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My second associate and I discovered that it was much easier to hear (most of) the sonic differences between the Bent and EMIA the Graham tonearm cable was by the Reference cable. Before the switch, the Bent's strengths were being compromised by the Graham cable's deficiencies, which is why I had "an unusually difficult time" comparing them at first. This is also additional proof for a longstanding audio theory of mine (and many others) - Even one weak link is enough to mask the sonic differences that are otherwise more easily observed between two components (and even software). My first associate only compared the Bent and EMIA when using the Graham cable, which is the main reason why I give his opinion less weight than I normally would.

The bottom line: I still prefer the Bent Silver in my own system at this time, because its improvements better match both the strengths of my () phono stage and my musical preferences. However, I still suspect that many listeners may well prefer the Coincident over the Bent, especially since its strengths are somewhat more easily heard, and it must not be forgotten that the Bent (if it can even be found in the first place) is very difficult to optimize, and can be "lean" on many systems, regardless of the loading.

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While at the same time it is recognised thatthe evening time is the time of 'kapha' which is very good for sex.


Even todayin this movement there are many good householders who by their exampleare teaching the general populous the principles of Krishna consciousness,showing how to live in this world happily with family, friends etc., butat the same time keeping in mind what is the goal of life.

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According to Brhaspati a male born in the7th sign from that of the bride (Sama-Saptama) is exceptionally good inspite of the lords of the two signs being mutually inimical."(M.

Faith’s consequences upon the human mind affect both reason and emotion, both of which are explored in this essay....

I know of "great" M/C transformers: The Coincident, the Bent Silver and the ET. The latter two are now long discontinued, and extremely difficult to find used. The Bent, if ever found used, could be a real bargain. What if you already own the Bent? I don't believe it's worth going to the Coincident unless you just must have the extra gain, or you are having problems with "leanness", despite trying different loads.

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, the only situation where another solution is better is if you need to type other languages regularly than English and Spanish. In that case, I would recommend the U.S.-International keyboard method.

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s6. Fairness. Can you make objective judgements or do you make decisions based on what will benefit your interests? Can you understand someone else's point of view or is your opinion all that matters? We develop in a cultural background that establishes our opinions and way of thinking. As we expand our horizons, we meet different people and different cultures that we may not fully understand. An impartial person should be able to see the goodness in people who are different and tolerate their culture without trying to change them.

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A good relationship requires shared values. A racist cannot have a good relationship with a liberal person. A tolerant person perceives a biased person as being narrow minded. They cannot have a good relationship. Racial biases, religious intolerance, and other ethnic prejudices may be overcome over time by foreign travel, learning a new language, and exposure to cosmopolitan cultural activities. In establishing a new relationship, you should not hope to be able to change a person's prejudices.

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Then there is the critical loading issue. The Bent has exterior posts, which can be easily and conveniently loaded with resistors to reach any value. The Coincident has a switch on the back panel, with 4 positions, while the ET has no user provision for loading (short of DIY, after opening the chassis). The Coincident can also be loaded DIY style, but that also involves soldering. The Bent, despite its ease of loading, is still difficult to optimize with many cartridges and systems, and this is its greatest weakness.

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is what I was using before I buckled down and wrote this program; it’s simple and effective for the occasional typing in Spanish. However, it’s impractical if you’re typing say, an essay a week. Also, if you’re not copy-and-pasting in plaintext, this could mess up your formatting.

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Of course, if appearances are necessary, a computer program and printer can do it for them.Musical language has an extensive repertoire of punctuation devices but nothing equivalent to literature's " " quotation marks.

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Plus from my training I understoodthat as in the Vedic culture that I now observed, by being a spirituallyoriented householder, non-exploitive and caring the same vow of celibacycould be maintained by engaging in intimate sexual union with one's spousefor the procreation of good progeny(Srimad Bhagavatam 11:18:43.).

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