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whether or not junk food advertisements should be banned all ..

But when it comes to junk food he's never been to a burger bar and the chip pan comes out once in every three months so I have never had to say no because he's never asked for it, he has the odd bag of crisps and sweets but ultimately I'm the one in control not the advertising companies.
The government should consider forcing food producers to advertise artificial chemical mush as what it is - artificial chemical mush - then people might stop buying it and go back to natural meat, fruit and veg.

These are the adverts that should be banned.
When I was in Mexico a couple years ago I noticed that TV ads for soft drinks, junk food etc had various text message at the bottom of the screen, saying things like "eat fruit and vegetables", or "eating too much sugar is unhealthy".

Banning Junk Food Advertising Essay Example for Free

Banning Junk Food Advertising Essay

Should Schools Banned Junk Food from Vending Machines ;

To conclude, I certainly agree with the argument that advertisements targeting young children should be banned. It is easy to influence the thought process of kids. Brands should not be allowed to exploit this weakness. When advertisers market their products to children, they aren’t doing anyone except themselves a service.

Having said that, I can imagine that advertising aimed at children must be huge pain in the neck for parents - being constantly pestered for stuff their kids see on telly must drive them mad!
I think advertising food on children's TV should be banned.

Should junk food ads be banned? - Australian Fitness …

Children are too young to distinguish good from bad and right from wrong. They believe all that they see on TV. Manufacturers of fast foods and toys spend a lot of money on advertising their products to children. They only show the positive aspects of their products. Fast foods like instant noodles can cause several health programs. Children don’t understand this. They insist on having those products for breakfast or even lunch and parents are forced to satisfy those cravings. One can’t quite blame the children either. When they see models of their age eating certain foods or playing with certain toys in commercials, they will want those things for themselves. Advertisers know this better than anybody else. That is why they are targeting kids in the first place.

// Should junk food ads be banned

Of course it should be banned along with all the adverts for loans, ringtones and household products, leave our kids alone!!!
Of course it should; every time I go to the supermarket, children are mewling at their parents to buy them the junk food they see advertised on TV...and most of the parents end up buying it.

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Should the sale of junk food in school cafeterias be banned

Why Junk Food Shouldnt Be Banned Essay - Anti Essays

Some say that advertisements of toys and snacks have a huge impact on children and their parents, and therefore advertising to children should be banned. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Give your own opinion.

Junk Food should be banned in Schools Essays

Researchers and public health officials are currently at a loss to explain the rapid rise in weight problems among children and adolescents that began in the 1980s. Concerns about the long-term health consequences of overweight have ignited a debate about school policies that make junk food available to students in school. While the revenues generated by in-school junk food sales fund a wide variety of discretionary school programs, some school district officials consider the link between junk food and overweight intuitively plausible. They have instituted policies to ban or reduce access to junk food despite the fact that little is known about whether access to junk foods in school really does contribute to obesity.

banning junk food advertising because it is ..

Parents in the Western world use TV as a babysitter, and that has to stop.
I think that advertising food which is aimed at children should be banned on children's TV (As should the advertising of toys) to stop the "I want" mentality which only leads to greed.
It isn't the TV advertising that we should take issue with.

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