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Tip: Since this database also covers popular magazines, you should limit your search by checking the box that says Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.

This is a general interdisciplinary databases that covers many topics. It's not as complete as MLA (see above). JSTOR specializes in providing full text articles going back to the earliest issues of a journal. It has only scholarly journals, not popular magazines.

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Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles, from academic publishers, professional societies, preprint repositories, universities and other scholarly organizations. Google Scholar helps you identify the most relevant research across the world of scholarly research.

The sheer scope of Embase, from science and health information giant ­Elseveier, is formidable: this peer-­reviewed biomedical literature database contains more than 25 million records from over 7,600 journals, including five million records from several thousand journals not indexed by PubMed. The database also includes 800,000 conference abstracts. Embase’s updates alone are larger than some collections: an estimated 3,000 new records are added every weekday.

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For many years Nibley may have been conservative Mormonism's only reputable scholar. However, due to Nibley's influence as amotivating professor, today there are many more. During the years Nibley taught at BYU several LDS students followed his exampleby going on to earn the degrees necessary to gain a hearing in the academic community. For example, Stephen E. Robinson went on toDuke University to earn a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies under W.D. Davies and James Charlesworth. Others went in different directions.S. Kent Brown took a doctorate from Brown University, focusing his research on the Nag Hammadi texts; C. Wilfred Griggs receiveda Ph.D. in ancient history from the University of California at Berkeley and is a specialist in early Egyptian Christianity; under thesupervision of David Noel Freedman and Frank Moore Cross, Kent P. Jackson took a doctorate in Near Eastern Studies from theUniversity of Michigan after completing a dissertation on the Ammonite language; Avraham Gileadi earned his Ph.D. at BYU, withR. K. Harrison serving as the primary reader of his dissertation concerning the literary structure of Isaiah; Stephen D. Ricks receiveda doctorate in Near Eastern Religions from the University of California at Berkeley and Graduate Theological Union under JacobMilgrom; Donald W. Parry received his Ph.D. in Hebrew jointly from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and University of Utah;John Gee is currently completing a Ph.D. in Egyptology at Yale University. Many more examples of Mormon scholars with equalcredentials could be listed. Currently another crop of traditional Mormon intellectuals, in part funded by FARMS' Hugh NibleyFellowships, are earning advanced degrees from Oxford, Duke, Claremont, UCLA, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, CatholicUniversity of America, and elsewhere. Their fields of study are quite relevant: New Testament, Syriac, Early Christianity, Near Easternlanguages and cultures, and other disciplines. The significance of these facts is simple: Mormons have the training and skills to producerobust defenses of their faith.

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Nibley is not alone pointing out parallels between the Qumran texts and Mormon scripture. William J. Hamblin complains that "thecritics (of Mormonism) have never explained why we find close linguistic and literary parallels between the figure Mahujah in DeadSea Scrolls Aramaic fragments of the Book of Enoch and Mahijah questioning Enoch in the book of Moses (Moses 6:40)." GayeStrathearn suggests several points of contact between the Genesis Apocryphon (1QapGen) discovered at Qumran and the LDS Bookof Abraham. Stephen E. Robinson points to numerous similarities between the Qumran community and the Latter-day Saints. Henotes that the Qumranites wrote important information on metal, they believed in baptism(s) by immersion, their community was ledby a council of twelve men with three governing priests, they had sacred meals of bread and wine administered by priests, and theybelieved in continuing revelation through a prophetic leader. He writes, "All of this leads to the conclusion that in many ways theEssenes may have been closer to the (Mormon) gospel than other Jewish sects." As with defenses of the Book of Mormon, moreexamples could be listed. In light of the growing participation of LDS scholars in Scrolls research we can be sure that many more willbe brought to our attention.

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This paper is organized so that description of information is presented about the authors, institutions and topics of each paper, then a synthesis of the teacher education articles, and finally implications for the field of teacher education. Description This journal issue included seven total articles; four were research articles, two were literature reviews and one was an edito...

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Young specifically praises Bloom’s Literature, a database that consists of more than 2,300 books (including those in the “Bloom’s Literary Criticism” series), plus more than 500 peer-reviewed journals and other periodicals. The database includes not just literary criticism but biographical essays, character and writing guides, and more than 2,000 video clips—not to mention full-length videos of close to 100 classic plays, including King Lear starring James Earl Jones. Entries have in-text links and are browsable by criteria such as nationality and genre. Teachers can search the database by educational standards, too.

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The scholarly landscape is under­going vast changes, with open access revolutionizing how publishing happens and how quickly and easily patrons can access new information and thinking on various topics. Scientific writing is probably the best-known example, with services such as PubMed gaining great attention, but other fields, such as the digital humanities, are not far behind. Still, though, tenure and other professional recognition have tended to be based on traditional metrics such as the impact factor of the journals in which a scholar publishes. Plum Analytics, a company founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs Andrea Michalek and Mike ­Buschman, has started to change all that, leading to its nomination as most ambitious database by LJ’s reviews editor Henrietta Thornton-Verma.

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Hugh Nibley is without question the pioneer of LDS scholarship and apologetics. Since earning his Ph.D. at University of California atBerkeley in 1939, Nibley has produced a seemingly endless stream of books and articles covering a dauntingly vast array of subjectmatter. Whether writing on Patristics, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Apocrypha, the culture of the Ancient Near East or Mormonism, hedemonstrates an impressive command of the original languages, primary texts and secondary literature. He has set a standard whichyounger LDS intellectuals are hard pressed to follow. There is not room her for anything approaching an exhaustive examination ofNibley's works. We must confess with Truman Madsen, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion at Brigham YoungUniversity: "To those who know him best, and least, Hugh W. Nibley is a prodigy, an enigma, and a symbol."

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Access World News: Research Collection offers access to more than 500 million news articles from 8,000-plus sources, from Afghanistan’s Hindokosh News Agency (Kabul) and Zimbabwe’s Financial Gazette (Harare) to the Anniston Star (Alabama) and the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle (Cheyenne). This voluminous collection features not just newspapers but also broadcast transcripts, blogs, video, and web-only content from news organizations, too. About 100,000 articles are added daily to the ever-growing ­database, which has material dating back to the 1980s.

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Space does not permit an extended discussion of LDS use of the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, the New Testament Apocrypha andthe Nag Hammadi texts. However, several studies deserve mention. Hugh Nibley wrote a book-length work on the extant Enochliterature. Stephen E. Robinson, in a very sober article, makes several interesting points: Paul's apparent use of the Wisdom ofSolomon, which teaches the premarital existence of souls (8:19 ff.) and the creation of the world out of unformed matter (11:17); theNarrative of Zosimus (also known as History of the Rechabites) which contains an interesting tradition about Jews leaving Jerusalem inJeremiah's time, and traveling across the ocean to a land of promise, the Testament of Adam (3:1-5), which contains an accountsimilar to what is found in Doctrine and Covenants 107:53-56; and the Gospel of Philip, which describes a three-state initiation ritewhich corresponds to the three chambers of the Jerusalem temple. In another interesting study, S. Kent Brown compares the titlesMan of Holiness and Man of Counsel in Moses 6:57 and 7:35 with material in the Hebrew Bible and two later documents, Egnostosthe Blessed and The Sophia of Jesus Christ.

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