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Endangered species are protected on international levels aswell.

species, and the potentially dangerous factors threatening endangered species. In an attempt to identify the extent to which endangered species are endemic, we also acquired information regarding the endemism of endangered species from the Ministry of Environment (2005a). We categorized these factors via a slight modification of Groom’s method (2005) (). First, we divided the factors into intrinsic and extrinsic factors (). The intrinsic factors include 1) limited habitats, 2) unique ecological characteristics, and 3) small population sizes. Small population may be the cause or result of endangerment; however, as there was no historical evidence for a reduction in population size, we determined that population size is an intrinsic factor that result in species endangerment. Small population size was applied to all 64 endangered plant species. Extrinsic factors are attributable to human activities and natural catastrophes, and include 1) habitat loss and degradation, 2) commercial or personal exploitation, 3) climate change, and 4) unintentional exploitation. It is more common for species to become endangered as the result of several factors, as opposed to a single factor. For example, in the case of habitat loss, human use, and unique ecological characteristics are all factors that have led to their endangerment. Therefore, the total number

The Wildlife Protection Act of Korea, which was first enforced in 2005, designated a total of 64 plant species (8 and 56 species in classes I and II, respectively) as endangered species (). We collected information from various papers (e.g., Hyun 2002, Chang et al. 2005), the internet, and news articles, on threatened or endangered

An endangered species is a group of organisms which is  for one or more of three reasons:

Ways to Help Protect Endangered Species

A newsletter providing information on a variety of other endangered and threatened species Issues.

Specific categories that the Endangered Species Act (ESA) includes are the listing of "Threatened species", "Endangered species", and the designation of "critical habitat".

As part of the species survival plan, zoos and aquariums in conjunction with AZA follow a system of rules and plans to help promote the care of these endangered animals in facilities.

What exactly is an endangered species.

In the article “Is Your Job an Endangered Species?” Andy Kessler persuades his audience into believing with the advancement of technology, it could continue to take over thousands of jobs as the days go by.

The National Wildlife Federation works to protect endangered and threatened wildlife species.

• Governmental proceedings – Any flaws or gaps on constitutions which have negative effects on species’ survival and do not support programs and campaigns on the specified cause can be the start of the research paper.

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Endangered species distributions were focused largely

In 1973, the Endangered Species Act (ESA) was passed.

In the interests of the protection of organisms and especially endangered organisms, many laws and organizations are formed with the sole intention of environmental protection.

Protection Of Endangered Species Essays

There are many different kinds of conservation movements taking action nowadays, like clean water conservation, ecosystems conservation, or endangered species conservation.

Example Essay on Endangered Species

In addition the uncontrolled humans developing is causing serious damage to the habitat in which species can't sustain their life's generating a very prolonged list of endangers species as a result....

Example essay on Endangered Species

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (“IUCN”) there are 6 categories of endangered animals: • Extinct meaning no living member of a particular species on earth....

Free endangered species Essays and Papers - 123helpme

However, such humanistic justifications for the preservationof species, although correct and required as part of endangered speciespolicy, fall short of Noah's environmental ethics.

English 3: Essay 2- Protect endangered species

In order to protect at risk species and conserve their habitats, government officials need to place greater importance on creating effective policies that target root problems and help address fundamental issues like habitat loss, pollution and human interaction with these species and their environment....

648 Words Essay on Dying Out Species (Endangered Species)

Nixon deemed the species conservation efforts of the United States insufficient and during the 93rd Congress, the Endangered Species Act of 1973 was introduced and passed on December 28th, 1973....

Research Papers on Endangered Species - Quality Term …

In 1973 the Endangered Species Act (ESA) was created to conserve threatened and endangered plants and animals, and the habitats in which they found ....

Essay help on essay about endangered species

Two agencies, the Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service, are responsible for reviewing the status of species in trouble to see if they warrant listing as either threatened or endangered....

What is known as the Endangered Species Act ..

Instead of protecting the national emblem, “on July 4, 1976, the US Fish and Wildlife Service officially listed the bald eagle as a national endangered species” (History of…).

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