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Free example essay on Breast Cancer:

A lower breast cancer rate is associated with kelp supplements.

Kelp is an excellent source of minerals including the more little known trace minerals essential to certain biologic reactions.

His name was Billy Best, and his story was a nationwide sensation while he was in hiding.

Now, he is very healthy and cancer-free, back home working in a local health food store, consulting parents of children who are pushed into chemo and participating in medical school seminars on patient choice.

He continues to be interviewed by alternative news sites whenever a story breaks on families having to become fugitives for refusing chemo and radiation on their children.

Breast cancer cells do not undergo a commonly accepted transformation in order to spread to…

Informative Speech On Breast Cancer Free Essays

All you have to do is raise awareness about the things that cause breast cancer vs.

Keep in mind that whole wheat bread raises serum glucose (and therefore feeds cancer) just as much as white bread, since the wheat is ground and exposes the starch to be rapidly absorbed by the body, as opposed to whole grains in the form that nature provides them, such as brown rice, whole/steel-cut oats (and even these need to be very limited) or vegetables.

The Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (CPEVO) mixture (with curcumin, quercetin and hesperidin) not only quells inflammation but fights cancer and helps you gain weight without feeding cancer.

Blaylock's book, and his 3-2014 newsletter re most vitamins are of harmful quality).

Also see my Skin Cancer page about using red light of a specific wavelength for skin, breast, cervical, oral, anal, etc.

Free example essay writing on Breast Cancer

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Below is an email from a long-time customer who has given me permission to share her story with you.

Hi Kathryn,

You know, when I first found out that I had such an aggressive cancer (Inflammatory Breast Cancer), the first month I spent getting my head in gear for the fight ahead.

This has been successful with prostate, colon, breast, liver and best of all with lung cancer.

They are still treating the water rather than the dam by treating the tumors rather than the underlying problem.

Conventional cancer treatments actually harm the patient and the patient's immune system, making it even more difficult to overcome cancer in the future.

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Free sample essay on Breast Cancer

Essay on breast cancer - Do My Research Paper For Me

But his true genius shows when he correlates what we know of plant nutrition to animal and human needs." -- Acres USA (a human and animal health and organic farming site that shows how healthy soil, plants and livestock are related to human health.)

Choosing Products/Cosmetics That Promote Beauty and Well Being

The Foods That Are Most Affected by Pesticides

Twelve Changes That Will Cut Your Cancer Risk in Half

Chlorinated Water Can Affect Cancer Risk

Six Surprising Facts About Soy

The Evidence Against Soy
Increasingly mounting evidence dispels the myth of soy being a healthy option.

IMP Taste Enhancer Chemical May be the New MSG

5 Ways to Keep BPA Out of Your Food
Simple guidelines to protect yourself and your family from this common but dangerous toxin.

Four Mushrooms for Cancer (from ):

There are many ways to help lower your risk of breast (and other) cancers; one is to incorporate medicinal mushrooms into your diet and health regime.

Essays on breast cancer awareness month breast ..


New Research Shows Cancer Caused By Carbohydrates, Sugars, White Flour, And Corn Syrup

Avoid These Top-10 Worst Cancer-Causing Foods:

B Vitamins Can Help Prevent Breast Cancer

B vitamins really do help prevent breast cancer, research reveals...

B Vitamins Cut Risk Of Lung Cancer By 50 Percent

How Cancer Feeds On Sugar (And Other Big Reasons To Avoid Refined Sweets)

Dangers of hydrogenated oils revealed in new downloadable report (press release)

How shocked would be you be to learn that the U.S.

Essay on breast cancer Celandine September 09, 2016 Since 1998

Naturopathic medicine is that system.

There's only one catch: Under a naturopathic system of medicine, you have to take responsibility for your own health, whereas under a pharmacological system of medicine, you can play the victim role and go along with the false beliefs implanted in your brain by television commercials.

Narrative essay on breast cancer | Pretoria Boys High School

You may even be told "I can't be your doctor, unless," but there's a reason more women are refusing to get these tests - they're incorrect 80% of the time and can lead to a diagnosis for a disease you don't have...


Melanoma breakthrough!

Narrative essay on breast cancer ..

You can place your faith in Big Pharma's version of snake oil -- "magic bullet" pills that promise to take away your pain and disease but in reality do neither for anything other than a deceptive short term.

Under naturopathic medicine, you can cure yourself of virtually any disease, including cancer, but only if you embrace the simple truth that no external medicines, substances or practitioners can do the curing for you.

Inspiring Greater Breast Cancer Awareness through …

There are many books on the subject available from good health food stores. Detoxification includes:

A short course of fasting and juicing.
Massage therapy, including lymphatic drainage
Hydrotherapy - utilising the healing power of water
Sauna therapy which helps your body dump toxins from deep within your body
Colonic therapy which cleanses the bowels and really helps your body to better absorb nutrients and dump waste materials.
Back to The 6 Steps

Step six—Clearing mental and emotional issues.

Research shows mental and emotional issues can compromise health and even cause illness. The mind body connection must be balanced and in harmony for the body to function at its peak. Mental and emotional issues include:

Low self esteem
Poor self image
Childhood issues
Issues with your parents
Relationship issues
Feelings of undeserving or unworthiness
Money issues
Coping with stress
And the list goes on and on. Clear these and you’ll be on your way to better health. I have found meditations by Doreen Virtue to be very beneficial with many of my mental and emotional issues, especially Healing with the Angels and Angel Therapy. There are other also other methods and techniques I used to clear issues.
(The above is from )

[Also see Jerry Brunetti's Lymphoma protocol interview on this page.]

Two books that I'd recommend getting (for all cancers) are:

Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients by Russell Blaylock M.D.

He has extensive sections on supplements to help your body fight various cancers using natural methods, and, if you still choose to use chemotherapy or radiation, to decrease the damage of chemotherapy and radiation to healthy cells and increase the effectiveness of conventional treatment.

Prescription for Herbal Healing, 2nd Edition: An Easy-to-Use A-to-Z Reference to Hundreds of Common Disorders and Their Herbal Remedies by Phyllis A.

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