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Should children who commit adult crimes be tried as adults?

Over the past decades juvenile criminal activity consistently increased, this has made it necessary to prosecute the juveniles accused of more serious crimes as adults. Regardless of the age of the offender, a uniform punishment should be admitted for any major criminal offence (Reaves, 6). An offence such as an act of murder should be allocated a uniform degree of punishment such as death penalty or life imprisonment irrespective of the level of maturity of the offender.

The psychological view asserts that it is immoral to submit juveniles to adult punishments because it a less effective measure for curbing criminal activities amongst the developing minds. The psychological effects that are inflicted by this measure will most likely cause the offender to repeat the criminal activity. Physical or sexual molestation to the juvenile offenders within the first periods of admission into correctional centre by the adult culprits can lead to psychological impairments if carried over for the entire period of imprisonment.

There are more rational reasons why adolescents should be sent to their own private penitentiary.

Essay - Should Children Be Tried As Adults.

Juveniles deserve to be tried the same as adults when they commit certain crimes.

Child protective and juvenile justice professionals pay a terrible price for not being willing to take responsibility for these kids. That price is giving up the control we need to prove once and for all that we can do the job. The public will accept construction of secure treatment units, not only because they guarantee incapacitation of those that they fear, but because such units are a visible symbol of the jurisdiction's commitment to do something about violent crime. All we're doing now is fighting a losing battle against the concept of treating juveniles in the adult criminal justice system. The fact is, if we say to the public, don't send the kid to adult corrections, the public has a right to ask us "What are you going to do with him? More experiments? More R&D? No thanks. The risks are too high. Go ahead and conduct your experiments. Take a chance and see if maybe you can help this kid. But do it in some place where the kid can't come around and visit me at night." Until we can promise this to the public, we haven't said a thing.

We've been in hot pursuit of "rehabilitation" for a hundred years and we haven't caught it yet. We bought into a medical model that we knew in our hearts was pure junk. You break a bone, you go to physiotherapy, you work with the therapist, you follow the program, you take the medicine, the cast comes off, the arm works again ... it's rehabilitated. But the kids we're talking about today never functioned. They dysfunctioned starting before they ever came into the juvenile justice system. What can we return them to?

Should minors who commit violent crimes be tried as adults.

Sandy Hook reminded Americans of the Columbine High School massacre, another school shooting that took place in Colorado, 13 years before Sandy Hook, which resulted in thirteen casualties.

Linsey O’Neill. Children charged with murder…should they be tried as adults.ESQ. 2012. Web.

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Kids who show lots of enmity should be tried as adults.

Ken LaMance. Juvenile tried as an adult. 2012. Web. 27 April, 2012.

You may be thinking, “Why is this teen being tried as adult, he is just a kid.” While he is “just a kid”, and this is a widely held opinion but it is not mine.

Both of these juveniles are being tried as adults.

I still stand by my opinion that children should not be tried as adults in a court when they commit a crime. I cannot find any reason to support the fact that an 8 year old boy should be tried in the same court as a 50 year-old man who has committed the same crime. The two are nowhere comparable in term of maturity. Imagine an 8-year old sitting in an adult court where he may receive a death penalty of life imprisonment. What could he possibly understand while sitting through the proceedings?

The option of being tried as an adult hangs on many circumstances....

One major indicator for the effectiveness of the policy is its ability to reduce violent offences, which accounts for 62% of all juvenile convictions (Hartney, 2006). Summarizing the view of the Task Force on Community Preventive Services, McGowan et al. indicate several findings, which warn that “transferring juveniles to the adult justice system generally increases, rather than decreases, rates of violence among transferred youth” (2007).

(Argumentative Essay) Should Juvenile Criminals be tried as Adults

Should Juveniles be tried as Adults
Order Description
I am interested in writing about juveniles, and whether or not, if they should be tried as an adult.I was actually thinking the juvenile justice system was too harsh on sentencing juveniles .
After the whole “kids for cash scandal”, I wanted to do more research on why we should focus on rehabilitating the juveniles instead of punishing them. Be specific on why kids shouldn’t be tried as adults, provide real life cases. Talk about the juvenile justice system is suppose to rehabilitate the child, not punish them for life. Remember a person mind isn’t developed fully until the age of 25.

Juveniles Should Not Be Tried A Adults Essay Sample

This result from testing indicated that undifferentiated males inclined to more law-abiding practices, indicating that traditional masculine behavior supports high self-esteem for undifferentiated males. In 1988, the us supreme court ruledthat no person under the age of 16 may be executed for a crime. Shover, neal james, jennifer thornton, williams (2011).

Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults? Essay

This is a Seven Page paper. Must have from 5 to 7 sources. Nothing more. Again, be specific on the issue on why kids shouldn’t be tried as an adult. Provide examples. (Kids For Cash Scandal). Support your thesis. Make it a persuasive as possible but you must also back up with what your saying.
The paper should consist the following:
I. Introduction:

Read Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults

Now, what am I talking about? Who is this kid? What are his characteristics? (And when I say "his," obviously there are female delinquents who also fit within this category. So far, their numbers are relatively small so there's been little focus on them. So when I use the term "his" or "he," picture in your mind that the terms are somewhat interchangeable with "her" and "she"). This kid is characterized by a complete lack of apparent empathy for other human beings. He feels no pain but his own. This is the type of kid who will kill three people on separate occasions for no apparent reason, commit a subway robbery, do a push–in mugging, blow somebody away because they "looked at him wrong." He will show no remorse, and then come into the office of an institution just enraged, veins bulging out of his neck, sweat pouring off his forehead, eyes wild, incoherent almost to the point of tears ... all because someone broke his portable radio. And he'll see no contradiction whatsoever. He simply does not feel anyone's pain but his own. This is a learned response. People are not born like this.

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