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Yet it’s far from obvious that something as simple as a checklist could be of much help in medical care. Sick people are phenomenally more various than airplanes. A study of forty-one thousand trauma patients—just trauma patients—found that they had 1,224 different injury-related diagnoses in 32,261 unique combinations for teams to attend to. That’s like having 32,261 kinds of airplane to land. Mapping out the proper steps for each is not possible, and physicians have been skeptical that a piece of paper with a bunch of little boxes would improve matters much.

In 2001, though, a critical-care specialist at Johns Hopkins Hospital named Peter Pronovost decided to give it a try. He didn’t attempt to make the checklist cover everything; he designed it to tackle just one problem, the one that nearly killed Anthony DeFilippo: line infections. On a sheet of plain paper, he plotted out the steps to take in order to avoid infections when putting a line in. Doctors are supposed to (1) wash their hands with soap, (2) clean the patient’s skin with chlorhexidine antiseptic, (3) put sterile drapes over the entire patient, (4) wear a sterile mask, hat, gown, and gloves, and (5) put a sterile dressing over the catheter site once the line is in. Check, check, check, check, check. These steps are no-brainers; they have been known and taught for years. So it seemed silly to make a checklist just for them. Still, Pronovost asked the nurses in his I.C.U. to observe the doctors for a month as they put lines into patients, and record how often they completed each step. In more than a third of patients, they skipped at least one.

Soon, airplanes were being used to carry crews, weapons, and military supplies.

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The airplane has created such an amazing transportation revolution all around the world.

It is up to the pilot to understand how to make them equal in order to keep the airplane in flight or descend at an acceptable rate, in order to safely land the airplane....

An investigation revealed that nothing mechanical had gone wrong. The crash had been due to “pilot error,” the report said. Substantially more complex than previous aircraft, the new plane required the pilot to attend to the four engines, a retractable landing gear, new wing flaps, electric trim tabs that needed adjustment to maintain control at different airspeeds, and constant-speed propellers whose pitch had to be regulated with hydraulic controls, among other features. While doing all this, Hill had forgotten to release a new locking mechanism on the elevator and rudder controls. The Boeing model was deemed, as a newspaper put it, “too much airplane for one man to fly.” The Army Air Corps declared Douglas’s smaller design the winner. Boeing nearly went bankrupt.

and of course, how to make a paper airplane.

(video and diagrams) on Alex's paper airplanes Learn how to make a paper airplane step by step that flies Skip to sidebar; paper planes and paper airplane designs with videos and step by step instructions Paper Airplanes Designs The best paper It is a very good glider and well.

Looking back to the childhood past time of flying paper airplanes, I will try to explain some of the parts that make paper airplanes fly....

Paper airplanes are quick and easy to make, and even more fun to fly. This wikiHow will show you several different ways of making a paper airplane.

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How To Make a Paper Airplane Free Essays - StudyMode

How to make a paper airplane - WriteWork

Table 1: Distances Flown (in meters) by 20 Paper Airplane Designs over 5 Test Flights Design Names Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 Flight 5 Average Dist.

3 Ways to Make a Paper Airplane - wikiHow

I received The World Record Paper Airplane Book written by the world record holder of the longest This book explained why paper airplanes fly and If you throw this one almost straight up, you may get flights of 10 seconds It is also a good, straight indoor airplane Master Glide.

Paper airplanes are quick and easy to make, and even more fun to fly

instructions, with illustrations and videos on how to fold all 50 paper airplanes We don't just show you how to make a paper airplane How To Make Glider Paper Airplanes (5 models) Good & Cool Submitted by Anonymous on Wed.I got tired of seeing nooby paper airplanes on YouTube, so I thought I would share some of my expertise with the community This is an amazing world record. How To Build The World's Best Paper Airplanes Added on Mar 12, 2011 / Category : Misc / Comments Learn how to make 12 great designs for the world's best paper planes and make them fly faster and longer If you like this article.

Building the ultimate paper airplane, one manila folder …

Luca Iaconi-Stewart is building a paper airplane unlike anything you've ever seen before — and it's taking him years to get it just right. He's building a 1:60 scale model of a Boeing 777, one so detailed even the tiny chairs and bathrooms look real. There are even miniature meal carts. He starts by printing out object designs and then slicing them down with an X-Acto knife, before gluing it all together. Iaconi-Stewart's building material of choice is the manila file folder, something he first started using in a high school architecture class. "Even back then I found it a really versatile material; it's flexible enough to shape and mold, but it can be incredibly strong if you engineer it properly," he tells The Verge. "I never really tried anything else."

Photo Essay; Building the ultimate paper airplane, ..

Glider How to make Paper Planes Step 1 Take a sheet of A4 (or letter) size paper, fold in half sideways to make a crease and unfold Step 2 Fold the top How to Make Origami; How to Make Paper Airplanes; How to Tie Knots; Android Applications. This paper airplane is really very good How to make Paper Airplane Gliders Origami Cat (Gato) by Anibal Voyer (Updated) Origami Cat by Tetsuya Gotani Simple Origami Fish Folding Instructions Origami Cats Video Gallery BoatBox by Rachel Kat.

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The checklists provided two main benefits, Pronovost observed. First, they helped with memory recall, especially with mundane matters that are easily overlooked in patients undergoing more drastic events. (When you’re worrying about what treatment to give a woman who won’t stop seizing, it’s hard to remember to make sure that the head of her bed is in the right position.) A second effect was to make explicit the minimum, expected steps in complex processes. Pronovost was surprised to discover how often even experienced personnel failed to grasp the importance of certain precautions. In a survey of I.C.U. staff taken before introducing the ventilator checklists, he found that half hadn’t realized that there was evidence strongly supporting giving ventilated patients antacid medication. Checklists established a higher standard of baseline performance.

How to make a Paper Airplane that FLIES 10000 FEET

There were various reasons. Some physicians were offended by the suggestion that they needed checklists. Others had legitimate doubts about Pronovost’s evidence. So far, he’d shown only that checklists worked in one hospital, Johns Hopkins, where the I.C.U.s have money, plenty of staff, and Peter Pronovost walking the hallways to make sure that the checklists are being used properly. How about in the real world—where I.C.U. nurses and doctors are in short supply, pressed for time, overwhelmed with patients, and hardly receptive to the idea of filling out yet another piece of paper?

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