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Bandura’s Social Learning Theory

An individual will learn from the consequences of these actions and when a similar situation arises, they will alter their behavior according to what was most successful in the past....

The role of the teacher differs from behaviourism in Piaget’s theory as facilitator rather than the person who drills knowledge into learners via continuous repetition or rewards / punishments. As a facilitator, teacher provides essential resources and guidance during the process of assimilation, adaptation and accommodation stages of the learning. Montessori also shares Piaget’s view of the role of a teacher as facilitator in her own practise where she advises teachers to follow the leads from children and organise and tailor the learning accordingly (online1).

It also included innovative ways to touch on multiple learning styles using both text and visuals.

Learning Theories And Comparison Education Essay

There are several learning theories that have evolved the educational field.

Your paper in this course will present your own customized theory of human learning and development. Everyone operates with a “theory” of what makes the best learning environment and how people grow and develop. The problem is that most education professionals’ theories are not well informed nor are they articulated clearly. Thus, for this paper, you will articulate your idea of "the best learning environment" and support it using the theoretical perspectives of what defines the "best of" in education. This assignment will be completed in three stages: an annotated bibliography, a rough draft, and a final paper version. Your finished paper will give you a conceptual framework from which to draw strategies and practices for the success of all parties involved in the teaching-learning process.

The paper should be 10 page—8 pages for the body, then 1 cover page and 1 references page. It should use at least 6 references and include a solid biblical basis for your theory. If you have more than one page of references after meeting your eight-page content requirement, be assured that points will not be deducted.

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While it is important, to remember that none can be applied across the panel to all learners in all situations; nevertheless some interconnections are apparent.

This paper only focuses on the learning theory and the anomie, or strain theory.

As a result of his research, Piaget come to a conclusion where he suggests that there are four stages of cognitive development which links to the child’s readiness for the new schemas in learning experience. They need to be matched to the child’s current level of understanding and children’s interests are diverse and subject to change (C. Wood et al., 2006, pg 202). By the end of each stage children are expected to achieve the milestones of that stage.

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Effective Papers: Essay on Learning Theory

An essential part of self care & wellbeing Psychology Revision, School Psychology, Family Psychology, Psychology Careers, Psychology Resources, Health Psychology, Theories Of Learning, Social Learning Theory, Social Work Theories" data-reactid="88">

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These ideas can all be classified into different categories of theories such as learning theory, social disorganization theory, labeling theory and anomie theory.

in 1896, is responsible for the social development theory of learning

Piaget’s cognitivist theory, finds its basis in the constructivist movement where individuals continuously construct their knowledge. For constructivists, learning is an active mental work, not a passive reception of teaching (Woolfolk, 1993). Exposure to new experiences is vital in order to develop cognitively. Therefore it is important to give children the opportunity to explore and experience for themselves. In order to develop knowledge, person goes through stages; assimilation, accommodation and adaptation. During assimilation stage, individual is exposed to the new information and absorbs it. In accommodation stage, the new information is adapted onto the existing schema. Therefore organisation of thoughts; improving skills and changing strategies are all results of accommodation (Bee&Boyle, p151). Sometimes there are differences between the environment and schemas. In that case there are two possibilities; new experience can add to or reinforce existing knowledge or it could contradict it (Pritchard, pg 19). This process of bringing assimilation and accommodation into balance is called equilibration which is a stable state where there is no longer a conflict between the new information and existing information (Pritchard). According to Newman et al., equilibration is a creative process of invention for Piaget who argues that direct instruction will inhibit the child’s understanding, if instruction gets in the way of child’s exploration (newman et al. 1989, p92)

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As a result of their experiences, children construct and develop their skills and knowledge. This is a significant difference between the behaviourist and cognitivist views in terms of learning and knowledge. As we have seen above, behaviourists recognise knowledge as extrinsic and passively received range of behaviours whereas the cognitivists’ outlook on knowledge which emphasises on the intrinsic motives and processes of knowledge and learning.

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I believe that there are multiple learning theories through which educators must follow in order to reach students of diverse learning styles; it would be a disservice to the student to only focus on teaching through the paradigm of one theory.

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Linking this idea to the differentiation, Mr A uses different topics in alternating sequences. He relates those topics mainly to the activities in literacy and history. He admits that his subject knowledge on some of the topics he teaches is not up to scratch. He believes this is not total disadvantage as it gives him an idea to organise the teaching sequence from a similar point to children which leads to leaving rote learning methods to more investigative style of teaching. He then sets up group discussions and group work for children.

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Throughout the paper, however, I will discuss examples where the learning theory of constructivism has proved to accurately portray how I best learn new information and also how it will be an appropriate theory to guide me in teaching high school...

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