permission.]As Vice President and as a Senator and member of Congress before that, I have visiteddozens of foreign countries.

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However, there is another, more plausible line of criticism ofpatriotism focusing on its intellectual, rather than moralcredentials. Moreover, Tolstoy’s and Kateb’s argumentsquestioning the moral legitimacy of patriotic partiality and thosehighlighting the connection of patriotism with international tensionsand war cannot be so easily refuted.

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