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Want to know more about the risk factors for heart disease?

When someone dies suddenly with only a large heart -- concentric oreccentric hypertrophy, and the medical examiner finds no other cause of death,it's considered acceptable to blame a rhythm disturbance(NEJM 358: 1370, 2008 -- the article makes the point that in athletic/physiologicalhypertrophy, you do NOT get rhythm problems as a result).

Coronary heart disease is one of the diseases grouped with cerebrovascular disease and peripheral artery disease under the group heading, cardiovascular disease....

I have their genes throughout my body and they are slowly taking their effect on my heart and me.

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Individuals all over the world deal with heart disease.

Some of the most common types of heart disease include heart attack, which occurs when part of the heart dies due to lack of oxygen, coronary stenosis, which is the narrowing of vessels that supply the heart itself with blood, angina, which is discomfort due to decreased oxygen to the he...

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is caused by atherosclerosis which occurs when the build-up of cholesterol in the arterial wall limits the travel of oxygen-rich blood in the body3.

Heart disease is a disorder blood vessels within the heart.

The heart pumps blood around the body carrying oxygen and other essential nutrients to the areas in the body where they are needed.1 Coronary Heart disease is when this process is restricted or interrupted.

15 million and counting, heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in the U.S.

It helps if the patient has a history of "high blood pressure", but when congestive heart failure supervenes on the salt-overloaded, hyper-constricted vascular system, "the high blood pressure may be cured".

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Heart Disease is claiming the lives of many Americans every year.

There are many types of heart disease.

if you are reasonably fit, you areprobably not going to have a heart attack during sex, but if you're a heart patient and out of shape and then goexercise and/or have sex, you're in danger (JAMA 305: 1225, 2011).

Review the general pathology of congestive heart failure.

It's now painfully clear that a person's successful return to near-normal living after a heart attack is largely a function of his or her knowledge about the disease.

Describe the typical picture of chronic ischemic cardiac disease.

Serious degrees of HEART BLOCK can cause people with coronary disease (or other problems; remember amyloid) to drop over suddenly ("Stokes-Adams attacks", etc.) Get them pacemakers.

The peer-reviewed article that I chose was about heart disease.

* NOTE: Somebody may tell you that most congestive heart failure in the elderly is due tocoronary atherosclerosis, even in the absence of ischemic scarring, and that the ischemia causes the hypertrophy.

List the minimal anatomic criteria for hypertensive heart disease.

Worth remembering: ATRIAL FIBRILLATION is a troublesome rhythm disturbanceaffecting about 3 million people in the US, seen in coronary disease,mitral valve disease (why?), hyperthyroidism (George Bush Sr.; why?), ectopic (and ablatable) foci in the pulmonary veins(NEJM 339: 659, 1998; now mainstream NEJM 354: 934, 2006), etc.

It’s common name is heart disease.

NOTE: The other major causes of sudden unexpected naturaldeath are pulmonary emboli,pulmonary hypertension (idiopathic or in chronic lung disease),anaphylaxis, brain hemorrhages, and epileptic seizures ("SUDEP"; "Jett Travolta's disease"; Lancet 378: 2028, 2011; Neurology 57:430, 2001; Neurology 64: 1131, 2005; NEJM 365: 1801, 2011; future medicalexaminers see Am.

Tell what we know aboutcauses of serious congenital heart disease.

116:2413, 2006.* Other congenital heart block syndromes -- in children, expect to find calcification.* NOTE: Since the conduction system is dissected and examinedmicroscopically only when there is no obvious cause of death, thefrequency of various "abnormalities" and whether they are related todeath remains unknown ("narrowed / absent AV node artery"; "persistent fetaldistribution", "ectopic AV tracts", more) After surgically-induced traumaCommotio cordis (myocardial concussion): Piezoelectric effect after a blow to thechest on top of the T-wave.

In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death among women.

Any right-heart problem resulting from increased pulmonary vascular resistance (usually poor ventilation, less often fibrosis or primary vascular problems).

The rate which the heart pumps varies depending on what your doing.

269(1): 68, July 1993; gene NEJM 344: 1823, 2001) Amyloid in the bundle of His (real frequency as cause of death is unknown, may be high)Calcium / fibrosis / whatever as an acquired problem in the bundle of His (Lev's disease -- again,its real frequency is unknown)Anti-Ro/SSA disease of the unborn and babies ("neonatal lupus").

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