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Balance refers tothe equilibrium in a work of art.

These collaborating artists work and operate with a variety of mediums, their works display a strong message concerned with activism connected by humor allowing the Guerrilla Girls to communicate and resonate a more powerful message to the viewer....

In this essay it will reveal several prominent themes within the groups works that uncover the racial and gender inequalities in politics, art and pop culture with the use of humor.

Frida Kahlo, Two Fridas, 1939 (or any of the other self-portraits included on the )

She was an active member of the CommunistParty of Mexico.

The two Frida’s are facing forward showing a depiction of an extracted heart.

Various significant comparisons can be drawn from the painting, though, mostly differences. The only similarity between the two Fridas in the painting is that they are both the true Frida Kahlo, with different characters. The first Frida depicts the artist’s suffering. The broken heart is an indication of her failed relationship with her husband whom she loved deeply. The white dress is long and traditional, used to hide her physical insecurities. The surgical scissors prevent blood from dripping out of the artery, which indicates that she is still holding on to her passions such as her career and her family. Additionally, it may also reflect her desire to have a child, a vision shattered by the accident. The stains of blood in her white dress convey the physical aspects of the pain she has endured throughout her life. This Frida is vulnerable, constrained by the reality of her life, which is dominated by painful experiences. She is not confident as she is confined in a life controlled by cultural and societal norms.

Alternatively, a comparison between the two can also be drawn from the ideologies of the artiste. In the first image, Frida is in a dress worn in the west in the previous century (Lindauer et al. 144). Diego was open to western ideologies unlike Frida who loved her country and its ideals. She envisioned herself in the life of the peasants that dominated Mexico. At a time when Mexico had undergone a revolution and had evolved into a patriarchal society, Frida longed for a traditional life as a wife. Diego was eager to implement western societal norms and wanted to show his might by having children, which is one of his major justifications for infidelity. For her failure to conform, she was cast aside and her heart shattered by rejection from her husband; thus, contributing to her life’s sufferings. The surgical scissors would, therefore, be for cutting links with this Diego who shows no understanding to her situation.

Within the painting there is a depiction of an extracted heart.

The painting shows Frida depicted in two different ways. The first Frida wears a white gown, possibly from her wedding with Diego. Opposite her sits the other Frida, adorning a blue frock, common among Mexican peasants with whom she had always associated herself. Both Fridas have their hearts in the open and an artery connects the two. However, the first Frida has her dressed ripped, and her heart is broken and bleeding, with a pair of surgical scissors in hand. She looks sad and worn out, which is in contrast to the other Frida, whose expression is that of contentment. The second Frida also has her heart exposed, but it is whole. The two are holding hands with the second Frida carrying a miniature portrait of Diego.

In relation to art, unity refers to the appearance ofoneness in a work of art.

Frida was fond of saying she had been in two bad accidents—the one that put a whole through her belly and left her in chronic pain, and Diego Rivera.

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I used to think that the popular nickel-back posters made me as cool as the rock artists themselves, but it was not until I continued being the nerdy person that I was sitting in the corner with my other nerdy friends that I realized that changing the coolness of my room had nothing to do with my own coolness....

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Some of these images are religious—couched in the context of the paradigmatic story of a holy woman, Mother Mary. Some come out of biographical interest in successful female artists—Frida Kahlo, Nina Simone, Anna Karenina. And some tell stories I have in my head, illustrating poems, characters, book seedlings and such. Here are a few of each type, on sale along with all my art for .

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Dressed in a black skirt and red shirt, and wearing a red star on her breast, she is shown as a member of the Mexican Communist Party, which she in fact joins in 1928.

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As I look at I plan to sell within 2 weeks before putting what remains of my stuff in storage and starting my , one of the themes that emerges is that of powerful women.

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It is clear that Kahlo is going throughsome sort of pain in this painting because the viewer can see the blood comingfrom the heart and dripping down to her dress.

This essay will focus on the work ..

This causes confusion in the chronology of her life and art.] She continues to use “Frieda” when signing some paintings and letters in the early 1930s..

The essay analyzes the art of Frida ..

Out of the first, she made a self. Known for her dress and demeanor as much as her art, she turned the weaknesses of her disfiguration and what might have been disability into strengths. Learning from scratch how to dress to cover up her imperfections, she became a fashion icon. When she put on layers of lacey shawls and all her jewelry to go to events, street children would follow her asking, “Where’s the circus?” And she would smile and walk on.

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Guillermo learns the art of photography from Matilde's father, Antonio Calderón, and sets himself up in business as a professional photographer.]

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