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Essay Tips: How to Summarize a Research Paper

Today, the pandemic alert level wasraised to 5, just one level away from epidemic proportions. This,according to the World health Organisation, is because deathsattributed to the virus have occurred in countries in which the viruswas not born. In layman’s terms, we are facing a global flu pandemicthe likes of which have not been seen since the 1918 flu pandemic(commonly referred to as the Spanish flu), in which an influenza virusspread to nearly every part of the world and reportedly killed morethan 40 million people. The increase of this pandemic alert to level 5has instilled fear and panic into the hearts of most people. Despitecontinual assurance that we are prepared for the pandemic, there aresigns throughout the world – the global rush to purchase facemasks -that people are not listening to the experts.

A pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus, which people have noimmunity to, emerges and starts spreading with the same ferocity asnormal influenza. Experts have been forecasting for many years that theworld is on the brink of a pandemic. Such speculations are based on thefact that records show that a global epidemic occurs every forty tofifty years. Simple calculations thus reveal that we are about 40 yearsoverdue.

As with all diseases and illnesses, mutations occur leaving the virusmore resistant to common drugs, and leaving common immune systemswithout antibodies to fight the virus. What people do not seem torealise however, is that the swine flu is relatively harmless in itseffects on people, and that we are indeed well placed to tackle thisoutbreak in terms of anti-viral drugs and medical care. Indeed, shoulda pandemic occur, the population of the world will not face suchterrible consequences as in 1918.

Through case studies, the author explains the causes, and symptoms of Anorexia in Hong Kong, depression in Japan, post-traumatic stress disorder in Sri Lanka, and how Schizophrenia came to Zanzibar.

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Have you struggled with using too much summary in your essays

How to End an Essay (with Sample Conclusions) - wikiHow

Remember to keep the summary shorter than the originalsentence.

Think about the words you are using - are they all necessary? Can verbsbe changed into nouns? Can you break up the sentence into a shortersentence?

To show you the importance of good summarising skills
To guide you through a set of exercises which aim to improve yoursummarising skills

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In this section we looked at the importance of summarisinginformation in academic writing. Summarising is useful fordemonstrating that you have fully understood the text that you haveread or heard, for condensing notes and for researching essays andassignments. Good summarising involves ascertaining what the main ideasof the text/audio are, and being able to maintain these ideas in ashortened version. It also involves being able to nominalise verbs,i.e. turn them into nouns, use synonyms, split long sentences intoshort sentences and to join short sentences together to form longersentences.

If you would like further practice, try taking a look at . Alternatively, try listening to a podcast or anyaudio file which has a transcript (for example , create asummary and then compare this summary to the original transcript.

This wikiHow will teach you how to write a conclusion and end your essay with a ..

Unit 9 Support assessment for learning

Supporting teaching and learning in schools level 3

1.1 Compare and contrast the roles of the teacher and the learning support practitioner in assessment of learners’ achievements.
1.2 Summarise the difference between formative and summative assessment
1.3 Explain the characteristics of assessment for learning
1.4 Explain the importance and benefits of assessment for learning
1.5 Explain how assessment for learning can contribute to planning for future learning carried out by:
a) the teacher
b) the learners
c) the learning support practitioner

2.1 The information required to support assessment for learning

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These topics are: 1. High school and university requirements 2. What is the graduation rate in a engineering course at a top engineering university 3. How hard is it to get a successful job as an engineer 4. Average work...

To show you the importance of good summarising skills ..

The advertisement by World Wildlife Fund, is insinuated to represent what nature is becoming through the actions of individuals careless activities within the planet, and overall how it effects the planet and each individual that lives within it....

How to Write a Reading Response Essay with Sample …

Summarising is an important skill in academic writing. It enablesyou to extract the most important points from a text and rewrite themin your own words, in a shortened form. Such skills are invaluable whenyou are note taking and researching for an essay. Being able to write agood summary also demonstrates that you have fully understood the textyou are reading.

Listen to ofthe learning object.

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