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In the modern age, identity theft can and does occur in the virtual world. In this venue, it often involves the cybercriminal’s hacking into a computer network to obtain personal information on online users—such as their credit card numbers, birth dates, and Social Security numbers—and then using this information in an illegal manner, such as purchasing things with the stolen identity or pretending to be someone of higher professional status to gain special and undeserved privileges. Because of the huge financial and reputational harms it can cause for victims, identity theft is one of the fastest-growing and most devastating crimes in the United States and globally.

Each of the introductions below presents the same thesis statement: "Identity theft is a serious problem that claims millions of innocent victims, and the government must implement better regulations to help put an end to this crime." While the thesis statement is the same for all of the introductions, notice how the various introductions set different tones for the essay and establish slightly different expectations for what will follow in the body of the essay.

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III. Patterns of Identity Theft

VII. Identity Theft Legislation

Thesis statement examples for identity theft Long essay topics If you need a help on thesis statement for law essay on identity theft, here are some list to choose. Get enough evidences and examples now!Apr 7, 2003 . Thesis statement examples are exactly what you Identity Theft Essay Thesis need in order to learn what a

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What is identity theft? How can identities be stolen? What can be done to

Child identity theft occurs when an offender uses a child’s identifying information for personal gain. Using data from the Consumer Sentinel Network, Newman and McNally (2005) report that in 2004, there were 9,370 identity theft victims who were under the age of 18 (4% of all cases reported). The Identity Theft Resource Center estimates that they receive reports on 104–156 child victims a year. Similarly, Kresse et al. (2007) report that only 3.5% of victims were under the age of 20.

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Example Identity theft is not a new crime

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Anyone can become a victim of identity theft, including newborns and the deceased. These groups are unique in that the people whose information is used illegally are not likely to incur any out-of-pocket expenses. Instead, their information is used by thieves to defraud others, usually businesses, or to hide from law enforcement. Historically, deceased victims have been thought to be the targets of choice for identity thieves, who obtain information about deceased individuals in various ways, including watching obituaries, stealing death certificates, and even getting information from Web sites that offer Social Security Death Index files, though this practice has decreased substantially in the past several years. In addition, some thieves may take advantage of family members. Often the family is unaware of the victimization, and if they do know about it, it may have little effect on their lives.

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According to Anderson’s (2006) analysis of the FTC’s 2003 data, consumers ages 25–54, those with higher levels of income (particularly those with incomes greater than $75,000), households headed by women with three or more children, and consumers residing in the Pacific states are at the greatest risk for identity theft. Older persons, particularly those aged 75 and older, and persons in the Mountain states are at the least risk for victimization. Educational attainment and marital status had no effect on risk of victimization (Anderson, 2006). Similarly, Kresse, Watland, and Lucki’s (2007) study of identity thefts reported to the Chicago Police Department from 2000–2006 found that over 65% of victims were between the ages of 20 and 44 and that young people (under age 20) and older persons (over 65) were underrepresented among identity theft victims. The NCVS reported that households headed by persons ages 18–24 were most likely to experience identity theft, while households headed by persons ages 65 and older were least likely to experience it. Households in the highest income bracket, those earning $75,000 or more, were also most likely to be victimized (BJS, 2007).

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Clearance rates (percentage of crimes for which an arrest is made) for identity theft are low. Available evidence suggests that offenders are seldom detected and rarely apprehended. Allison, Schuck, and Lersch (2005) reported an average clearance rate of 11% over a 3-year period. Similarly, law enforcement officials interviewed by Owens (2004) and Gayer (2003) estimated that only 10 and 11%, respectively, of identity theft cases received by their departments were solved. There are several obstacles that make the investigation of identity theft cases and the likelihood of arrests difficult (U.S. GAO, 2002). For example, identity theft cases can be highly complex, or the offender may have committed the theft in a different jurisdiction from where the victim resides, making it difficult to secure an arrest warrant. In addition, departmental resources may be directed toward the investigation of violent and drug-related offenses rather than identity thefts.

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The perpetrator of child identity theft is typically a family member who has easy access to personal information. According to Pontell, Brown, and Tosouni (2008), over three quarters of those who stole the identities of victims under the age of 18 were the parents. Similarly, the ITRC 2006 survey data indicated that in child identity theft cases, 69% of the offenders were one or both parents or a stepparent. In 54% of these cases, the crime began when the victim was under 5 years of age (ITRC, 2007). However, strangers also target children because of the usually lengthy amount of time between the theft of the information and the discovery of the offense. Evidence suggests that child identity theft is relatively rare, but when it does occur, it takes a considerable amount of time to discover. Typically, the cost to the child whose identity was obtained illegally does not take place until the child applies for a driver’s license, enrolls in college, or applies for a loan or credit.

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It appears that residents in certain regions of the United States are at a heightened risk of being victimized. According to the FTC (2007) data, Arizona (147.8), District of Columbia (131.5), Nevada (120.0), California (113.5), and Texas (110.6) had the highest identity theft victimization rates per 100,000 residents, while the lowest victimization rates were reported in West Virginia (39.3), Iowa (34.9), South Dakota (30.2), North Dakota (29.7), and Vermont (28.5). The NCVS data demonstrated that households in the West were approximately 1.5 times more likely than those in the Northeast, Midwest, or South to experience identity theft, and urban (6%) and suburban (6%) households were more likely to have a member experience identity theft than rural households (4%) (BJS, 2007). Many have blamed the methamphetamine epidemic in the Western United States for this finding. However, this link has not been substantiated with sound research and data.

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