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The color of time is a dark purple.

Can it be that the white dress, a typical schoolgirl's dress, represents the essence of purity, the paragon of chastity, the highest virtue a woman can possess?

I dream of one so far away, oh far away;
Your dress is so pure white it's hard to recognize;
Here fog and smoke obscure so much of the landscape.

Rarely has the Vietnamese literary arena been animated with such colorfulad hominem diatribes!

The odor of time is ethereal,The color of time a dark purple.

Yet my steps are still in time to the provocative rainbow-colored rhythm.

The Grove, which later became the Duchess, Bram tells us, is now a vitamin store.The people who made Christopher Street a gay mecca in the 70’s were called clones because they supposedly all looked alike—men with moustaches in jeans and plaid shirts—and when people who didn’t look like them (such as young queens of color) began hanging out west of Hudson Street, some of them wondered if this was a cause or a symptom of the eclipse of the scene.

MYTHOPOEIA (Greek "myth-making" or "myth-poetry"): (1) J. R. R. Tolkien's neologism for the deliberate creation of artificial , especially the incorporation of traditional mythic into current fiction, whether that fiction be something akin to Virgil's propaganda in The Aeneid, the Romantic poetry of William Blake, or the fantasy literature of C.S. Lewis or Tolkien himself. Tolkien connected mythopoeia with his theological doctrine of (q.v.) (2) Tolkien's poem of the same title, which he wrote in response to an argument he and the other Inklings had regarding C.S. Lewis' atheism shortly after September 19, 1931. C.S. Lewis initially felt he could not believe in a literal resurrection of Christ because the narrative pattern in the Gospels echoed much older myths about sacrificial dying gods, as detailed at length in Sir James Frazer's The Golden Bough. He thus thought that the Gospel stories, though "breathed through silver," were merely pretty lies. Tolkien's counter-argument was that, even though much older versions of the story existed before the time of Christ, that did not matter. Tolkien argued that, what God did in the incarnation and crucifixion was to take the older stories and make them literally true. Our older myths expressed man's deepest longest for redemption and resurrection, and that God chose to fulfill those ancient desires by giving Christ to humanity--and thus the older myth could be made flesh and walk among us.

Or you so long for the whitest pure love.

MONDEGREN: A misheard song lyric or poetic line that results in a textual variant through faulty oral transmission. The result is often amusing in nature. For example, the 1967 rock singer Jimi Hendrix had a set of lyrics in "Purple Haze" in which the speaker states in pantheistic bliss, "'Scuse me while I kiss the sky." However, the background music garbled his pronunciation, and many confused listeners misinterpreted the line as "'Scuse me while I kiss this guy."

Now dead drunk,My colors have gone out fading,The room becomes unsteady.

Eventually, Celie stops thinking of God as she stops thinking of the other men in her life—she “git man off her eyeball” and tells God off, writing, “You must be sleep.”

Symbols are objects, characters, figures, or colors used to represent abstract ideas or concepts.
After Sofia and Celie argue about the advice Celie has given Harpo, Sofia signals a truce by suggesting they make a quilt.

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SparkNotes: The Color Purple: Study Questions & Essay …

The Color Purple Section 8 Summary and Analysis | …

Back in Georgia, Celie, spurred on by Shug, confronts Mr. _____ for withholding Nettie's letters for so many years. Celie, Shug, Shug's husband (whom she has married in the interim), and , Harpo's second wife, move to Memphis, where Shug continues her singing career (Shug already has a house there). Celie begins making pants, a business she will continue for the remainder of the novel, and Squeak and Grady fall in love and move away. Sofia, who was arrested years back for attacking the mayor and his wife after they acted disrespectfully to her, has been serving as the mayor's family maid for twelve years. She is finally released to Celie's home toward the end of the novel. Her children, raised by Harpo and Squeak, no longer recognize her.

The Color Purple is a book by Alice Walker

Classic novels provide significant insights into the social and cultural background of the characters.
the color purple
by: Alice walker

this book had many different literary devices used during the development of the main character

literary devices used :
flash back
the author used metaphor all throughout the novel.

The Color Purple: Literary Techniques Employed by …

consider the metaphorical statement, "Susan is a viper in her cruel treacheries." Here, Susan is the tenor in the metaphor, and viper is the vehicle in the same metaphor. The tenor, Susan, is literally present or literally exists. The vehicle, the hypothetical or imagined viper, is not necessarily physically present.

Analysis of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple Essay …

The Color Purple: Top Ten Quotes, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter analysis, complete summary analysis, author biography �.

Analysis of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple Essay

The purpose of this assignment is to write a Literary Analysis essay that clearly illustrates an investigation into and interpretation of one or more literary works discussed in class. For example, you may wish to detail the significance of domestic abuse in Alice Walker’s The Color Purple; or you may want to address the role of patriarchy in a number of the works we have examined. Remember, these are only options. Also keep in mind that you will need a purpose. Why should your reader care that you are writing about symbols in Walker’s novel? What would he or she take away from your essay by the time he or she finishes with it?
The Literary Analysis essay must be five to seven (5-7) pages. The paper must adhere to the assignment sheet and Modern Language Association (MLA) criteria.

The Color Purple expresses the theme that everyone has ..

MIASMA (Greek, "stench"): Literally referring to a stench or bad smell, the Greek term also metaphorically indicates a sort of ceremonial taint or spiritual stain that can result from various sorts of impurity. The ancient Greeks thought actions such as murder, incest, blasphemy, menstruation, or violations of might cause a miasma around a person or place, and until the community took action to expunge the stain, misfortune such as disease, drought, or other blights would be the potential result. Normally, people thought to be stained by miasma were forbidden to pass the sacred marker () separating the holy ground of a temple or a public forum from non-sacred space. The term is particularly applicable in the play Oedipus Rex, in which the entire community of Thebes has fallen under a curse because of a miasma in their midst. It is also relevant in Agamemnon, where the prophetess Cassandra seems to have the ability to sense miasma as well as see the invisible that have come to settle on the house.

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