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What makes a person admirable essay essay of drug addiction

Much has been written about Internet addiction. According to Jerald Block (“Issues for DSM-V: Internet Addiction”, 2008), South Korea is a country that takes this affliction very seriously and estimates that over 210,000 of its citizens are affected. For China the number is 10 million.

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Essay of drug addiction essays against imperialism

Essay of drug addiction examples of literary research papers

I believe that addiction can kill me, but that writing and performing will save me.

Mine has been a life of duality. I can function on drug street corners and at wine-sipping theater receptions. In 1995 I was part of a show at the Kennedy Center, but I was sneaking beers into my dressing room before the show and getting high after. I often feel a sense of pride when I put my book and loose poems in my bag before going to do a reading. And yet, I am also this other person — this shadow, this vampire.

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Essay of drug addiction WebMD explains how drug use can lead to addiction, and why drug addiction is considered a disease.

As someone who has written a creative non-fiction piece about my addiction to books, comparing it to my husband’s addiction to Starbucks, I believe there is some merit to reading being an addiction. However, I refuse to see this as a negative aspect of my life.

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Write An Essay About Drug Addiction

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I wondered about the idea of reading addiction as well. One of the ideas I think about is the concept is whether reading is hurting those around you (as with alcoholism for example). I know a couple where the one person has the habit of breaking out a book or newspaper while waiting in line, perfectly sensible, I do it myself. But what is interesting is he often used to do this all the time when he was waiting in line with his partner and it drove them nuts. In some sense his desire to start reading was harming those around him. Maybe a bit of a stretch to call this an addiction but he found it a hard habit to break.

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Just like the fish that doesn’t know it’s in water, we are so immersed in a literate environment (Ong would say “prison”) that we cannot easily question or assess its impacts (or constraints) on us. We are happily addicted. Our obsession is a mark of distinction. We are blind to the possibility of a future beyond literacy, beyond our drug.

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Mike mentions “social distancing” as a possible aspect of reading addiction, and I think that this is the most significantly negative aspect of compulsive or obsessive reading. I agree that reading in an elevator or on the subway hardly constitutes an addiction, but what happens when our intense preoccupation with the written word robs us of the basic human experience. I bring a book with me everywhere I go, and it acts as a sort of security blanket for me – I know that if I am reading people won’t bother me, and I do not have to interact or engage with the world around me. I guess this isn’t really addiction, but it is certainly a coping mechanism that can be detrimental to myself.

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