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The middle passage journey took from five weeks to several months.

in this essay I address the unfortunate lock-step tendency of right-wingpseudo-Christians to dismissively label all discussion of social/economicjustice as "leftist" or "communist."

It is perhapsworth noting here that even if this conclusion is rejected by the morerecalcitrant of the right-wing pseudo-Christians, it does not help them, sincethey fail even on the individual charity standard, as discussed in this essay.

A major cause for British abolition was the exposure of the horrific Middle Passage journey.

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Throughout the novel Middle Passage, written by Charles Johnson, bondage is a reoccurring theme.

I recently acquired this image (and book) and thought that it would be an interesting addition to the site. The image of the placement of slaves on a ship is a popular reference used when trying to visually convey the conditions of the middle passage. (What pictorial US history book does not include a similar picture?) When I found this image I wished to share it primarily for its popularity in that respect.

After reading some of the book I decided it was insufficient to include the image, and not some of the text. The image conveys a in the Middle Passage that the text does not. I include the text of chapter ten here to give a better, more complete, view of the situation.

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The portrait painted of the Middle Passage relies on a myriad of published documents, including abolitionist publications, as well as accounts of the journey written by vessel crewmembers and Africans transported as slaves, such as Olaudah Equiano.

No contemporary argument regarding the Middle Passage can deny its horrific immorality.

See thediscussion  in this essay about how theBible itself demonizes those like Hannity.

This was what ‘the Middle Passage’ also known, as the ‘Slave Triangle’ was all about; the trading of goods and commodities among continents including the trading of black men, women and children who were treated like property....

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Depending on ship design, weather conditions, and points of departure and arrival, the journey across the middle passage lasted from six weeks to three months....

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Of the 155 casualties aboard the 18th century British slave ship Elizabeth, 2/3 perished as a result of "melancholy" and its conceivable cause, dysentery.

While the sufferings endured by the Africans of the Middle Passage are well known today, one must realize that in the context of 18th century Europe, these moral indignities remained virtually unnoticed.

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his family for witchcraft, (of which he has been accused, out of revenge, by a
Cabosheer,) refused all sustenance after he came on board. Early next morn-
ing it was found he had attempted to cut his throat. Dr. Trotter sewed up
the wound, but the following night the man had not only torn out the sutures,
but had made a similar attempt on the other side. From the ragged edges of
the wound, and the blood upon his finger ends, it appeared to have been done
with his nails, for though strict search was made through all the rooms, no in-
strument was found. He declared he never would go with white men, uttered
incoherent sentences, and looked wishfully at the skies. His hands were se-
cured, but persisting to refuse all sustenance, he died of hunger in eight or ten
days. He remembers also an instance of a woman who perished from refusing
food: she was repeatedly flogged, and victuals forced into her mouth, but no
means could make her swallow it, and she lived for the four last days in a state
of torpid insensibility. A man jumped overboard, at Anamaboe, and was
drowned. Another also, on the Middle Passage, but he was taken up. A
woman also, after having been taken up, was chained for some time to the mizen-
mast, but being let loose again made a second attempt, was again taken up, and
expired under the floggings given her in consequence.

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