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Second, we may then also wish to take affirmativeaction at the institution-wide scale directly, rather than only indirectly asthe cumulative result of independent decisions at the unit-level. This suggeststo me that an institution may want to take action to recruit, for example, acluster of faculty across different disciplines who individually and even moresocollectively contribute to a stronger voice for alternative viewpoints oncampus. This might apply not just to the traditionally identified minorities,and to women, but also to internationally recruited faculty, to sexualminorities, or to social class representation. I realize that not all of theseoptions are equally realistic, but another institution-wide step might be toconduct internal and also external assessments of the climate for diversity atan institution. How welcoming is the institution as a whole, and also itsindividual units, to various diverse viewpoints and cultural-behavioral styles?Which dimensions of diversity are well-represented in the institution and whichare not? One might think of this as a sort of regular ‘diversity audit’ thatcontributes to the formulation of institutional-scale policy and planning, andwhich goes beyond statistical facts to inquire more deeply into the livedreality of the university.

First, it may not be appropriate to translate aninstitution-wide policy of promoting diversity into a implementation in each unit of the institution. The very diversity which wevalue will often insure that members of different social categories (i.e. peoplewho have led diverse social lives in diverse cultures and subcultures) willconsequently differ in their attraction to various occupations or specialistfields. A commitment to diversity entails, for me, an opposition to social andcultural uniformitarianism. I do not seek a society in which there are nocultural or social-categorial differences in people’s interests, values,practices, dispositions, occupations, etc. Only one in which there is enoughequity of access to power, resources, and respect to insure that no group orcoalition of groups dominates all others and that there is some meaningfulsocial diversity in most social activities, particularly those that mostinfluence community-wide decisions.

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In a recent study, it showed that percentages of high school graduates who attend college were more likely to have participated in arts education....

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I believe that a substantial increase in faculty andstudent diversity will produce a healthy increase in the degree of challenge toexisting paradigms (of all stripes and on all issues) and ultimately foster anintellectual renaissance in the academy. Failure to do so, or even merelyletting things take their otherwise ‘naturally’ much slower course, islikely to contribute to the increasing intellectual stagnation, socialisolation, and practical irrelevance of the academy as the initiative forinnovative ideas and practices shifts to other institutions.

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Race matters indeed, and even in ways we disguisebehind the mask of other forms of difference, e.g. linguistic difference in thecase of attitudes toward Latino/as is in most cases disguised racial prejudiceagainst their partly or fully non-european descent. Cultural prejudice againstpeople of many Asian groups is also often at its core a function of racializingpractices. I believe however that pure race prejudice is on the decline,particularly among the affluent and highly educated people in the U.S. who serveon university faculties. I believe that what one might call‘cultural-behavioral’ prejudice is the most significant factor todaymaintaining discrimination against members of all disempowered and disrespectedsocial groups. It is how the members of these groups are perceived to act,particularly in matters of communicative and social-interactional style orbehaviors perceived as aggressive or disrespectful, that matters even more thanracial categorization.

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Essay on Cultural Diversity | Essay

By the mid-eighties the political struggles that had dominated the fight against racism in the sixties and seventies had became transformed into battles over cultural issues. Political struggles unite across ethnic or cultural divisions; cultural struggles inevitably fragment. Since state funding was now linked to cultural identity, so different groups began asserting their particular identities ever more fiercely. The shift from the political to the cultural arena helped entrench old divisions and to create new ones.

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It seems easy therefore to conclude that we ought tohave a socially progressive policy and actually to act on it to increasemeaningful diversity and equity. What sort of policy should this be?

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This thesis is written in support of a training and education program of the same title. Workplace diversity is a contemporary management issue that all.

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Thesis for the Master's degree in Business Administration 2009 process. Keywords. Management strategies, diversity in the workplace, diversity maturity

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The Effects of Workforce Diversity towards the Employee Performance in a with timely, insightful, thoughtful advices on our dissertation that has led us to Most attention on diversity management focused on the organizational decision.

the real value of diversity connections, winter 2002

This thesis aims to explore what diversity management practices do hotel improving diversity management practices and workforce retention in the hotel

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