• noname

    I wanted to display the wp login box on my website.
    But I have a little problem with it.
    When I click on the “logout” button then my website completly disappears,
    there’s only a blank page.
    Could you help me with this please?
    Thank you very much.

  • Dipesh Shrestha

    i had a website adesignhub.info and use this plugin, when login through this plugin i want it redirect to another website dipesh.info.np/course-material/wp-admin and acess another website, how is it possible.
    if anyone plz help me soon thank you

    • itzoovim

      You can’t redirect your users to another domain after they login on a different domain. I think WordPress limits you from doing that.

      • Rahul Singh

        hi itzoovim… i installed same plugin on my site … i have added short code on home page to display login box ..but login not working from home page but same login credentails working from by default /wp-admin… need ur urgent assistant please

  • Veronica Davis

    How could I add a small text link underneath the login box fields for forgot password?

  • tkeener

    I’ve added the wp login box to a page on my site, and I want to stay on that page after logging in, but it always goes back to the home page. I will be putting wplb on at least one other page, so I can’t just set the redirect to a specific page. Can this be made to work the way I want?. Thanks for any help.

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  • cd gilbert

    after login the customer is sent to the wordpress profile page, not the page I selected for them to be redirected to. Can you help?

    • Rahul Singh

      go to Wp lb option and set custom profile url to what u want