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by Pablo Neruda both express the use of love in unconventional ways.

I shall never forget his appearance as he strodeacross the open area, encircled by some fifty thousand persons—men and women,waiting for the "Orator of the Day," nor the shout that simultaneously burst forth, as hewas recognized, carrying up to the skies the name of "Webster!" "Webster!" "Webster!"It was one of those lovely days in June, when the sun is bright, the air clear, and thebreath of nature so sweet and pure as to fill every bosom with a grateful joy in the mereconsciousness of existence.

THE stage is more beholding to love, than thelife of man. For as to the stage, love is evermatter of comedies, and now and then of tragedies;but in life it doth much mischief; sometimes like asiren, sometimes like a fury. You may observe, thatamongst all the great and worthy persons (whereofthe memory remaineth, either ancient or recent)there is not one, that hath been transported tothe mad degree of love: which shows that greatspirits, and great business, do keep out this weakpassion. You must except, nevertheless, MarcusAntonius, the half partner of the empire of Rome,and Appius Claudius, the decemvir and lawgiver;whereof the former was indeed a voluptuous man,and inordinate; but the latter was an austere andwise man: and therefore it seems (though rarely)that love can find entrance, not only into an openheart, but also into a heart well fortified, if watchbe not well kept. It is a poor saying of Epicurus,Satis magnum alter alteri theatrum sumus; as ifman, made for the contemplation of heaven, andall noble objects, should do nothing but kneel before a little idol, and make himself a subject,though not of the mouth (as beasts are), yet of theeye; which was given him for higher purposes. Itis a strange thing, to note the excess of this passion,and how it braves the nature, and value of things,by this; that the speaking in a perpetual hyperbole, is comely in nothing but in love. Neither is itmerely in the phrase; for whereas it hath beenwell said, that the arch-flatterer, with whom allthe petty flatterers have intelligence, is a man’sself; certainly the lover is more. For there wasnever proud man thought so absurdly well of himself, as the lover doth of the person loved; andtherefore it was well said, That it is impossible tolove, and to be wise. Neither doth this weaknessappear to others only, and not to the party loved;but to the loved most of all, except the love be reciproque. For it is a true rule, that love is ever rewarded, either with the reciproque, or with aninward and secret contempt. By how much themore, men ought to beware of this passion, whichloseth not only other things, but itself! As for theother losses, the poet’s relation doth well figurethem: that he that preferred Helena, quitted thegifts of Juno and Pallas. For whosoever esteemethtoo much of amorous affection, quitteth both richesand wisdom. This passion hath his floods, in verytimes of weakness; which are great prosperity, andgreat adversity; though this latter hath been lessobserved: both which times kindle love, and makeit more fervent, and therefore show it to be thechild of folly. They do best, who if they cannot butadmit love, yet make it keep quarters; and sever itwholly from their serious affairs, and actions, oflife; for if it check once with business, it troublethmen’s fortunes, and maketh men, that they can noways be true to their own ends. I know not how,but martial men are given to love: I think, it is butas they are given to wine; for perils commonly askto be paid in pleasures. There is in man’s nature, asecret inclination and motion, towards love ofothers, which if it be not spent upon some one or afew, doth naturally spread itself towards many,and maketh men become humane and charitable;as it is seen sometime in friars. Nuptial love makethmankind; friendly love perfecteth it; but wantonlove corrupteth, and embaseth it.

While The Wedding Story expresses a fictional kind of love, I Do Not Love..

Are fleets and armies necessary to a work of love and reconciliation?

The largest lesson that has been taught to everyone is that love is a very powerful emotion.

Jay Gatsby’s obsession with being old rich comes not only from his desire to move from his poor lifestyle, but also from his desire for Daisy’s love....

It is not surprising that the young girl sometimes made love to the knight under these circumstances, nor is it surprising that he, engaged in an arduous life and trained to disdain feminine attractions, often failed to respond.

It is easy to understand how this state of things gradually became transformed into the considerably different position of parents and child we have known, which doubtless attained its climax nearly a century ago.

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The concept of love is puzzling and we have struggled to understand it for centuries, everything between the Greek goddess Aphrodite and today’s Romantic comedies have attempted to comprehend and explain it.

My perspective is that we are blinded by love and we act carelessly without assessing any of our actions, thus we have regret for any mistakes later on....

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Some day, some day men and women will rise, they will reach the mountain peak, they will meet big and strong and free, ready to receive, to partake, and to bask in the golden rays of love. What fancy, what imagination, what poetic genius can foresee even approximately the potentialities of such a force in the life of men and women. If the world is ever to give birth to true companionship and oneness, not marriage, but love will be the parent.

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Theodor Geisel, best known under the pseudonym Seuss, stated that “When you are in love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams.” Douglas Adams gave us a dry warning in his book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, stressing that, in terms of love, “Avoid, if at all possible.” With all the artists, poets, writers, philosophers, scientists, and thinkers of the world giving us conflicting and equally meaningful views of love, can it really be explained....

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In our present pygmy state love is indeed a stranger to most people. Misunderstood and shunned, it rarely takes root; or if it does, it soon withers and dies. Its delicate fiber can not endure the stress and strain of the daily grind. Its soul is too complex to adjust itself to the slimy woof of our social fabric. It weeps and moans and suffers with those who have need of it, yet lack the capacity to rise to love's summit.

Endless love We no longer expect ..

The parents often take as their moral right the services which should only be accepted, if accepted at all, as the offering of love and gratitude, and even reach a degree of domineering selfishness in which they refuse to believe that their children have any adult rights of their own, absorbing and drying up that physical and spiritual life-blood of their offspring which it is the parents' part in Nature to feed.

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Free love? As if love is anything but free! Man has bought brains, but all the millions in the world have failed to buy love. Man has subdued bodies, but all the power on earth has been unable to subdue love. Man has conquered whole nations, but all his armies could not conquer love. Man has chained and fettered the spirit, but he has been utterly helpless before love. High on a throne, with all the splendor and pomp his gold can command, man is yet poor and desolate, if love passes him by. And if it stays, the poorest hovel is radiant with warmth, with life and color. Thus love has the magic power to make of a beggar a king. Yes, love is free; it can dwell in no other atmosphere. In freedom it gives itself unreservedly, abundantly, completely. All the laws on the statutes, all the courts in the universe, cannot tear it from the soil, once love has taken root. If, however, the soil is sterile, how can marriage make it bear fruit? It is like the last desperate struggle of fleeting life against death.

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Bernhard Schlink uses his novel, The Reader, to express his feelings on the unexpected love between the characters, Hanna and Michael convey both the positive and negative effects of their love.

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