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Discursive about keeping animals in zoos and parks …

All in all with the ongoing global threats to the environment it’s hard for me to see zoos as anything other than being essential to the long-term survival of numerous species. Not just in terms of protecting them and breeding them for reintroduction, but to learn about them to aid those still in the wild, as well as to educate and inform the public about these animals and their world: to pique their interest so that they can assist or at least accept the need to be more environmentally conscious. Sure there is always scope for improvement, but these benefits are critical to many species and potentially at least, the world as a whole, and the animals so well kept and content, that I think there can be few serious objections to the concept of good zoos what they can do. Without them, the world would be, and would increasingly become, a much poorer place.

Now it lay on a pallet on the concrete floor of a small, bare room that is normally used to prepare food for the zoo’s carnivores. Next door, there was a room packed with the remains of horses; the zoo had euthanized the animals after they were donated by members of the public. (These deliveries had peaked at the start of the year, suggesting that end-of-life decisions had been deferred until after Christmas.) The lion’s tongue was lolling out of its mouth, from which a few drops of viscous blood had spilled to the ground.

What do you think about zoos? Are they a good thing, or is it cruel to keep animals in captivity?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in zoos

I think that zoos are bad because the animals in there often have a small area to run around in and they can easily get super stressed.

From my point of view it is cruel to keep animals in zoos because animals can live in forest, eat what they want and there is a big territory. They can have cubs where they want to live.
Other people say that it ia significant to keep animals in zoos because there are lots of hunters and the animals can be killed. The best dicision for them to be in cages.
I am absolutely sure it is cruel to keep animals in zoos and do not give them freedom. More over animals can live more a long life in their natural conditions. To sum up we do not need to keep animals in zoos.

The zoos are very nice but, I think animals should live in zoos without Because animals must live in nature. Zoos must be suitable for feeding animals that live there and Healthy and Happy. I also think an animal should be free and live with their same species due to respect for animal life. the animals should not be locked up , because they suffer and may die .

Should we keep animals in zoos essay - Semaya One …

Most zoo's are treating animals as good as they can but most zoo's are just treating the animals like they want.
Tourists are mostly there to see different species and take photos.
I don't like going to zoo's because I don't like to see animals from the wild being in a "jail", because it makes me sad to see that they have to look good for people but they just want to get out of there.

I think that zoos are good only for the animals that are in endangered because can care of them and help them in their reproduction.

I think that an animal must be free and live with his same species because they have only in zoos display should be noted that in some zoos if they treated them well but it is not the same that live in their own Habitat in zoos usually do not feed them the right way and many suffer from malnutrition and abuse. Although it should be noted that in some zoos promote so people take conscience of respect for animal life.

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Should we keep animals in zoos essay

Animals Should Not Be Kept In Captivity At Zoos Essay …

However, I am perfectly willing to recognise that there are bad zoos and bad individual exhibits. Not all animals are kept perfectly, much as I wish it were otherwise, and even in the best examples, there is still be room for improvement. But just as the fact that some police are corrupt does not mean we should not have people to enforce the law, although bad zoos or exhibits persist does not mean they are not worthwhile institutes. It merely means we need to pay more attention to the bad and improve them or close them. In either case, zoos (at least in the U.K. and most of the western world) are generally a poor target for criticism in terms of animal welfare – they have to keep the public onside or go bust and they have to stand up to rigorous inspections or be closed down. While a bad collection should not be ignored, if you are worried the care and treatment of animals in captivity I can point to a great many farms, breeders, dealers and private owners who are in far greater need or inspection, improvement or both.

Essays on Against Keeping Animals In Zoos - Essay Depot

I believe that raising animals in zoos , it should be only for cases of risk, such as endangered animals or who do not know how to survive in their natural habitat. In the case of educate people about conservation of the animals and their habitat, other measures might be taken.

Should Animals be kept in Zoos Essay - 1646 Words | …

I think that zoos help animals that are in danger of extinction, this makes people who visit educate themselves on the conservation of these animals. But I think at a certain time should be released in their natural habitat

about the pros and the cons of keeping wild animals in zoos ..

If you are against animals in captivity full stop then there is perhaps little scope for discussion, but even so I’d maintain that some of the following arguments (not least the threat of extinction) can outweigh arguments against captivity. Moreover, I don’t think anyone would consider putting down a 10000 km long fence around the Masai Mara to really be captivity, even if it restricts the movement of animals across that barrier. But at what point does that become captivity? A 10000 m fence? 1000 m fence? What if veterinary care is provided or extra food as in many reserves or as part of conservation projects. I’m not pretending that an animal in a zoo is not in captivity, but clearly there is a continuum from zoos and wildlife parks, to game reserves, national parks and protected areas. Degree of care and degree of enclosure make the idea of ‘captivity’ fluid and not absolute.

Animals in zoos are kept in the small and dirty enclosures

I think the zoos is a good as long as the people that administer it, are good, for example the people are concerned about the health and welfare of animals and above all they love what they do, zoos should provide a comfortable environment for the animals do not feel trapped

Is keeping animals in zoos cruel - UK Essays

I think that the zoos don´t have all animals require, is good the care but are animals they need their natural habitat, the man have technological advances but he wasn´t match to the mother Nature never. It´s worth say that some zoos are concerned endangered species and they have aid programs for this species.

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