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Should girls and boys be educated separately? | Yahoo …

I believe that separating students in school would not help them in any way. Every child learns in a different way, so separating them by gender would not make a difference. Instead of trying to help the students, this would actually be a disadvantage for them. Students need to communicate with both sexes in order to learn. In life, everything is not going to separated by gender, and schools are supposed to prepare students for their future. In the article, Motoko Rich states, “Educators seek ways to improve academic performance.” Academic performance is very important, but schools also need to help students plan for the future. Based on my experiences, there are certain times when boys distract girls, and girls distract boys, but overall, having both genders in the same class helps everyone.
Boys and girls may learn in different ways, but at the same time, there are boys that learn differently from each other, and the same goes for girls. Dividing classes based on sex should not determine how a teacher teaches. As the author states, “Ms. Flowers notes that after the school started offering the classes two years ago, its state rating went from a D to a C.” This could be an effect of separating the classes, but it is not guaranteed. The rating change could be because of a new teaching method or a new teacher altogether. The way that a teacher teaches has a huge impact on how the students perform. Throughout my life, I have always been in classes that have both sexes, and I have always excelled and performed my best. All in all, I believe that schools should have classes that include both genders.

Based on the article, I believe that segregating female and male in schools does not affect their education. If anything, coeducation has many benefits such as learning how to socialize. When children grow and become mature adults, they will most likely get a job with both men and women employed at the work place. Many of their co-workers may be the opposite sex as well as the same. Learning to work with different people and different personalities is a quality needed in order to succeed and work proficiently in work. Also, separating the children will show discrimination to both the girls and boys because some students might get a better education, or some students may feel less confidence and equality in their surroundings. Lastly, children will have no experience in knowing how to act and behave around different people if they do not experience different surroundings, if they do not receive a coeducation with girls and boys. During some circumstances, girls distract boys and in vice versa because some girls may be extremely chatty, and some boys are rough and loud which may cause distractions and misbehavior in the classroom. On the other hand, students sometimes do not distract each other, but a group of specific students may be the distraction which may consist of females and males.
I do not believe that different genders learn in different ways, but I do believe that each student is unique and has their own method in learning. Students should be taught at their own pace with the students who are at the same level no matter the gender. Many parents rather have their children learn with students at the same level rather than ahead or below than having them be taught with a different sex. Parents usually care more about the way their child is being educated not who is in their class. I believe that the single-sex education worrisome the education of students and I agree with the American Civil Liberties Union because it is not beneficial in any way since they will not learn any socializing skills as well as the feeling of be segregated and unequal to one another. As stated in the article, “Critics say that there is little evidence of substantial differences in brain development between boys and girls and that dividing children by gender can reinforce entrenched stereotypes.” This quote is saying that separating the children shows no benefits because students usually think alike no matter the sex, and segregating them only supports stereotypes for young children and what society wants to see of them not their now personalities. I strongly disagree with single-sex education for many reasons, and I am happy to know that not many schools are not considering changing the criteria completely.

1/8/2008 · Should boys and girls be educated separately
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Essay girls boys should educated separately

Should Girls and Boys Attend Separate Schools Essay
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The boys will get to go to the party or do party in the class but the girls wont be able to do that posted by: same goes for girls in classes like woodwork, pe and girls and all boys should schools educate one gender?Girls and boys gain confidence if they are apart because there is no judgement and everyone is natorcamero2itspsychologicalbrady12jsblitz64(maximum 900 words)submiti think they should be in different sent to boysonly and girlsonly schools, children can get better grades when paying attention to the teacher and not the opposite can pay attention easier and sometimes boys are a natorowl_whoomariamabubrady12jsblitzstarlover1234martika10182(maximum 900 words)submitcan't argue with that girls distract boys and are extremely ering women equal to men they should be able to take first step in a constructing a think they are smarter than us, but truly they are natorjacobymercier45(maximum 900 words)submityes they should boys and girls brains have hard wired differences in childhood and adolescent years, so separate schooling would benefit them

There is no reason girls shouldn’t be able to play football, just not with of all, i believe that now women and men should be treated in the same and girls have a long history together and if you take that away then what happens?We boys or girls need to now each others ering women equal to men they should be able to take first step in a constructing a > opinions > education > should boys and girls be in separate children have plenty of time in their lives to form manwomen relationships and should use school time to answer: whether boys and girls should attend separate schools is a controversial also helps boys with manners and girls being comfortable with ties in the classroom is the fact that boys are more inclined to call out in the classroom without opposition to boys, girls get less attention because teachers often view them as needing less one on one attention

Boys and girls should attend separate schools. essays

Based on my own opinion, I believe that students should not be separated because of their sex. I also believe that every child learns differently. So it wouldn’t make sense to segregate boys and girls. Women have already fought for their rights. They do not deserve to be through this situation again. It is not the sex which makes a man or woman learn better. Its how they learn by their personality and learning ability. In my life, I have never witnessed a boy distracting a girl while working. Neither have I noticed vice versa. Maybe friends can distract each other in class. I also do not think boys and girls learn in different ways. As I stated before, its how they learn. I believe that decorations such as sports banners in classrooms are stereotypes. Yes a boy may be interested in that but it isn’t the students’ fault for attaching sports banners. It is the teachers interests. If single-sex education was brought to us again, it would be worser and would bring criticism. One last time, every student, child, or pupil learns differently and always will.

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Due to this, boys and girls students should be educated separately at high school, as the drawbacks of co-educational system should be avoided at this level as long as the suitable type of education provided as agreed.

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