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Fast Food and Childhood Obesity Essay Examples

This will help you serve it to your children with a lighter conscience and at the same time not depriving them of the popular fast food choices.

The first and best weight loss tip anyone gives – control the intake of calories. Many children and teens of America take in many fast food items everyday, without the knowledge that they contain many calories and are the primary reason for their problem. Here we give you fast food nutrition chart that explains you the count of every item you take normally. We expect you to stop taking these fast food items, if you are really inclined to and look smart.

The problems caused by fast food are mainly in the high sugar, salt and fat content in it.

The Effect of Fast Food Restaurants on Obesity and Weight …

The greatest disadvantage of fast food is the adverse effect that it has on one's health.

Fast food that are being made by the restaurants had more fats, carbohydrates, sugars and few fruits, vegetables and they were non-starchy and because of their consumption they are adding 187 calories per day, which can add up to six pounds every year. The data given is based on the children who were questioned during the government surveys from the year 1994 to 1996 and 1998.
In the present, children’s level of consuming fast food is even higher and is increasing at an acclerating rate. This is mainly due to the increase in the fast food restaurants and marketing of such food since late 1990.

They are deficient in vitamins, protein and/or minerals, but rich in sodium and other harmful additives.
This leads to diseases like .
Even if you say that you opt for 'healthy' options in the fast food restaurants, let's tell you straight―you're wrong.

Fast food and Obesity Academic Essay - Write My School Essay

Dr. Ludwig further adds on saying that the intake of fast food has increased more than five-fold since the 1970. The Nationally Representative study has included boys and girls throughout the country with different socio-economic backgrounds. The highest amount of consuming fast foods were among those children with higher income levels, which included older children, boys and blacks. The lower levels were found among the people residing in the western rural areas, Hispanics but, more than twenty percent of the youngsters were still reported eating fast food.

Obesity is on the rise, and a direct link is being cited between fast food and obesity in children.

These foods contain a lot of calories and fats, that not just , but make you feel .
Some studies also show that fast food junkies are more prone to suffer from .

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Fast Food Advertising And Childhood Obesity Essay …

Fast food and obesity | Custom Essay Masters Services

This causes the , thereby increasing the risk of getting .
It's no secret that fast foods have, and are contributing to adding up the obese percentage in the adult population.

Do Fast Food Restaurants Contribute to Obesity?

Nearly 1/3rd of the children in the United States eat fast food regularly and there is a close relation between the fast food restaurants and obesity. This increases the risk of obesity in children. The numbers are increasing at an alarming rate and you need not be surprised because billions of dollars are spent by the fast food advertising center says Dr. David Ludwig, the director for the obesity program at the children’s hospital Boston. So, there is a close knit relation between fast food restaurants and obesity.

Fast Food and Obesity Essay Sample - JetWriters

This is due to overall lack of nutrition, inactivity, and monotonous food habits.
For someone who consumes these in excess, it may lead to due to the high amount of fat, salts and oil in it.
Well, needless to say, these foods also cause , which lead to causing .
Too much of junk food on a regular basis can make an individual overweight due to the extra calories hidden in those foods.

FREE Fast Foods And Obesity Essay - Example Essays

Obesity may lead to health problems like diabetes, severe cardiac problems and various other health problems. Experts claim fast foods taken twice or more in a week can cause you to gain as much as 10 pounds at a go. Scientists and doctors have clearly exhibited that regular consumption of unhealthy food and reduced physical activity result in obesity. Along with the developed western countries, many eastern countries are also dealing with this problem. The trend of moving away from traditional and home cooked healthy diets, eastern countries like China, Japan etc. are also affected by the fast food obesity.

Fast Food Leads to Childhood Obesity Essay Sample

Ten years ago, no American would have regarded a bowl of vegetable scraps dressed with lime-cilantro or spicy pesto vinaigrette as fast food. Many people wouldn’t have considered it food at all. But millions of diners, fuelled by concerns about their health and the state of the environment—and propelled by a general distaste for industrially produced and highly processed food—have begun to shun the ubiquitous chains that have long shaped the American culinary character. Sweetgreen and places like Lyfe Kitchen, Chipotle, Smashburger, Five Guys, Shake Shack, and Dig Inn now occupy the rapidly expanding middle ground between restaurants with tablecloths and the giant fast-food chains. The category, referred to broadly as fast casual dining, is growing more quickly than any other segment of the market.

Does Fast Food Cause Obesity? - Bariatric Surgery Source

Plenty of colorful bill boards and ads of fast food joints with their attractive and delicious offerings are constantly tempting people. Fast food is cheap, convenient and easily available. The “Drive Ins” ensures that that one does not need to disembark the vehicle even to get the food. People are becoming obese because of lack of self-control and hard work.

The impact of food advertising on childhood obesity

For more than fifty years, eating at fast-food restaurants has been an almost clinically impersonal experience: the food is rapidly prepared, remarkably cheap, utterly uniform, and served immediately. The cheeseburger you get at a McDonald’s in Orlando is exactly the same as the one you get at a McDonald’s in San Francisco, Montreal, or Little Rock. Each month, more than two hundred million people eat at least one meal at one of the hundred and sixty thousand fast-food restaurants in the United States. McDonald’s alone serves twenty-six million people every day at its fourteen thousand American outlets—more than the population of Australia. Millions more visit Burger King, Wendy’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, Dunkin’ Donuts, In-N-Out Burger, as well as the other chains that occupy virtually every highway, strip mall, and town center in the nation.

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