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Anderson Library at Calvary Christian High School

Parents have the right to decide what materials are appropriate for their children, but the librarian has to be able to safeguard the collection for the rest of the school....

One principal reason why this oscillation has been less remarked, and less decidedly confirmed by experience than might naturally be expected, is, that the histories of mankind which we posses are, in general, histories only of the higher classes, We have not many accounts that can be depended upon, of the manners and customs of that part of mankind, where these retrograde and progressive movements chiefly take place. A satisfactory history of this kind, of one people and of one period, would require the constant and minute attention of many observing minds in local and general remarks on the state of the lower classes of society, and the causes that influenced it; and, to draw accurate inferences upon this subject, a succession of such historians for some centuries would be necessary. This branch of statistical knowledge has, of late years, been attended to in some countries, and we may promise ourselves a clearer insight into the internal structure of human society from the progress of these inquiries. But the science may be said yet to be in its infancy, and many of the objects, on which it would be desirable to have information, have been either omitted or not stated with sufficient accuracy. Among these, perhaps, may be reckoned the proportion of the number of adults to the number of marriages; the extent to which vicious customs have prevailed in consequence of the restraints upon matrimony; the comparative mortality among the children of the most distressed part of the community, and of those who live rather more at their ease; the variations in the real price of labour; the observable differences in the state of the lower classes of society, with respect to ease and happiness, at different times during a certain period; and very accurate registers of births, deaths, and marriages, which are of the utmost importance in this subject.

Anderson Library at Calvary Christian High School.

Short Essay on Library - Important India

That is why the topic of intellectual freedom in school libraries is often emotional and heated.

Throughout the whole of the present work I have so far differed in principle from the former, as to suppose the action of another check to population which does not come under the head either of vice or misery; and, in the latter part I have endeavoured to soften some of the harshest conclusions of the first Essay. In doing this, I hope that I have not violated the principles of just reasoning; nor expressed any opinion respecting the probable improvement of society, in which I am not borne out by the experience of the past. To those who still think that any check to population whatever would be worse than the evils which it would relieve, the conclusions of the former Essay will remain in full force; and if we adopt this opinion we shall be compelled to acknowledge, that the poverty and misery which prevail among the lower classes of society are absolutely irremediable.

Libraries are well-positioned to play an important role in improving these figures, through the promotion of literacy and positive reading experiences in local communities, and society as a whole. For babies, children and young people there are baby-bounce, class visits, storytelling sessions, summer reading schemes, and teenage reading groups, including ones specifically focused on Manga and graphic novels, for example. Adults benefit from library groups focused on reading (including specialist groups catering for specific needs), creative writing, self-publishing, as well as reading challenges and author visits, to name just a few of the initiatives. Library staff also visit schools, nurseries, playgroups, prisons and community centres. Outreach is not just crucial in promoting the great work of libraries, and attracting more users, but it can lead to greater community involvement, empowerment and resilience.

Essay on Importance of Library - 343 Words

As of 2007, Connecticut boosts 195 public libraries containing a circulation of approximately 15.5 million books, and enjoys the third highest rate of per capita library visits in the nation, at 6.5 visits per capita (National Center for Education Statistics, 2009)....

Each school provides subject specific services to their students and differs from other libraries on campus in policy and layout.

Then there's my crowning glory, inelegantly referred to in the trade as "the plug," the part man uses to erase the errors he makes with me. An ingredient called "factice" is what does the erasing. It is a rubber-like product made by reacting rape-seed oil from the Dutch East Indies with sulfur chloride. Rubber, contrary to the common notion, is only for binding purposes. Then, too, there are numerous vulcanizing and accelerating agents. The pumice comes from Italy; and the pigment which gives "the plug" its color is cadmium sulfide.

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Role Of Public Libraries In Society Education Essay

The following statistics indicate the continued significant use of library services in the UK. The DCMS Taking Part survey (2013/2014 Quarter 1) published in September 2013 [3] reported that in England, in the 12 months prior to the survey:

517 words essay on the Importance of Library

“…evidence is already sufficient to conclude that public libraries provide positive outcomes for people and communities in many areas – far exceeding the traditional perception of libraries as just places from which to borrow books. What the available evidence shows is that public libraries, first and foremost, contribute to long term processes of human capital formation, the maintenance of mental and physical wellbeing, social inclusivity and the cohesion of communities. This is the real economic contribution that public libraries make to the UK. The fact that these processes are long term, that the financial benefits arise downstream from libraries’ activities, that libraries make only a contribution to what are multi-dimensional, complex processes of human and social development, suggests that attempting to derive a realistic and accurate overall monetary valuation for this is akin to the search for the holy grail. What it does show is that measuring libraries’ short term economic impact provides only a very thin, diminished account of their true value.”

Essay on Library | Uses of Library | Importance of Library

Over the past few years we have witnessed severe cuts in library service budgets resulting in the reduction of services, most notably by closures, shorter opening hours, staff cuts and the replacement of library staff with typically unsustainable and fragmented volunteer-run services. Cuts are often made in the name of austerity measures, yet in austere times libraries are of particular importance to the disadvantaged in our communities.

The Importance of a Library That Everyone Should Understand

National library advocacy group, Voices for the Library, evidence the importance of libraries through the stories from library users shared on their site. [13] Users talk about how public libraries serve their communities, promote health, wellbeing and education in general, and more specifically:

The Importance of Academic Libraries - Information …

Journals including School Library Journal, Library Journal and Teacher Librarian offer reviews and editorials as well as information on library innovations that keep librarians current in their field....

“Importance of Library” (Essay in Hindi Language)

Well-funded and professionally-run library services continue to be important and are of particular relevance in the current socioeconomic climate. However, to ensure that they remain so we ask policymakers, councillors and MPs to take note of this information and act on the manifesto recently produced by the Speak Up For Libraries coalition [14], as follows:

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