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Personality and National Culture

One can discern that this slavery system imposes a double burden on the Negro through severe social and economic inequalities and through the heavy psychological consequences suffered by the Negro who is forced to play an inferior role, 1 the latter relates to the low self-estimate, feeling of helplessness and basic identity conflict....

Although there are many cultures within the Australian society of today, to what extent does a person’s relationship with their family members influence their perception of their culture.

Culture to me is what made you the person that you are today.

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Yet no person in my culture would offer their home or car to someone who needed it more.

This essay will mainly focus on the theme of cultural identity while reflecting on how my own experiences of learning have been shaped and changed my sense of identity....

Eventually, polygenesis declined through the intellectual success ofCharles Darwin’s theory of evolution (Brace 2005, 124). Darwinhimself weighed in on this debate in the chapter “On the Races ofMan” in his book The Descent of Man (1871), arguing thatas the theory of evolution gains wider acceptance, “the disputebetween the monogenists and the polygenists will die a silent andunobserved death” (Bernasconi and Lott 2000, 68), with the formerwinning out. The rest of the essay entertained both sides of the debateregarding whether or not different races constitute different speciesor sub-species of humans. Although Darwin did not explicitly take sidesin this debate, the preponderance of his argument gives little supportto the idea of races being different species. For instance, he notedthat couples from different races produce fertile offspring, and thatindividuals from different races seem to share many mentalsimilarities. That said, while Darwinian evolution may have killed offpolygenesis and the related idea that the races constituted distinctspecies, it hardly killed off race itself. Darwin himself did not thinknatural selection would by itself generate racial distinctions, sincethe physical traits associated with racial differences did not seemsufficiently beneficial to favor their retention; he did, however,leave open a role for sexual selection in the creation of races,through repeated mating among individuals with similar traits(Bernasconi and Lott 2000, 77–78). Consequently, later race thinkerswould replace polygenesis with natural selection and sexual selectionas scientific mechanisms whereby racial differentiation could slowly,unintentionally, but nevertheless inevitably proceed (Hannaford 1996,273).

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Catch-22, a novel about soldiers serving in the American Air Force during World War Two, and The Catcher in the Rye, a book about a seventeen year old social outcast living in New York, express American society by means of American Spirit, Culture, Identity, and Values....

It is therefore important to be a multicultural person by first forming a positive cultural identity.

Since World War II, however, has come the massification of culture. In response Europeans have tried to reinforce national and regional identities, to hold onto their languages, foods and folkloric traditions. But given the option of American-style entertainment, they show little interest in one another's arts. It may simply be lack of information: European newspapers offer poor coverage of their neighbors' art scenes, and television is not much better, with the exception of the French-German network Arte. Whatever the reason, artistic endeavors that do cross borders today reach few people.

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Europeans : Essays on Culture and Identity.

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Does this lack of cohesion matter? Is it not enough for European culture to be sustained by the masters of the Italian Renaissance, the Spanish Golden Age and French Impressionism, by composers from Bach to Janacek, by writers of the stature of Cervantes, Goethe and Voltaire, by thinkers like Erasmus, Locke and Hegel? In their day these heavyweights also had only elitist audiences.

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The present global stratification and make-up has been dictated in totality by the colonization and conquest of European nations. Although direct colonialism has largely ended, we can see that the ideology of colonialism has lingered in the identity of people within the general cultural sphere as well as the institutions of political, economic, and social practices. Colonization or the “colonial complex” is: (1) colonization begins with a forced, involuntary entry; (2) the colonizing power alters basically or destroys the indigenous culture; (3) members of the colonized group tends to be governed by representatives of the dominate group; and (4) the system of dominant-subordinate relationship is buttressed by a racist ideology. (Marger, 2000:132) This process has created the identities of both the colonized and the colonizer with pathological effects. It has destroyed both the lives and the cultures of the colonized and implanted a culture of destruction upon all inhabitants, both the colonized and the colonizer. There are two reasons for exploring the pathology of colonization. First we must understand the creation of the present social, political and economic dichotomy we face, but more importantly we must understand the psychological problems created by colonization, so we as humans can deconstruct the present Leviathan we live in and create a world based on cultural diversity, liberty, and mutual aid.

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A review of studies on attitudinal, cultural and/or behavioural change as a result of the immigration and adaptation processes has identified three constructs that have received much attention among researchers....

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Colonization is based on the doctrine of cultural hierarchy and supremacy. The theory of colonialism is the domination by a metropolitan center which rules a distant territory through the implanting of settlements. It is the establishment and control of a territory, for an extended period of time, by a sovereign power over a subordinate and “other” people which are segregated and separated from the ruling power. Features of the colonial situation include political and legal domination over the “other” society, relations of economic and political dependance, and institutionalized racial and cultural inequalities. To impose their dominance physical force through raids, expropriation of labor and resources, imprisonment, and objective murders; enslavement of both the indigenous people and their land is the primary objective of colonization.

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'It's good to be different' might be the motto of our times. The celebration of difference, respect for pluralism, avowal of identity politics - these are regarded the hallmarks of a progressive, antiracist outlook.

Europeans: Essays on Culture and Identity - …

Another technique used to subdue the native population is the sacking of cultural patterns; these cultural values are stripped, crushed and emptied. The colonialists see their culture as a superior culture; usually tied to either Cultural Evolutionary or Social Darwinist theories. In an attempt to control, reap economic benefits, and “civilize” the indigenous peoples the colonialist dismantle the native cultures by imposing their own. There is a destruction of the cultural values and ways of life. Languages, dress, techniques are defined and constructed through the ideology and values of the colonialist. Setting up the colonial system does not destroy the native culture in itself; the culture once fluid, alive and open to the future becomes classified, defined and confined through the interpretation, imposed oppression, and values of the colonialist system. At this point the native culture turns against its members and is used to devalue and define the identity of the native population.

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