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Media Censorship in China | Council on Foreign Relations

The problem with this method of censorship is that is a very tedious and futile exercise, i.e; no matter how many ISP’s or Websites we block a replicated copy always comes up online in the next few hours. Our country is in line to become one of the major internet superpowers in times to come. The Government should also realize that Internet is still at a very nascent stage in India and so is the rate of its penetration and if they continue to follow their rigid policy of censorship on the world-wide-web, no transnational company will be ready to invest their time and resources on us.

However, on the contrary there is a need to filter the content available on the internet so that it does not lead to disclosure of sensitive information, objectionable content and inappropriate language. One must understand the true intention of this knowledge sharing medium for its effective and efficient utilization as well as the concept of media literacy.

Censorship is not only used to control the flow of information but also to benefit the people.

Internet censorship in China - Wikipedia

Despite censorship of the actual text, Zhang’s essay is widely discussed by Chinese official media.

But then again, as these various communication media dabble with topics that need not be promoted or talked about at all, the question of censorship arises.

While most countries have given the freedom of speech and expression of thought to its citizens, some countries try to counter the abuse of this right by some people, by restricting the freedom in reception of this speech and expression.

Throughout history censorship has followed the free expressions of men and women like a shadow. In ancient societies, for example China, censorship was considered a legitimate instrument for regulating the moral and political life of the population

How China’s Censorship Harms U.S

Censorship is ancient and global. The origin of the term censor can be traced to the office of censor established in Rome in 443 BC. In Rome as in ancient Greece, the ideal of good governance included shaping the character of the people. Hence censorship was regarded as an honourable task. In China the first censorship law was introduced in 300 AD. Today censorship is regarded as the suppression of free expression, speech, the exchange of ideas and other expressions. Censorship can be direct, indirect and self-imposed.

Frozen Europe and Fast-Changing China: Martin Jacques on the Sino-European Dilemma

Who we interviewed:An international Chinese student who has lived in China his entire life and grew up with censorship being put into strict practice by the government.

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Internet Censorship In China ..

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A student who grew up in Taiwan, a free country, and moved to China for a few years and was suddenly put in a place with censorship implemented by the government.

Essay: Internet Censorship in China - Online Essays

There is a very thin line of difference between right and wrong. Social Media has manifold advantages, most importantly; it targets a wide variety of audience and facilitates open communication. Very recently, the Government of India took a very strict action to block certain Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Google content, YouTube videos and various other social media websites on account of the fact that they were blasphemic and disparaged religious sentiments of people in our country. These websites had received directives from the court that if they continue to disregard the religious sentiments of the people of this country; they could expect crackdown measures as are prevalent in China.

Media Censorship Pros and Cons: An In-depth …

Our Main Conclusion:Social media, such as Facebook, has such a big impact on the lives of students, they won't give up easily in finding a way around censorship legislation if put in place by the United States government.

Essays on Censorship On Social Media - Essay Depot

While it may take a bit to argue with their freedom of speech, perhaps it is best ignored.

Another interesting argument in favor of media censorship is the security of secrets.

Media censorship essay - The Ideal Health

Media censorship essay media violence essay essay topics on media now classic dystopian allegory exploring the ferocious dictatorship of soviet russia in a satirical tale eviscerating stalin s regime in his essay .

Censorship in mass media essay - Raydan USA

Censorship proves necessary here.
▰ Books may be used to portray wrong information about individuals or groups that could incite violence against them.

Censorship in China - Wikipedia

Hence, some things are best not known.

To conclude the media censorship I would like to say that the media is an extremely powerful force, which can reap great benefits if used positively and can be very damaging if not.

Media censorship essay | El Hizjra

Censorship prevents that.
▰ It protects indigenous cultures from the bad influence of foreign cultures.
▰ It prevents the public display of disrespect to any particular individual or community.

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