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MacMillan masculinity essay macbeth and Co.

Some people, mostly men, enjoy viewing or hearing about acts of violence. Some even find it exciting to participate, on one level or another, in violent acts. Television programs, movies and music capitalize on this fact by showing or describing gratuitous acts of violence. Even news programs see the importance in covering violent interpersonal crimes in their broadcasts to gain high ratings. Western society is interested in conflict, and enjoys being a third party audience to such violence. The problem with this is that by consuming too much violence through the media, the viewer can become immune to the effects or consequences of violence and may be more prone to commit crimes, or less likely to respond when witnessing another becoming a victim of a crime.

To become a more civilized species, humans have adapted to abstain from committing violent interpersonal crimes. It seems this trend is becoming undermined by television, music and movies. By the age of 18, the average American television viewer has witnessed over 32,000 murders and 40,000 attempted murders on television alone (American Psychological Association). These statistics do not include such violence seen in movies or heard in music. To witness such an amount of violence is clearly unrealistic and exploitative.Violence is being used by television programs as a superficial way of grabbing and holding an audience's attention. Producers of television programs that show violence must take the responsibility of showing a realistic amount of violence on their shows. That is, they must not use gratuitous violence to appeal to male viewers, or else the violent crime rate in the United States will rise. The federal government in the US has taken the initiative to curb not only the amount of violence that can be shown by one program, but also the level of violence that can be shown and to what audiences. By limiting the amount of violence shown on television before 10pm, the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, is trying to make sure that children are not exposed to the levels of gratuitous violence intended for more mature audiences.

However, what happens when men don’t act masculine and women don’t act feminine?

Crime, Violence and Masculinity Essay - 1548 Words

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What they learn—the internalized attitudes and behavioral expectations about maleness and femaleness—is gender. Most social scientists use gender to refer to these learned attributes of masculinity and femininity in a culture. By contrast, they use sex to refer to the biological differences between males and females. Distinguishing between these two ideas—that is, between what is innate and what is learned—is helpful in studying masculinity and femininity.

However, the stunning popularity of the Mars&Venus books shows that our culture’s views on masculinity andfemininity haven’t really changed since the days of .

Masculinity and crime free essay, term paper and book report

Take up the White Man’s burden—
Ye dare not stoop to less—
Nor call too loud on Freedom
To cloak your weariness;
By all ye cry or whisper,
By all ye leave or do,
The silent, sullen peoples
Shall weigh your Gods and you.

However, masculinity always defines itself as different from and superior to femininity.

The subject of this unit is the representation of gender in contemporary American advertising. The focus will be on the story that advertising tells about masculinity and femininity through the life cycle and thus how it models and idealizes certain roles and behaviors while ignoring others. Although advertising is but one of many teachers about gender, the omnipresence of advertisements in daily life speaks to its importance in instilling the cultural expectations of gender.

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Cultural Masculinity and Crime Essay Example for Free

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The audience cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality as well as in music or movies, because musicians often claim their records are authentic. Some claim that heavy metal and rap, as well as some other types of music, beautify, consecrate, and celebrate violence. Music is much less regulated, and therefore a much more dangerous medium than either television or film. Violence cannot be viewed through music, but it is graphically described and that can subconsciously impact the male psyche (Anderson). Empirical research has demonstrated that masculinity is a major cause of violent crime.

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By the late 80’s, when Gray started to become a self-help guru, many sociologists realized they must study masculinity and femininity through the following filters:With topics like "the structure of power"and "the social organization of sexuality" is it any wonder that society clings to sex-role theory?

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masculinity essay macbeth Everything you ever wanted masculinity essay macbeth to know about Macbeth in great questions canada essay competition Macbeth, written by masters of masculinity essay macbeth this stuff just for you A collection of quotes from Macbeth, a play by William Shakespeare Go pinch your cheeks and bring some color back into your face, you cowardly boy.

Crime, Violence and Masculinity Essays

Much of Western society's contemporary behavior is influenced by popular culture, usually by such media outlets as television, movies and music. Arguments exist today concerning the amount of responsibility that the media has to portray such violent crimes as unacceptable. The most popular of such beliefs is one that argues that the media is currently romanticizing the use of violence to gain an audience. Proponents of such an argument claim that if the media displays violence in a less glamorous way, interpersonal violence can be reduced. For this to happen, the nation-state must play the important role of regulating how much and what types of violence media sources can show, and to which audiences

Crime, Violence And Masculinity. British Literature

In and , gender roles are even more clearly displayed. The boys run barefoot and play outside while the girl dresses up inside. The boys have sand in their pockets as a result of their play. The girl is told, “It’s never too soon to learn how to accessorize.” By school age, children are clearly shown in male and female roles. Even though many parents argue that male and female behaviors simply emerge as their children grow up, influences such as the ideas depicted in the ads are also present. In these instances, the ideas are communicated to parents, not to the children themselves. Reinforcement like this reminds parents of gender-appropriate behavior for their children. What would happen to little boys who wanted “to accessorize”? Would they be allowed to do it? Alternatively, might more freedom be allowed to girls who wanted to romp in the sand?

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In the spirit of "Dr" Gray’s nutshells:

In contemporary America, hegemonic masculinity is defined by physical strength and bravado, exclusive heterosexuality, suppression of "vulnerable" emotions such as remorse and uncertainty,economic independence, authority over women and other men, and intense interest in sexual "conquest".

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