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A persuasive essay seeks to convince someone to accept your point of view in whatever you may be trying to say. The term sometimes is taken to be general in the sense that it can apply to many essays. A thesis or a dissertation can be persuasive in some way since it is out to justify why the topic you have chosen makes sense and stands to be of benefit to mankind. The classical case of a persuasive essay would however be an essay whose primary target is rationalizing an idea that you have come up with so as to make it appear feasible in the eyes of those reading it.

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Denial Of The Holocaust History Essay

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Regardless of what happened during WW2—and regardless of what someone thinks revisionists might truly believe, in their opinion—everyone has the right to freely express a contrary view. No one has any moral right or legal right to force people to remain silent except during a time of war or extreme emergency. To argue that one view of history is acceptable while another constitutes “libel” against “victims” (Jews specifically), or whomever, would make almost any investigation into historical issues impossible. That applies to any subject regardless of whether it is 9/11, or the JFK assassination, or the holocaust hoax, or any other subject.. Bigots beware!

V and W had obviously lied about the most important feature of their atrocity tale. Even if the intended victims had been by taking deep breaths of the cyanide vapors, the execution times would have been far longer because of the slow rates with which cyanide leaves Zyklon-B granules unless it is actually That forcing process (forced circulation or Kreislauf) was common in gas chambers for delousing clothing, even in Birkenau's delousing stations only a hundred yards from the crematoria—but, strange as it may seem, it has never even been alleged that such logical methods were ever used for homicidal gassings of thousands of Jews daily in Birkenau, or anywhere else. Nothing even remotely close to what would have been needed has even been suggested in any of the Holocaust gassing stories.

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We also learn from Israeli holocaust historian professor that Jewish prisoners actually joined the march voluntarily. Here is testimony taken from Gutman’s book : from Israel Gutman [editor], People and Ashes: Book Auschwitz - Birkenau, (Merhavia 1957) page 168. In commenting about this passage from Gutman, Gilad Atzmon has said: “”

The following are brief ideas on potential prompts for your holocaust essay.

Before anyone blames the Germans for the horrors of Belsen and other German camps, they should look at themselves in the mirror. The Americans, Brits and Jews were the real monsters. After their humiliating military defeat in France in 1940, it was obvious that British soldiers and generals were pathetic compared to the Germans, especially Germans led by their enormously popular and brilliant leader—Adolf Hitler. That became obvious to Americans as well regarding American soldiers and generals compared to the Germans. So, what to do? Well, why not do what depraved cowards often do? Kill enemy civilians instead. Murder as many German women and children as you possibly can, turn entire cities into crematory ovens, and destroy everything needed to sustain life. The horrors of Belsen and other camps by the end of the war are the only persuasive evidence for the so-called “holocaust”—but those true horrors were the handiwork of the Americans and Brits and Jews.

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14) Large Zyklon-B gas chambers for fumigating entire railroad trains, several railroad cars at a time, were strategically located in eastern Europe. Some known locations are Posen and Budapest, More than likely, Auschwitz-Birkenau also had such a gas chamber for railroad cars but there is no known proof of this yet. In any event, all such gas chambers would have been ideal for mass extermination. Intended victims trapped inside cattle cars could have easily been pulled into such chambers. The railroad cars after gassing could have been removed with corpses and disposed of in any number of ways later on. But, although such a technology would have been obvious to anyone familiar with Zyklon-B and how it had historically been used worldwide to fumigate hundreds of thousands of railroad cars, even in the USA—it has never been implicated anywhere in the holocaust mythology. How could the fiendish Nazis not have thought of applying this superb technology?

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Given the desperate shortages of fuel and raw materials thoughout the war, especially in German-occupied Europe, the use of diesel or gasoline engines as a source of carbon monoxide should be seen as one of the dumbest ideas imaginable. No doubt, people do dumb things but surely after a few gassings with engine exhaust, someone would have tried to find something better. The diesel engines even had trouble starting, according to Kurt Gerstein, and that supposedly influenced Rudolf Hoess to use Zyklon-B instead in Auschwitz. Well, why use an engine in the first place when the fuel everyone was urged and eventually even required to use by law as an alternative to gasoline or diesel fuel was itself far more toxic—and as cheap as dirt? Why, indeed? If the engine exhaust for mass murder claims persist, one should also condemn the Nazis for being the most technically ignorant mass murderers in all of human history. Can anyone who knows the facts about what was happening in technology during the war, really believe the Germans were that dumb? Are historians capable of recognizing the inherent technical absurdity of the gassing claims, especially for the so-called Aktion Reinhardt camps? Probably not!

