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McAllen has another distinction, too: it is one of the most expensive health-care markets in the country. Only Miami—which has much higher labor and living costs—spends more per person on health care. In 2006, Medicare spent fifteen thousand dollars per enrollee here, almost twice the national average. The income per capita is twelve thousand dollars. In other words, Medicare spends three thousand dollars more per person here than the average person earns.

The question we’re now frantically grappling with is how this came to be, and what can be done about it. McAllen, Texas, the most expensive town in the most expensive country for health care in the world, seemed a good place to look for some answers.

"Three essays on health inequalities" by Ameed Saabneh

Three essays on health inequalities

Most health care services and funding are often directed towards urban areas ignoring large chunk of rural population.

However, there is little public debate about the NHS and health inequalities. If you dig through the provisions of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 you will find that tackling inequalities in health is meant to be one of the overarching purposes of integration. Yet inequalities are hardly mentioned in the examples, policy pronouncements and, most importantly, evaluations of integration. One test of this is to search for ‘integration of health and social care’ and ‘inequalities in health’ in Google Scholar; among the millions of records you will find just 94 where both phrases are mentioned, and only 30 of these are from works published since 2012.

Back-to-back visits with an internist and an orthopedist reveal biases underpinning U.S. health care’s often inefficient, always expensive, and sometimes nonsensical care — biases that harm patients and undermine medicine’s ability to achieve its primary mission.

Uk Policy Addressing Health Inequalities Health And Social Care Essay

Nor does the care given in McAllen stand out for its quality. Medicare ranks hospitals on twenty-five metrics of care. On all but two of these, McAllen’s five largest hospitals performed worse, on average, than El Paso’s. McAllen costs Medicare seven thousand dollars more per person each year than does the average city in America. But not, so far as one can tell, because it’s delivering better health care.

Rather, approaching health care comes at the bottom of their priorities way after food, house, and family and so on.

Health-care costs ultimately arise from the accumulation of individual decisions doctors make about which services and treatments to write an order for. The most expensive piece of medical equipment, as the saying goes, is a doctor’s pen. And, as a rule, hospital executives don’t own the pen caps. Doctors do.

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health inequality | essay-paper

Inequalities in health Essay Example for Free

There are many risk factors directly related to the poor economic conditions, like under-nutrition, poor housing conditions, poor sanitation, poor drinking water, difficult access to health care services, etc.


Persistence of communicable diseases in less developed countries and emergence of multi risk factorial non communicable chronic diseases in developed countries are mainly due to the inequalities in the health care access and system.

Essay on Health inequalities - 1886 Words

in its Solid Facts (Marmot and Wilkinson, 2003) describes that higher socioeconomic gradient is one of the most important factors in a country’s and hence, a person’s health status.

Health And Disease In Communities Health And Social Care Essay

Persistence of communicable diseases in less developed countries and emergence of multi risk factorial non communicable chronic diseases in developed countries are mainly due to the inequalities in the health care access and system.

Health And Social Care Essays - UK Essays | UKEssays

Whilst the government controlled health care system countries are working towards minimizing the socioeconomic gradient, market driven individualistic countries like US are also concerned about the importance of this gradient.

Social Inequalities In Health Care Essays - …

Most Americans would be delighted to have the quality of care found in places like Rochester, Minnesota, or Seattle, Washington, or Durham, North Carolina—all of which have world-class hospitals and costs that fall below the national average. If we brought the cost curve in the expensive places down to their level, Medicare’s problems (indeed, almost all the federal government’s budget problems for the next fifty years) would be solved. The difficulty is how to go about it. Physicians in places like McAllen behave differently from others. The $2.4-trillion question is why. Unless we figure it out, health reform will fail.

Top 10 Essay: Health Inequalities Essay team experts …

Powell suspects that anchor tenants play a similarly powerful community role in other areas of economics, too, and health care may be no exception. I spoke to a marketing rep for a McAllen home-health agency who told me of a process uncannily similar to what Powell found in biotech. Her job is to persuade doctors to use her agency rather than others. The competition is fierce. I opened the phone book and found seventeen pages of listings for home-health agencies—two hundred and sixty in all. A patient typically brings in between twelve hundred and fifteen hundred dollars, and double that amount for specialized care. She described how, a decade or so ago, a few early agencies began rewarding doctors who ordered home visits with more than trinkets: they provided tickets to professional sporting events, jewelry, and other gifts. That set the tone. Other agencies jumped in. Some began paying doctors a supplemental salary, as “medical directors,” for steering business in their direction. Doctors came to expect a share of the revenue stream.

Inequalities in Health in Great Britain - Essay

Socioeconomic status (SES) underlies three major determinants of health: health care, environmental exposure, and health behavior. In addition, chronic stress associated with lower SES may also increase morbidity and mortality. Reducing SES disparities in health will require policy initiatives addressing the components of socioeconomic status (income, education, and occupation) as well as the pathways by which these affect health. Lessons for U.S. policy approaches are taken from the Acheson Commission in England, which was charged with reducing health disparities in that country.

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