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Example of a debatable thesis statement:

How many facts do you need to support each claim that you make in a persuasive essay? Good question. To some extent, the amount of evidence you need depends on the claim you are trying to support. However, I think it's a good idea to present at least three facts to support each claim. One fact is almost never enough, and it's difficult to build a strong argument with only two facts. After all, I might be able to take one or even two statements that Thoreau makes and argue for all kinds of different meanings, ignoring the possibility that these meanings may not be suggested anywhere else in all of Thoreau's writings. Would you like someone drawing conclusions about beliefs you might have based upon only one statement you made at some point in your life?

By the way, a lot of students who come to the Writing Center almost immediately locate their own problem sentences when they read them aloud. Try this technique yourself, before you hand in your paper. Check out our handout on for more tips.

Another example of a debatable thesis statement:

Example of a thesis that is too broad:

Topic: Responsible Reasoning and Communication Order Description Essay Topic: ‘Communication is always a good thing in a business organisation.’ Discuss using supportive evidence from communication theories. Structure of the essay: Must follow the structure: a title page containing an abstract introduction (one or two paragraphs) a paragraph per argument (You are have a minimum of […]

The apparent preoccupation with external events, with the commerce and business of everyday life, may cause people to focus on what they are doing and not to look inward to examine how they are living.

Example of a narrow or focused thesis:

These two sentences could be the beginning of a paragraph. If so, what should my next sentence be? I suppose I could go on to present a second and then a third piece of supporting evidence for my claim, but am I sure that readers will be able to understand how the quotation I use is logically supporting my claim? I can assume that my readers are intelligent, so maybe they could figure out the connection, but I also should realize that, as the writer, it is my job to make sure everything in my essay is clear to readers. Therefore, I probably should supply some explanation as to how this quotation is supporting the claim, so my next sentence could be the following:

``My final question concerns practical application of recursive function theory:Assume there is a fixed-point for qualifying exam and give the ultimate theoryqualifying exam question.''If the student smiles, suggest rescheduling the exam when they are prepared to take itseriously.

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Qualifiers in writing in essays - DB Tactical Concepts

Using lots of qualifiers can become a habit

In general, writers will use a combination of quotations, paraphrases, and summaries when developing an interpretation of a text. Again, only words copies exactly from the original should go in quotation marks in your essay. In some cases, you might use paraphrases and summarizes to put the writer's ideas into your own words, but you might include a few key words or phrases from the original as part of your paraphrase or summary. If this is the case, you need to make sure that those key words and phrases from the original are in quotation marks.

Qualifiers in writing in essays do you underline

It is a statement which reinforces the warrants. This statement is needed to answer the counter-argument (the rebuttal). You can write the following: “The access to free educational resources is the main factor in improving the school students’ grades at school.”

Qualifiers in writing in essays are articles

If you tell me eating ice cream fills your stomach with Vitamin C, I want to know how!
If you do not write with confidence in your opinion, your readers will not have confidence in your opinion.

Fully stating your argument, providing evidence to support your argument, and showing opposing views to your argument allow your reader to see the confidence that you have in your beliefs.
Qualifiers and intensifiers are words or phrases that are added to another word to modify its meaning, either by limiting it (He was somewhat busy) or by enhancing it (The dog was very cute).

Qualifiers cause the reader to question your opinion, but allow you to present a "confident uncertainty."
Elements and Techniques
Persuasive writing is not necessarily easy.

Qualifiers in writing in essays do you underline | Modaninja

Claims about value: These are claims made of what something is worth, whether we value it or not, how we would rate or categorize something. Example:

Qualifiers In Writing In Essays

In sum, you should give yourself at least a full calendar year, following the approval of your Qualifying Essay proposal, in which to write the Qualifying Essay. For example, to graduate in spring of 2016, the Qualifying Essay proposal should ideally be written and approved by the end of spring term 2015.

Qualities of a Good Essay - 3994 Words - StudyMode

Claims of cause and effect: These claims argue that one person, thing, or event caused another thing or event to occur. Example:

How to Write an Argument Essay Step by Step | LetterPile

Realistically, the Qualifying Essay is a long project, and unless you have a great deal of it already done when your proposal is accepted, it is at least two terms of work. Since the Qualifying Essay must be given to your committee two weeks before the Oral Examination, and University policy is that the absolute last date to schedule an oral is in the 9th week of any term, the first four weeks of the term in which you are defending the Qualifying Essay should be used only for final editing and proofreading. Optimally, a student would distribute the Qualifying Essay to their committee at the end of the term prior to the one in which s/he intends to graduate.

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