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Some would consider the value of literature to be priceless. There is a richness and vivacity in a good literary work. But when it comes to the selections chosen for college English classes, how is the worth of literature decided? What determines which authors writings are acceptable and those that aren't? Because there is no overall judging standard for literature, one much create a personal criteria for establishing literary worth. In this essay, three specific criteria will be applied to the poetry of Emily Dickinson. I will also showcase the characteristics of her poetry and how she broke 19th century writing traditions. Finally, the similarities and differences of the works of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman will be discussed.
Three criteria that can determine the worth of literature, specifically in poetry, are the style in which the poem is written, the tone or descriptive voice the poem carries and also how the poem connects to the reader. Poetry is characterized by its specific style. There are many different types of poetry styles, such as free verse poems or ballad poems. Understanding the various types of poetry, can help students determine what kind of poetry they enjoy and can easily understand. The tone of a poem is equally important. The tone is the writer's attitude toward the subject of the poem or the reader. Tone can be humorous, angry, regretful, playful, it truly can be anything and it can also change throughout the length of the poem. Being able to identify the tone of a poem helps students to understand the perspective of the author. Perhaps my personal favorite criteria, is the connection between the poem and the reader. Every poem has a meaning, whether that meaning is bluntly given or hidden between the lines, it is there. A reader searches for a connection between themselves and the poem they are reading, something about that poem that touches their soul. It could be a past memory, a shared point of v

Hecontinued to write symphonies and other pieces while in these positions, and alsopublished a number of articles and essays in magazines such as the and

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But writers do have a different kind of knowledge thaneither professors or critics.

Thatessay is written in so high church a style, with such imperious authority, thateven if all your affective experience as a writer is to the contrary, you areintimidated into believing it.

Through a conversation with Miss Pratt, the headmistress of Beardsley School for girls, Humbert Humbert frames the American education system as mere means preparing girls to be housewives....

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The Short Fiction of William H. Coles 2000-2016 read 40 reviews from Indie Book Reviews – Well-written, intriguing and thought provoking. This compilation of tales on the human experience as told by author William H. Coles will touch your heart, mind and soul, and leave you wanting more! “The Short Fiction of William H. Coles 2000-2016” is an impressive collection of over 30 […]

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McDowell It was a great pleasure and privilege to read this book. Hands off to the author for a marvellous work of fiction, for absolute literary greatness. We meet Hiram McDowell, an American man with a complex man with an even more complex life and we are immersed into the journey of his life and his […]

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Lolita, by Vladamir Nabokov is a controversial book that elaborately represents and forces the reader to deal with a pedophiles obsession with his 12-year-old stepdaughter.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov Essay 2190 Words | 9 Pages

But it is easy to admit that a sentence makes youwince; less easy to confront the fact that for many writers there will beparagraphs, whole characters, books throughwhich one sleepwalks and for which "inauthentic" is truly the correctterm.

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When writers admit to failures they like to admitto the smallest ones - for example, in each of my novels somebody"rummages in their purse" for something because I was too lazy andthoughtless and unawake to separate "purse" from its old, persistentfriend "rummage".

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Nabokov tells us in his essay, "On a Book Entitled Lolita," that his sole purpose in writing such a controversial novel, had "no purpose other than to get rid of that book"(Brink 311)....

Nabokov Essay Good Readers Good Writers

Nabokov's involvement withmusic festivals in Israel, Edinburgh, and Berlin are particularly well documentedas ishis work for the Congress for Cultural Freedom.

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"Poetry," says Eliot, "is not aturning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expressionof personality, but an escape from personality." "The progress of anartist," says "is a continualself-sacrifice, a continual extinction of personality." These credos seemso impersonal themselves, so disinterested, that it is easy to forget thatyoung critic-practitioners make the beds they wish to lie in, and it was inEliot's interest - given the complexity and scandals of his private life andhis distaste for intrusion - ruthlessly to separate the personal from the poetry.

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The Spirit of Want A character-driven story, The Spirit of Want by William H. Coles explores the thrills and perils of desire, following one woman’s quest for pleasure and the consequences of her choices. Lucy is a successful defense lawyer, who is married to Luke Osbourne, a surgeon practicing under her father. When Lucy takes on the defense of […]

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1) Julie Anne Williamsons' accident happened because of a skid. She could have prevented it if
Julie would have let off the accelerator and steer in the opposite direction of the skid. However
she wrenched the steering wheel in the direction of the skid and stomped on the brakes. She also
should have worn her seatbelt. Ruth Ann Hendrie could have prevented it if she would not have
turned to talk to somebody in the back. She also should have slowed down and eased the car
back onto the pavement when it was half on and half off the road. Instead Ruth jerked the wheel
to the left which threw the car out of control. The all should have worn their seatbelts. Michael
Charles Murphys' accident happened when he was going sixty miles per hour and a red light turn
at the last instant. He could have avoided the collision if he was not going sixty miles per hour
and was taking in more information about the surrounding. If he did that he would have known
the light was about to change. Michael would have survived if he would have worn his seatbelt.
Steven Thomas Wallace could have prevented the accident if he would not have overloaded the
vehicle. Another thing they could have done was to have worn their seatbelts. He also could
2) Yes I can think of a couple laws. The first law that comes to mind is to wear a seatbelt at all
times. No matter how short the distance may be. A second law is to follow the speed limit.
Another one is to have only one person in your vehicle until you are eighteen or for six months
when you first get your license that is under the age of twenty-one, unless it is immediate family.
Even then you can only have the amount of people as there are seatbelts.
3) I believe so many young people are involved in accidents because they are in experienced.
They also get distracted much easier than ol

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