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Narrative Essay On The World Wide Web

Suffice to make a couple of new and easy calculation to understand why a tree-structured story with true forkings cannot really be longer than few pages, unless the number of the narrative segments be extremely limited (so that each segment would be longer and, therefore, more narratively substantial) and, as a consequence, also the number of the possible forkings be limited. Similarly to the previously described case, let’s consider a simple story with binary forkings built by assembling together 30 distinct episodes, each with an average length of about half a page, so that, when reading, each finished story be about 15 pages long. Well, such a story, in order to be completed, would require more than a billion of authors writing it, each engaged in the completion of a single narrative segment. Moreover, such a story would need, at least as of today’s technology, a significant percentage of the Web space used by the Internet-users all over the world to store their data.

If we really intend to offer the reader a hypernarrative with true forkings sufficiently long (at least as long as a traditional short story) and that, at the same time, could present a significant number of alternative choices of reading, the only reasonable solution seems to be to imagine a story written by a number of different authors. Such a solution is not only reasonable, but also absolutely practicable. The World Wide Web is the space of virtual encounter of thousands of voices. To create a web page functioning as a generative knot of a polyphonic story organized as a tree-structure with true forkings is by now a technically feasible enterprise. Also easy by now is to find a number of web-users willing to write, one after the other, the multiple segments constituting a common story. Mailing lists and news groups, as well as specialized sites, abolish both geographical distances and transmission times. A story developed by one hundred authors can evolve quickly. Writing in this way is a net-game; it is the concrete attainment of an often declared dissolution of the figure of the Author, meant as a single individual, and of the ensuing distribution of authority and creativity to more aware, active, and responsible readers/co-authors.

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H-Net is an "interdisciplinary organization of scholars dedicated to developing the enormous educational potential of the Internet and the World Wide Web" (site blurb).

There is a body of Christian thought that agrees with me, and it is sometimes termed "Old Earth, Local Flood." One can find this thinking on the World Wide Web. There are many committed Christians who believe that creation took longer than 6 24-hour days, or that the whole-world flood reported was the entire known world at that time (Mesopotamia, the Mediterranean or the Black Sea basins).

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1. The United States Economy.
At the simplest level, we gathered about 76 million people together in one country in 1900, told them to pay their mortgages and that's about it. We started with horse-drawn carriages. Now we have 281 million people and the World Wide Web! We have supersonic planes, heart surgery, and Star Wars movies. All this came just from people paying their mortgages! There were some visionaries along the way, but no master blueprint for the century.

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History of the Internet & World Wide Web : 9) Conclusion

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History of the world wide web essay

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World Wide Web Questions Essay - 904 Words

Even if it is true that we are more and more often plunged into the electronic paradigm – a paradigm that, through the Web, video-games and video-clips, cyberspace, and hypermedial environments offers us enlightening perspectives of complex, multimedial, and non-linear worlds – we still belong too much to a culture strongly shaped by linear logic and by the printed word. Overall, this culture is our primary system of prototypical configurations, a system we trust and use to model our perceptions and our behaviors. Prisoners of such a system of prototypical configurations, whenever confronted by non-linear narrative patterns we don’t exactly know how to deal with them. Most of the times we still perceive them as disorganized or even chaotic and inconclusive; most of the times we find ourselves naturally (and unconsciously) predisposed to translate them into what we know better: linear patterns organized according to those “basic conditions for a narrative sequence” introduced a few pages back.

Birth of the world wide web essay - Chermel Williams

Since Globalization, not only have barriers to employment in other countries broken down through access to the World Wide Web and the Internet but it has also impacted Global Finances. Throughout the ages, technology has always had an impact on financial markets whether they are local to one country or internationally. The technologies may not be as far reaching and high tech as they are in today’s markets but they still they have had major impacts.

Birth of the world wide web essay

[… a few paragraphs from the essay…] In order to be truly able to appreciate and enjoy hypertextual narrative we must accomplish a much greater task: re-model our cognitive processes. We need to learn how to perceive, see, understand, follow and put together the variety of narrative elements and materials presented by hypertexts through a non-linear, or rather, multi-lineal logic. We need to learn how to appreciate the rhizomatic, web-like constructions we can already create through the manipulation of narrative elements. We need to learn how to enjoy the act of giving a manageable shape to something belonging to multiplicity and complexity. Under this perspective, we will become ideal readers of hypertextual narratives only when we will be able to think within new conceptual frameworks, new forms of cognitive competencies to be acquired through training and exercises, through the revision, the progressive adjustment, the deliberate exploration, and the strengthening of prototypical configurations.(note 13)

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