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Grandparents Are a Blessing For Us Free Essays

Grandparents are definitely a blessing. If you still have yours in your life, it's certainly worth thanking the Lord. Great post here, very touching.

Love hearing about the love and respect you have for your grandparents. I have only had the opportunity to meet one of my grandparents. I miss my "gramp' dearly, he was truly a blessing and a pillar for the whole family. Thanks for sharing and bringing back great memories for others! :)

I was brought up by my grandparents, who worked hard every day to make ends meet for me.

Essays on Essays On Our Grandparents Are Blessing For Us

I want essay on the following topics.1. Grandparents2. Secret hopes and ambition

In addition to it their intense love towards their grand children in unexplainable there persists a special bond between them, this love of theirs also touches the hearts of these young souls with deep affection and care thus adding stars to their character and personality development process. The time that the grands spend with their kids’ kids is very essential and beneficial in the upbringing process of the kids because the mother cannot along with the kids all the time. So it is our grandparents who baby-sit us in such times, ensuring that it is spent in the best possible way making optimum utilization of their time with kids.
They do this by either helping us out in our H.W or discussing with you your problems. Or advising you what to do if you are being bullied by someone in school and most importantly they save you from being beaten by your parents, on a bad thing you did, taking support of their designation as the HEAD OF THE FAMILY and the authority to issue orders.
In the journey of life there are a lot of problems in which we find ourselves helpless and confused as to what is to be done to pull ourselves out of them. In such situations it is our grandparents whose expertise and experiences pave a way through our problems; it is them whose wise thoughts and suggestions turn your bad day into a good one. Their presence in our homes and lives is a source of inspiration, REHMA and BARAKAH. It is their prayers for all their children and grandchildren which often protect and save us from coming face to face with catastrophes.

In Holy Writ, we always see grandparents listed with family. For example,when Jacob and his family went down to Egypt to live, his sons and his son’ssons’ and sons’ daughters are mentioned, (Genesis 46:5-7).Again in Exodus 10:2, a similar statement is given, In the Bible,we do not see grandparents running the roads in motor homes or living inretirement villages in Florida, neither do we find them thrown off in nursinghomes. Most of the elderly receive physical care in these places apart fromfamily care. The government has helped divide the family through their manyprograms. One of these is Social Security. Not only is it costly, but also itopened a way for grandparents to live independently from their children andgrandchildren. In years past, they had to look to their family for provisions,but not so in our modern society. Many grandparents are separated from familyand their God given role. Their life is centered around bingo, bridge, pulling thelevers of slot machines, and shopping. God help us to realize our purpose inlife as we age and mature in our lives. In Proverbs 17:6, we have apicture of an aging grandparent delighting in his grandchildren. In the firstclause we are told, This verse speaks of a mutual love betweengrandparents and grandchildren that they share in each other. Each relationshipin life is special and unique and the same is true of the grandparents andgrandchildren. It is a gift from our Creator.

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This article just warmed my heart.
I didn't get to meet my dad's father but, I did his mom, my grandmom, I just loved her.
My Grandpa on my mom's side was my heart while I was young. He passed when I was young.
But my Nana, she lived to be 100 years old. She was a hoot and a pistol to the end.
I love all that I learned from her and I would give any
thing to be able to sit down and have a chat with her.
I was sure blessed in the grandparent field.
I'm a grammy now.
My grandson is 6 months old
and he is my heart, all the way!
I love every moment I am able to spend with him.
I hope and pray I will be as good of a grandparent to him, as mine was too me.
Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning.:)

For grandparents know how to dothe things that warm a heart,They touch our lives with loving careright from the very start . . .

Children have someone to talk with and confide in. While children may want to be different from their parents, they often don't mind being like their grandparents. This gives grandparents a lot of power and ability to influence a troubled or confused child. One girl told me, "Granny fills the gap Mommy and Daddy leave out." A teenager told me that she can tell her grandmother things she would "never, ever" tell her mother. "My grandmother understands me," she said.

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The Blessing of Grandparents: The Blessing of Grandparents

Essays on Why Our Grandparents Are a Blessing For Us

Children can get undivided time and attention from grandparents that tired, busy parents often can't give them. A six-year-old girl told me, "I love my grandma because she's always happy for me to show her things other people don't bother with." Another girl said, "Every time I go shopping with Mom she goes fast and says hurry up, hurry up. But when I visit with Grandma and go shopping, she always has plenty of time and lets me look at whatever I want to."

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Through sharing in a grandparent's interests, skills, and hobbies, children are introduced to new activities and ideas. Grandparents can be very patient, effective teachers. Knowledge, skills, and attitudes children pick up from grandparents tend to stick with them through life more than those picked up from other sources.

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But you call them Grandma and Grandpa too
And that's OK for you to do.
'Cause kids need all the grandparents they can get.
No one's had too many yet.

I thank God for blessing me with such wonderful grandparents

Many people see grandparenthood as a "second chance." Maybe you weren't able to spend as much time with your own children as you would have liked, or made some mistakes you've now learned from. Grandchildren are a fresh start.

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It is the coldest month of the entire year, every year, yet that never stopped anyone from gathering at my grandparent’s house for my birthday and Christmas....

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Grandparents and grandchildren fulfill the role of student and teacher for each other, and it's not always the older person who does the teaching. Children like to feel needed, and they can teach their grandparents lots of things – like how to find some pretty cool stuff on the Internet! Grandchildren also help you see the world anew again, through a child's eyes.

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Mostof us have fond memories of grandparents who hold a special place in ourhearts. The Bible has much to say about grandparents. They play a major role inthe Kingdom of God. The book of Genesis is a foundational book. It tells aboutfamilies, births, deaths, marriages, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters,grandchildren, and even great grandchildren. By these records, God is showingus the importance of each position. Godly grandparents bring stability,experience, and wisdom to the family, church, and community. As they are dearto the heart of God, we must honor them and lift them up in high esteem, forthey are a gift from heaven. Amen.

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Grandparents have an opportunity to leave a powerful legacy, to make a difference, to send a message into the future through their grandchildren. The relationship can fulfill our need for immortality.

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