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Is this the kind of "school reform" Obama hasin mind?

The definition of heterosexism includes the statement that it is the I don’t dispute the definition, but point out that such beliefs are foundational to many religions, whose beliefs are protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The gay movement may not agree with their beliefs, but they must respect them, as must teachers, who are bound by a Code of Ethics to respect the sensibilities of their students. Certainly, the recent unanimous BC Court of Appeal ruling overturning GALE BC’s earlier victory against the Surrey School Board, asserts that points of view formed from religious convictions do have a role to play in the formulation of policies and practices in the public school system (McKenzie, September 20, 2000). It is not the role of educators to teach children that their religious beliefs about sexuality are erroneous.

I found the definitions section accurate and useful, although I question some of the editorial comments included in the definitions. For example, in the definition of homophobia, the authors state I would challenge the authors to cite some evidence of that. Any first year psychology student knows that making unsubstantiated assumptions of causality is a big mistake, yet this "professional" resource makes it repeatedly.

UPDATE: Shortly after I posted this, the Burnaby school district sent me the following statement:

EDUCATION / About 50 schools across province offering SJ 12 this year

Many people believe that prejudice against gays and lesbians will melt away if the public were to accept the belief that a person's sexual orientation is mainly determined by genes. The rationale is that if a person is a gay or lesbian because of their genetic makeup, then their orientation is not a choice; it is something beyond of their control. This belief appears to be contradicted by a 1999-APR web-site poll conducted by . It dealt with "" and asked the question: "" Response as of 2000-MAR-6 was: 75% no, 21% yes and 4% not sure.

Also consider that:

At the same time, in order to gain their rights and dignity, they had to take their fight to the legal system because as George Chauncey, a professor of history at Yale University mentioned, “although most people recognize that gay life was difficult before growth of...

Homosexual Activists Target UK Faith Schools, AdoptionPolicies

A California psychologist, Marc Breedlove, "" Each study participant had his or her hand photocopied on a portable copy machine to record finger length. Participants also filled out a questionnaire on sexual orientation and birth order. 720 volunteers participated. They found that lesbians tended to have shorter index fingers (relative to their ring fingers) than did heterosexual women. They also found that gay males tended to have shorter index fingers (relative to their ring fingers) than heterosexual males. The relative size of a person's fingers is determined well before birth. These findings imply that sexual orientation is at least partly decided before birth -- perhaps at conception when a person's unique DNA is established. 10

They were the first cartoon characters accused of “sexual practices.” Fred Wertherm, a psychologist, studied sexuality in comic books and recorded the sexual behaviors between Batman and Robin.

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David—(1035? - 960?? BC) Israeli King, Biblical Lover of Jonathan”

Is Homosexuality a Choice? Essay - 2318 Words | Bartleby

For high-school seniors like Skylar—who live in prosperous suburbs, have doting parents, attend good schools, and get excellent grades while studding their transcripts with extracurricular activities—the hardest part of the college application is often the personal essay. They’re typically asked to write about some life-changing experience, and, if their childhood has been blessedly free of drama, they may find themselves staring at a blank screen for a long time. This was not a problem for Skylar.

Essay about Is Homosexuality Genetic or a Choice

Many trans kids have a very hard time. They are bullied at school, rejected by their families, and consigned to marginal—even desperate—lives. Teen-agers who identify as transgender appear to be at higher risk for depression and suicide. Yet Skylar’s more seamless story is becoming increasingly common. Middle-class parents today tend to actively help their children get settled on a path in life, and often subscribe to the notion that “early intervention” is best for all kinds of conditions. Many therapists have begun to speak of even very young children as transgender (a category that few clinicians of past generations would have applied to them). And plastic surgery, tattoos, and piercings have made people more comfortable with body modification. In such a context, gender surgery in late childhood may no longer seem extreme. Because this change is happening so fast, and amid a flurry of mostly positive media attention, it can be hard to recognize what a radical social experiment it is.

Is Homosexuality a Choice? - Term Paper

Judaism placed controls on sexual activity. It could no longer dominate religion and social life. It was to be sanctified — which in Hebrew means "separated" — from the world and placed in the home, in the bed of husband and wife. Judaism's restricting of sexual behavior was one of the essential elements that enabled society to progress. Along with ethical monotheism, the revolution begun by the Torah when it declared war on the sexual practices of the world wrought the most far-reaching changes in history.

FREE Homosexuality - Born Gay or a Choice? Essay

In elementary school, Skylar was what used to be called a tomboy. He kept his sandy hair cut short, and wore polo shirts and cargo pants. (I’ll use “he” for the younger Skylar, too. I don’t even know his former name—this was one remnant of his past that he refused to share.) In the early years of grade school, he hung out at recess with the boys who ran around playing real-life versions of video games, though he also had close friends who were girls. Waiters and sales clerks often assumed that Skylar was a boy, and it soon became clear to his parents, Melissa and Chip, that Skylar didn’t want them to correct the misimpression.

Essay about Homosexuality is a Choice Rather than Genetics

Even though homosexual behavior, especially in more recent years, has become an acceptable standard in our society it is a voluntary act and a sin, but the church has the ongoing responsibility and God-given call to love our neighbors, regardless of their sin because we too are all sinners....

Homosexuality: Genetics or Choice? Essay - 2147 …

Jews or Christians who take the Bible's views on homosexuality seriously are not obligated to prove that they are not fundamentalists or literalists, let alone bigots (though, of course, people have used the Bible to defend bigotry). Rather, those who claim homosexuality is compatible with Judaism or Christianity bear the burden of proof to reconcile this view with their Bible. Given the unambiguous nature of the biblical attitude toward homosexuality, however, such a reconciliation is not possible. All that is possible is to declare: "I am aware that the Bible condemns homosexuality, and I consider the Bible wrong." That would be an intellectually honest approach. But this approach leads to another problem. If one chooses which of the Bible's moral injunctions to take seriously (and the Bible states its prohibition of homosexuality not only as a law, but as a value — "it is an abomination"), of what moral use is the Bible?

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