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Then, the surgeon reconstructs their breast with the fat.

GPSA Members are a surgeon with more than six years of surgical training and experience and with at least three years specifically in plastic surgery. Their training and experience make them uniquely qualified to perform your cosmetic or reconstructive procedure. Plastic surgery encompasses both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. GPSA Member Surgeons are trained, experienced, and qualified to perform both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures on the face and all areas of the body. Because many cosmetic procedures are rooted in reconstructive plastic surgery, GPSA Member Surgeons are uniquely qualified to handle your cosmetic needs.

In my opinion I believe that The plastic surgery when is not really necessary you don’t have to do it because people are prone to the risk that something bad might happen, But in some cases the risks don’t exist. For example this woman Renée Zellweger many magazines and paparazzi says that she has surgery when they are not really sure, I strongly think that if she decide to make changes in her face or in any part of her body; who cares, people have to understand that nobody lives to please anyone; as long as the person wants to make changes in their body, face or life to feel good about yourself is their own decision, my advice is live your own life, and let others live as they like.

 In conclusion, There are many risks involved in plastic surgery.

What Are Your Opinions on Cosmetic Surgery? - The …

Do you have other friends who are considering plastic surgery? How many?

As men age, the appearance of their chest may change. Sometimes they develop excess glands, have stretching of the breast tissue, and may have distortion of one or both nipples. The term “Gynecomastia” is used to describe male breasts that are enlarged. Reduction mammaplasty is the technical term for plastic surgery that reduces excess male […]

As men age, the appearance of their chest may change. Sometimes they develop excess glands, have stretching of the breast tissue, and may have distortion of one or both nipples. The term “Gynecomastia” is used to describe male breasts that are enlarged. Reduction mammaplasty is the technical term for plastic surgery that reduces excess male […]

In my opinion I believe that The plastic surgery when is not …

“Surgery tourists” from abroad make up about a third of the business in South Korea, and, of those, most come from China. One reason is that, throughout Asia, the “Korean wave” of pop culture (called hallyu) shapes not only what music you should listen to but what you should look like while listening to it. Cosmetic transformations can be so radical that some of the hospitals offer certificates of identity to foreign patients, who might need help convincing immigration officers that they’re not in the Witness Protection Program.

Today plastic surgery is being embraced by the millions and highly looked upon.

Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that is performed on normal parts of the body improving a personal appearance and removing signs of aging. During this procedure, it has many side effects. In psychological disorder like Body dimorphic disorder is used to play a large role of cosmetic surgery. Natural beauty is good. In my opinion, cosmetic surgery is not necessary for improving in appearance because it has more side effect than good looking. Sometimes it has to be necessary for burn surgery, breast surgery and many other microsurgeries. Those surgeries used for life saving. Different people have different ideas about what is beautiful. They always try to more attractive than other people. They think that if they look good they get important from other people. In my opinion, mental thought is more important than physical appearance.

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Teen Plastic Surgery Essay - 2698 Words - StudyMode

Plastic Surgery Essay -- Plastic Surgery Cosmetic Surgery

The estimations range from 15 to 30 percent of all South Koreans have endured some method of plastic surgery, the statistics pertaining to certain age groups of females being characteristically greater (Kim, 2010)....

Plastic Surgery Essay - Plastic Surgery Most of us …

The goal of the cosmetic surgery improves the physical appearance. Cosmetic surgery is a fashion and everybody wants to look beautiful. Many people are seeking their appearance cosmetically Cosmetic surgery is a really dangerous and it’s also a risky. Those people who do the cosmetic surgery in that time they feel good, but after 10 years might be they can get a physical problem. Because all surgery includes cosmetic carry risk. In my opinion, whatever we have , we should happy for that. Physical appearance is not everything, if we have good character and personality, I think we can get a better life and everybody respects us.

Why we shame women for getting plastic surgery, and why it's wrong.

I disagree with cosmetic surgery because I think the women have to accept their age. The women to got surgery many times they aren’t comfortable with the surgery so the second option is surgery again. When the woman find that your personal look isn’t nice, They start to feel that aging is coming. Many times the people in our family or in our society don’t help us to feel better. They say inappropriate comments that if don’t we have good personality, we can feel depression or take a decisions by pressure. I agree with Cindy Joseph that the plastic surgery is sexism and ageism. We live in a society when we can see a lot beautiful women with attractive body but sometimes we don’t see that they probably did exercise and cared their diet.

Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery Essay Example for Free

Though there is a deficiency in dependable data regarding the amounts of individuals who select to endure cosmetic surgery in South Korea, the statistics are substantial.

Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery Essay

In my opinion, what Renee Zellweger did is fine, because she is a celebrity and she has to be look perfect in front of camera. As a celebrity not only a lot camera is capturing you also a whole world is watching you. I think celebs needs to be look flawless all the time because they make money from their smile, eyes, face, and I think each body part counts more than your personality. If you are celebrity especially women need to take care of their self at certain age. For instance if she looks old no one cast for leading role. Iam agree with Cindy Joseph women are judged by their ageism and sexism. Women has to prove more than men as we all know is a male dominate society that why women has to work more hard than men. If she has wrinkled on her face as a audience we don’t want to see her as a leading lady and directors too may be she will approach for a mother, sister, or antagonist role and celebrities are consider style diva so they need to be look beautiful at 24/7. I would love to do plastic surgery if I am a celebrity but as an ordinary person it’s not a good idea to do plastic surgery because it a big waste of money. In my opinion, enhance your outer beauty and which really attract to everyone no one see your inner beauty. I think we don’t need to be encourage cosmetic surgery at some point is a harmful and we can’t challenge the nature .Everything should be natural and I think when we do cosmetic surgeries at somehow we are showing that we are not satisfy what God gave us. We should grateful to God what God gave us in every respect. On the other hand we need understand this movie they are doing their job that their profession. We don’t need to copy them because they are providing us entertainment that why they been through for all those kind producers because we want to see them perfect.

I have to write an argumentative essay against cosmetic surgery

Are you considering a Plastic or Cosmetic surgery? Are you looking for cosmetic laser treatment or any other cosmetic Treatments? Before you choose surgeon for surgery or procedure, the Gujarat Plastic Surgeons association recommend you do your homework. One of the first steps you can take towards a successful procedure is to become an educated consumer. Read about patient safety and how to make smart choices about your surgeon and the facilities where your procedure will be performed. Browse through before and after photos to see the kinds of improvements surgical and minimally invasive procedures can make. Talk with your plastic surgeon about appropriate surgery, treatment and the risks associated with the procedure. Ask your plastic surgeon about their training and experience in the surgery or procedure. Read and discuss all the details for the specific treatment or surgery. Your doctor can provide this information.

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