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Major philosophical approaches: My interest in teaching stems from my belief that teachers can have an incredible amount of influence over the life of their students, and with this privilege comes a great deal of responsibility to the student....

The philosopher lives, as it were, in a hidden, non-objectivecommunity to which every philosophising person secretly longsto be admitted. Philosophy has no institutional reality and isnot in competition with the church, the state, the real communitiesof the world. Any objectification, whether it be the formationof schools or sects, is the ruin of philosophy. For the freedomthat can be attained in philosophising cannot be handed down bythe doctrine of an institution. Only as an individual can manbecome a philosopher. From becoming a philosopher he can deriveno claims. He must not have the folly to wish to be recognisedas a philosopher. Professorships in philosophy are institutedfor free mediation of ideas by teaching, which does not precludetheir being held by philosophers (Kant, Hegel, Schelling). Butin philosophy's realm of the spirit there is no objective certaintyand no confirmation. In the realm of the spirit, men become companions-in-thoughtthrough the millennia, become occasions for each other to findthe way to truth from their own source, although they cannot presenteach other with readymade truth. It is a self-development of individualin communication with individual. It is a development of the individualinto community and from there to the plane of history, withoutbreaking with contemporary life. It is the effort to live fromand on behalf of the fundamental, though these become audibleto him who philosophises, without objective certainty (as in religion),and only through indirect hints as possibilities in the totalityof philosophy.

The essay explains these aspects of the study of philosophy in relatively different ways....

How to Write a Philosophy Paper Steps with Pictures

You need to leave yourself enough time to think about the topic and write a detailed outline.

Argument is of prime importance. In this context, "argument" means any form of rational persuasion, including formally set out deductions as in logic, but also the pointing out of inconsistencies, vagueness, ambiguities, concealed presuppositions, false or dubious factual claims, and so on. There is limited scope for non-rational forms of persuasion in a philosophy essay – rhetorical flourishes or quotations from poetry may be ornaments to style, but your main concern in the essay must be with the giving of reasons. Mere statement of opinion, or of the views and arguments of others, is not enough: opinions, views and arguments must be discussed. In short: substantiate your opinions; give arguments for your views. It is sometimes said that one should always define one’s terms, but this is not always possible. Sometimes it is: for example, if the question is "Is functionalism correct?", you would do well to begin by defining the term "functionalism" as it is used in the relevant context. But often in philosophy there are no very technical terms involved, and the focus is on the puzzling nature of very familiar concepts. Here attempts at definition may be unhelpful if not impossible: for example, if the question is "Does the past still exist?", it will almost certainly be hopeless to begin by trying to define what "past" and "exist" mean. However, it will be relevant to examine what we mean when we say that certain sorts of things exist, or are now past. An uncontroversial initial definition is often impossible, but what you can seek is conceptual clarification or elucidation – a clear overview of the basic concepts involved and how they relate to one another.

(For a 5-page paper, a suitable outline might take up a full page or even more.)I find that making an outline is at least 80% of the work of writing a good philosophy paper.

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I think of this essay often in my daily life. If I have one operating philosophy about life it is this: “Be cool to the pizza delivery dude; it’s good luck.” Four principles guide the pizza dude philosophy.Principle 1: Coolness to the pizza delivery dude is a practice in humility and forgiveness.

In this paper, I will address my personal opinions and philosophy about education....

Each year, the Philosophy program hosts a Philosophy Essay Contest for students enrolled at James Madison University. It is not necessary to be a philosophy major or minor to take part in the contest, but students wishing to submit an essay must be enrolled at JMU during the spring semester of that year. Submitted essays may be on any topic in philosophy, and must be between 2000-5000 words in length.

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Free Philosophy of Education Essays and Papers

Free Philosophy of Education papers, essays, and research papers.

The winner of the Philosophy Essay Contest earns a cash prize (typically $200), and is honored at the yearly Department of Philosophy and Religion Honors Banquet.

How to Write a Philosophy Paper

Truth is one of the central subjects in philosophy. It is also oneof the largest. Truth has been a topic of discussion in its own rightfor thousands of years. Moreover, a huge variety of issues inphilosophy relate to truth, either by relying on theses about truth, orimplying theses about truth.

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Philosophy papers still revolve around a thesis, still rely on evidence and logic to prove their theses, and are still written to show students' understandings or to gain new understandings just like any other academic paper....

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Consider, for example, student answers to the following test question:

General Instructions:
“[Answer any two of the following five essay questions in considerable detail.] Be sure to include supporting reasons for your view, and explain clearly the philosophical concepts used.

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Tawhidic Singularity As A New Philosophy Of Islam Analysis Spire Opt Out Buying your essay obeying order philosophy dissertation abstract really

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My five general purposes for philosophy of education are: to set goals of plan, to teach useful and relevant information, be aware of students learning styles, modeling positive cooperative behavior, to look for solutions and to make sure those solutions are working....

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Another useful site is the which illustrates how to revise a short philosophy paper through several drafts. Notice how much the paper improves with each revision. The final draft will also give you a standard to aspire to!

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Writing assessed essays offers you the opportunity to show your comprehension of some of the material covered in the module, and to demonstrate your own philosophical skills. We will be delighted if you can surprise us with new insights and arguments, but a student essay can be very good without being very original. Your primary aim should be to show sound understanding of the issues raised in the question, and to engage critically with the views and arguments of others who have addressed them. Such understanding and engagement is shown partly by structuring your essay clearly and by explaining the views and arguments of others (past philosophers, authors, lecturers) in your own words. If you make quotations, keep them short, and always acknowledge the source. It is not required that you commit yourself unreservedly to one point of view. If your exposition is accurate, you should get at least a second class grade (between 11 and 16). But you may do better if you go on to "chance your arm" a bit, and say where and why you disagree with certain views or arguments, or offer suggestions of your own. We encourage you to think for yourself; you do not have to agree with the views of your lecturer, your tutor, or current orthodoxy – we mark your work more for clarity of understanding and cogency of argument than for the views expressed in it.

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