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I don’t think so, as feudal Japanese jiu jitsu practitioners employed strikes (a la Chinese martial arts) as well as grappling and submission techniques that survived in essence all the way to Kano Judo (20th century), which in turn gave BJJ a signature move that we see all the time, the Kimura. It’s ridiculous to think that feudal jiu jitsu-trained warriors fighting for their lives against spear-wielding armored men were unaware of a Kimura armbar or a similar such debilitating move.

That preference distinguished jiu jitsu from other martial arts, but, like most other styles, jiu jitsu was a living art, changing and developing with each successive generation. A brief look at the history of jiu jitsu, judo, sambo and Brazilian jiu jitsu shows us that styles can morph quickly, within one generation, based upon need, environment, teacher, student, etc.

The Father of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Helio Gracie

on the biggest stages of Brazilian jiu-jitsu

I don’t know if Chinese locks have a direct influence on feudal era Japanese Jiu Jitsu, the clear ancestor of BJJ.

I don’t see much elaboration here as to how locks and chokes played a role in traditional Chinese marital arts. No one disputes BJJ’s Japanese lineage. How the techniques trace back to Chinese martial arts however, remains to be seen.

I didn’t say “BJJ has little or nothing to do with Japan and even less to do with China.” I said that your argument that the idea that chokes and locks in modern BJJ evolved from Chinese martial arts requires substantiation.

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Grappling, Striking (feet and hands), BJJ. That’s basically it when you’re talking about modern MMA and truly, there isn’t that much more to fighting than those three general fields, right? The simplification of the styles, which has slashed the number of schools in China down to a handful from the countless folk/town/regional styles of centuries past, has also made the UFC pretty predictable. Ground and Pound, TKO to Strikes, Armbar/Legbar, or fat guy with an Ogre Bling knockout punch.

Jason Scully: BJJ "Family" and "Loyalty" is Utter BS

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a slightly modified version of the art, developed in Brazil by Helio Gracie where more emphasis is placed on takedowns and ground-grappling. We also have a whole section of , but still in the same format as our traditional jujitsu techniques.

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Jiu-Jitsu BJJ News And Updates | Mixed Martial Arts

Well, back in 1951, Helio Gracie challenged Masahiko Kimura to a duel and lost. The Gracie clan then named the armbar used to defeat Helio after the man who used it. Tracing this bit of trivia back to its roots gives us an interesting look at the development of a martial art – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – from its origins in feudal Japan to its current incarnation as the “invincible” mixed martial art of the day.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through Gracie Barra has made me a better tactics instructor for my officers and has made me a better and more patient person in my personal life.

10 Reasons Why I Practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu | HuffPost

Helio’s jiu jitsu is a derivative of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practiced and taught by his brothers, who learned the art from a Kano Judo missionary, Mitsuyo Maeda. Helio’s style is generally what we see today in MMA, the slithery art of submitting that Royce Gracie used to great effect during the early days of the UFC. Helio’s style took into account his own physical frailty and produced a martial art that allowed smaller people to defeat larger, more powerful opponents through leverage and technique.

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Judo itself is an ancient term, and applies to jiu jitsu styles that were developed hundreds of years before the Gracies, in feudal Japan. The origin of the jiu jitsu martial art seems to have come about due to strict Tokugawa laws – based on Chinese Neo Confucianism – that forbade warfare. Martial arts that took into account battle between an unarmed combatant and an armored/armed combatant already existed throughout China and in Japan – in fact, one could argue that the whole idea of a martial art is to even the playing ground between the armed professional and the unarmed amateur – but they coalesced into schools and styles in Japan during the Tokugawa period.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a great example of this

I was greeted by Professor Enrique Villegas in a very friendly way, see I had been to another place that does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Tucson and it was not so inviting.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu descended from the art of Japanese Jujitsu.

Which brings me, again, to my vocal buddy Eli who once asked for a and most recently loudly argued that BJJ has little or nothing to do with Japan and even less to do with China.

8 Easy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Moves Everyone Should Know …

How about first we gather some research as to how the locks and chokes in BJJ are similar to ancient Chinese techniques in specific ways, identify history of that evolution, then build a theory of influence.

7 Long-Lasting Gis for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Japan absorbed so much from China: tea, religion, language, political and philosophical systems, martial arts etc that it is likely that jiu jitsu has a Chinese connection. As far as I have read however, jiu jitsu seems to be an offshoot of traditional CMA that adapted to unique Japanese conditions.

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