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When I read the poem "Mirror" the only thing I got out of it was the role the mirror plays when one seeks or denies the truth about themselves. Where the poem says:that tells me that this woman is not happy about her appearance of personality and looks away because she denies herself that appearance that the mirror reflected of her. Where it says: When she looked away she did not want the truth but wanted the joyful lies of the moon or candles, in this case the moon and candles in my opinion represent people who lie to her, telling her she is a great beautiful person, when in reality she is not. There are many people who refuse to accept reality, and sometimes causes them to stress themselves out. Just like in the case of Sylvia Plath, she could'nt accept the fact that in her time women were still expected to do what was known as traditional roles which were cook, clean, and care even though women were fighting for their rights, causing her stress and to commit suicide.

Beginning with the "no preconceptions" the mirror has, it is true, what you see is what you truly are. A mirror has the uncanny ability to show who we are not only on the surface but on the inside as well. Our true self is reflected on our faces and how we present ourselves daily; "only truthful". The "eye of a little god" should not be interpreted as a higher being but more of a puppet-master, dictating how we should change our appearance to suit the rest of our daily lives; i.e., if we are going out and look a bit tired, we change our face coloring or brush our hair. We accessorize to suit the occasion. The mirror may be all knowing and truthful but it is ultimately ourselves who make the changes to appease the vision before us.

Appearances are Deceiving in Shakespeare's Macbeth

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And the samething, more or less, can be said of the contents of Picasso'sfirst collage.In later collages of both masters, a variety of extraneousmaterials are used, sometimes in the same work, and almost alwaysin conjunction with every other eye-deceiving and eye-undeceivingdevice they can think of.

It’s certainly a beautiful place, but looks can be deceiving, and with beauty comes danger: it’s very crowded, expensive and not particularly authentic.

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Throughout the play a distinction is made between how things appear and how they are in reality. The issue of appearance versus reality is demonstrated in varied ways, mainly by the use of real-life situations. The first representation of this is Shylock's generosity with his money and eagerness to make friends with Antonio when he says, "I say, to buy his favour, I extend this friendship," when all he wants is to take a pound of Antonio's flesh and end his life, "If I can catch him once upon the hip, I...

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I believe she is looking with despair into the mirror because she see's that she's now old, and she's having a moment of absolute desperation, a moment of agonizing truth. She feels her life has no real meaning and has been wasted perhaps on a love as I mentioned that may never have worked out right because To me candles signify romantic love and the moon represents promises, romance, dreaming of one's love, which can be a lie when the love you're dreaming of is inappropriate for you or not loving you in return. They also signify to me the softening of one's aging appearance in the soft light, rather than seeing the truth of aging in a brighter, truer light. She is definitely ageing because

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Deceiving Appearances Essay Examples | Kibin

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If quote is longer than 40 words, it should be double spaced and indented five (5) spaces from the left margin. The citation is placed at the end of the sentence that’s been quoted; the punctuation then follows. Example- Appearance were deceiving; the real purpose of soldiers’ attack was not to overcome the enemy but rather to attain control of the water supply that fed the town (Cogburn 1956). If a page number is to be used, the format is as follows: “Give me the big city; its lights and action are conducive to my kind of life” (Austin 2003, p.

Appearances can be deceiving essay macbeth

Sure, Valvert makes fun of him for the nose, but that’s just a low-blow to get back at Cyrano for embarrassing the pants off him. He dislikes our hero not because of the way he looks, but because of his actions. And until the end of the play, Roxane never gets the chance to judge Cyrano for his appearance since he never tells her the truth about his feelings. So basically, Cyrano’s insecurities are more hindering to him than his actual nose.

But there’s more to Cyrano than the nose. Aside from his appearance, Cyrano’s trademark is his amazing improvisational skills; this guy can devise brilliantly funny or rapturously beautiful verses in a heartbeat. And as we’ve seen from this play, the chicks totally dig it.

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Realizing that the diffusion of light caused by candles and moonlight is not a true reflection of our physical appearance, those two are "liars", liars to our egos to make us think we are better and maybe softer than what we really are as humans. But the mirror always tells the truth. The woman who "rewards me with tears and an agitation of hands" must come to realise that she is who she is. Her youth is now faded and no mattter how hard she tries to dilude herself into looking younger on the surface, the mirror is always there to show her the truth. Yes, the mirror has "drowned a young girl" and replaced her with a middle-aged woman. One who has life's experiences etched in the lines and creases of her face. This should be something to be proud of, not shyed away from. Knowing that Ms Plath suffered from depression and eventually took her own life, it is too bad that she did not have it within herself to see that the next step of life's beauty should not be shunned but embraced.

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