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Lead sentence essay smoking outlawed - Abagnale srl

EVIDENCE from one of your SOURCES.
It is important to recycle for various different reasons including reducing waste in landfills.
German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Doberman Pinchers are the most reliable guard dogs.
Illegal drug use is detrimental because it encourages gang violence.
Poverty still exists in America and around the world because sometimes jobs are hard to find and people like to be poor.
Topic and Closing

TS and CS: THREE parts!
TS of Body Paragraphs:
Part 1: The transition.
ex: First of all,

Part 2: Mention the over all TOPIC and CLAIM of the essay.
Ex: pencils are a great invention because

Part 3: Mention the REASON (thesis point of THAT paragraph.)
Ex: a person can write with them.
Final Product
Topic Sentence:

First of all, pencils are a great invention because a person can write with them.
BP Closing Sentence has THREE parts, too!

the LAST sentence of the OP.
Now that's a GREAT essay!
The writer takes two topics and finds three similarities AND/OR differences.

Lead Sentence/Essay/Smoking Outlawed

Lead sentence/essay/smoking outlawed writing tips

Essay sentences per paragraph format templates. Welcome to t

You Must have a Thesis
Formulate your thesis BEFORE...
you write ANY of your ESSAY!
Three PARTS of a Thesis:
& Reasons

In ONE sentence!!
The THESIS is the very LAST sentence of your opening paragraph!

The function of the
is to give your essay
. do you do THAT?
To help YOU
your READER.
It's like putting together
a puzzle.
There are TWO ways to write a Topic: Pencils

*disclaimer: never do reason #3.

Part 1: Transition
ex: Clearly,
Part 2: Reason/Thesis Point of Paragraph
ex: being able to use them to write is one reason
Part 3: Mention the overall TOPIC and CLAIM of the Essay.
ex: pencils are such a great invention.
Final Product
BP Closing Sentence
ex: Clearly, being able to use them to write is one reason pencils are such a great invention.
Your Turn: Topic: Cookies
Write a THESIS and TS and CS for each REASON in your THESIS.

You will have SEVEN sentences when you are finished.

I want it to look like this:




Reason #1
Reason #2
Reason #3
I have traveled to Greece, Italy, and France.
BP1 TS: First of all, Italy was one of the best countries I have been to.

BP1 CS: For these reasons, Italy is a great vacation destination.

Should cigarette smoking be outlawed, 3-4 pages, …

End Essay with "homerun sentence"
*the last thing the grader will read*
Body Supports
3-5 Sentences
1-3 Sentences
1-2 Sentences
3-5 Sentences
1-3 Sentences
1-2 Sentences
Restate Body Points
End Essay with "awe"
Did you see that?
You know....about the intro and the conclusion?
Using the sheet provided fill out your Essay Outline from a
of your choice.
= One Paragraph
Narrow the topic down into a THESIS
Always think in 3s.
You can write a THESIS about almost anything.
Parallelism: keep all reasons similar, gramatically speaking.
There have to be three REASONS after the claim.

O century in recorded history has experienced so many social transformations and such radical ones lead sentence/essay/smoking outlawed as the twentieth century.

How to win at Candy Crush.
The Narrative Essay
Tells a STORY!
For example “My Most Exciting Bicycle Adventure."
Reason #3
Directly from THESIS
Reason #2
Directly from THESIS
Reason #1
Directly from THESIS
What does an Essay look like?
An Essay is like a car.
There are many types of Essays but I bet you are wondering how 'exactly' do I write one of these?
First, you need a TOPIC.
Topic =
General Idea
of your essay
Sometimes you have to come up with it on your own.
Sometimes given to you.
Now that you have chosen a
you need to figure out
you're going to support your thesis.

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And write 3 to 4 pages, double space, 12 point NTR in MLA format

Argumentative Essay about Why Smoking Should be …

Others have differing opinions.](Regardless, tobacco should be outlawed because because smoking endangers everyone's health, pollutes the environment, and drains us of valuable energy.)
The Body
Body Examples
The Conclusion
while both the body and intro have key differences, the conclusion for both an expository and argument essay are pretty much the exact same
they both
restate the claim/thesis
sum up the main points given in the body paragraphs
end with a conclusion

Expository vs Argument
By Zhuo-Nan, Grant, Nathan
like an expository intro, an argument intro contains:
a lead
a connector
however, an argument intro
poses both sides
makes stance
while an expository intro
states the claim
an expository body paragraph simply contains
a topic sentence
piece of evidence
an explanation
a transition to the next paragraph
while an argument body paragraph contains
a topic sentence
an explanation
a counterclaim
evidence to refute
rebuttal (explanation of evidence)
transition to the next paragraph
What's The Difference?
an expository essay is meant to
while an argumentative essay
makes a stance on an issue
addresses the opposition
an argument is very one-sided and subjective, while an expository essay delivers a neutral and objective view

The End
Expository example:
In terms of their mental development, children lacking proper food become sleepy, dull, and withdrawn.

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