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social attitudes towards language

What he or she is taking in includes all the preconceptions about the French language, that it is beautiful, that it is romantic, that it is spoken along the Seine, and so on.

The main point emphasizes in the novel is that language is a powerful tool, which can be used to manipulate and control people in order to bring about change, whether big or small.

Spoken language is all about the speech we use to talk normally.

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In Plath’s poem she frequently uses figurative language about Nazis and the Holocaust.

It seems as if it is always something of a bonus if the teacher manages to find time to introduce a bit of the culture of the foreign language into the classroom - some music perhaps, or a traditional dance, in the final lesson of the course.

Examine language attitudes of Spanish-speaking and Catalan speaking students in Valencia towards Spanish, Catalan and English and write your report.
1.-In the document “00Doc style and form guidelines” you will find the information regarding the form and style the paper must conform to.

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However, modern linguists insist that value judgments about language should be recognized as such, and should be examined in the light of the facts. As a result, some critics feel that linguists' attitudes stand in the way of the establishment and maintenance of language standards. You can find a sample of the debate in Geoff Nunberg's classic article , or Mark Halpern's more recent riposte .

I will be seeing how Heaney uses language to tell us further about this childhood and upbringing.

This essay will examine the differences in language used by the first person narrator, Jane, Brocklehurst and Miss Temple in the aforementioned extract....

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Language attitudes towards death


By using figurative language throughout the poem such as symbolism, imagery, and wordplay, Plath reveals hidden messages about her relationship with her father.

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For your controlled assessment, you’ll get a piece of spoken language to analyse. This is your data. It could be a transcript of a real-life talk or a transcript of an audio clip. You could get text messages, or online conversations, or even get a piece of scripted language like a radio advert. Newspaper articles are also an option because they show people’s attitudes to spoken language.

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While both descriptive and narrative essays are similar in many ways, the descriptive essays use of language fully immerses the reader into the story and allows the reader to feel the intended emotion....

Ap language and sexual attitudes towards death

Integrating the arts into everyday lessons has proven not only to aid those who speak English, but those who are English Language Leaners (ELLs) as well.

Personal values, belief and attitudes Essay Sample

Language itself is already culture, and therefore it is something of a moot point to talk about the inclusion or exclusion of culture in a foreign language curriculum.

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Sample questions

1. Consider the techniques employed by the author to convey his/her values and attitudes. Comment upon your response to these values and attitudes.

2. What values and attitudes are being presented in this passage?

3. Discuss how this text represents gender / women / men / females / males / boys / girls/ gender, the experience of youth, social class, the aged, the family.

4. Consider your reactions to or reading of one passage. You might consider your attitudes and values and/or other reading experiences.

5. Discuss the ways in which one passage employs narrative conventions and style of language to influence the reader's response.

6. Comment on the issues and values in this passage / these passages.

7. What attitudes to the theme /issues raised in this article / passage does the writer encourage in you? Analyse the techniques used by the author to shape your response.

8. How does the writer use setting / character / point of view / choice of language / narrative structure / dialogue to position the reader in relation to the issue raised in this article/ passage? (Select the most relevant three for the passage you are analysing.)

9. Consider the comment the author makes on human values and social structures. Make detailed references to support your answer.

10. What attitude to .... does the writer encourage in you, the reader? Analyse the techniques that have been used in achieving this response.

11. How does the use of setting, choice of language and selection of detail position the reader to respond to certain minority groups.

12. How has the the writer challenged / endorsed your attitudes to the subject of this article / passage?

Language Attitudes Anthropology - Essay by Aidelizette1

I think the person who has "integrative" motivation simply acknowledges that he or she is actively seeking to know about the culture, whereas the person with "instrumental" motivation does not want to add anything on to his or her knowledge of the language.

Essay on Compare the Attitudes Presented in Flag and Right Word.

You have to give a general overview of the different theories and research on the topic of language attitudes . You will find information in the documents attached.
3. Language attitudes in the Valencian Community

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