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Claims about how Nazi gas chambers functioned are wild speculation. The alleged gas chambers bear absolutely NO resemblance to any real, known gas chambers such as those widely used in the USA for the execution of criminals where it still takes as long as 18 minutes to kill a single prisoner as opposed to the fictitious Nazi gas chambers where thousands were supposedly murdered in as little as three minutes. Nothing like the alleged Nazi gas chambers have ever appeared anywhere else in all of human history. What is more important, they could not possibly have worked in anything like the manner alleged in any of the holocaust-related war crimes trials. Gassing someone to death, even one person, is a complicated, messy process that takes as long as eighteen minutes in the USA—even wiuth a quick release of a lethal amount o9f cyanide gas.

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7) Claims about how Nazi gas chambers functioned are wild, fantasmagorical speculation based on torture, intimidation and perjury, especially by Jews—and not on any German documents, or scientific evidence, or on any other gassings ever in the entire history of the world. As to the use of torture on German defendants—Rudolf Hoess, former commandant of Auschwitz, who appeared as a "witness" at Nuremberg was definitely "tortured" and his Jewish torturer Bernard Clarke even admitted it later in the book LEGIONS OF DEATH by Rupert Butler, pages 236-38.

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The image above is from Google Earth. Today, one can visit Auschwitz-Birkenau from one's own PC — and see it all. Look at the to see the entire reception building at trhe Auschwitz Main Camp.

Note the s-e-p-a-r-a-t-i-o-n between the huge, odd-shaped reception building and the gassing facility (almost square). I did not know that this extraordinary building even existed any more—but there it is today, thanks to Google Earth surrounded by a parking area for the employees. It is NOT on the tour given to visitors although the reception building definitely is. No doubt, it would be far too difficult to explain that the SS used gas chambers to keep people alive. “Oh NO, how could that be possible?” Keep those tourists as stupid as possible, and for as long as possible. That beautiful reception building is the first building tourists visit today to get their personal tour guides, and brochures, and to eat in the basement cafeteria.

In Drawing 2 above, from page 34 of Pressac, one can see the 19 stalls for standard DEGESCH gas chambers. Those chambers were each equipped with separate internal heaters and fans for thorough forced fumigating and venting. One can also see that the entire building had NO walls between the support columns so that the gas chambers, and clothes racks, were open to as much natural venting as possible as well afterward. What's more, the building used a "patio" arrangement so that carts could sit for as long as desired in fresh air before the clothing would be given back to the owners, or inmates of the camp.

The drawing above is from Photo 8, page 37 of Pressac. Carts with dirty clothes would enter the "dirty side" (Unreine Seite) of the building, (via roofed but open passage way, lower right) and be brought to the interior center of the building, and then pushed into the gas chambers. After fumigation and forced venting were all completed (one hour), the doors on the opposite side of the gas chambers would be opened so that the carts could be pulled out to the "clean side" (Reine Seite)and parked in the open patio areas for some additional natural venting. The carts would then be wheeled back into the reception building (via roofed but open passageway, lower left)—and the clothing returned, lice-free, to its original owners.

For some super, actual wartime photos of this stunning gassing facility, see:

BTW, that was how the SS and the Germans did things. The reception building and the gassing facility are probably, still today, among the most beautiful buildings one can find anywhere, especially in Poland. They are both awesome. By contrast, Poland—still today—is generally a horrible, third-world dump, really! The design and orderly flow through the delousing station also shows the great care that was taken, and needed, to protect people inside the reception building. There is nothing remotely like that for the Kremas and alleged homicidal morgues/gas chambers at Birkenau or Auschwitz 1. At Kremas 2 and 3, there is NO s-e-p-a-r-a-t-i-o-n between the alleged homicidal morgues/gas chambers and the rest of the Krema structures.

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