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Essay on The Lorax by Dr. Seuss -- Essays Papers

Remember Dr. Seuss and THE LORAX? Click here to watch The Lorax, a 25-minute video. You’ll need to view the video in it’s entirety to answer the forest sustainability discussion questions below!

This year, I selfishly-but-wisely made great use of my 8th graders' best, freshly-written "ridiculous essays" to show my sev-vies what smart-sounding critical analysis essays sound like. I explain how the eighth graders are practicing their essay writing skills by composing smart-sounding analyses of silly books. I explain to them that in a year's time they will all be at a point where they--too--can write really smart-sounding essays, even if the book they're writing about doesn't feel like it should have a smart-sounding essay written about it. "Please," my seventh graders whine, "please read 'One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish' to us too, Mr. Harrison."

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The Lorax is a movie based on the children’s book written by Dr

Seuss overcame social norms by thinking outside the box, pursuing his interests, and making learning fun for young children.

Get ready, dear Shmoopers, for some major tree talk
You may call yourself green, but let's walk the walk.
Dr. Seuss sure did, and boy did he strut:
He penned The Lorax to show us what's what.

Say it aloud now, WE LOVE DR. SEUSS!
Aha! You misspoke, you silly young goose.
Now try it again, with a big booming voice,
The Lorax was written by one Dr. Zoice!

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Born Teddy Seuss Geisell (well, we guess, Theodore)
He became the man that we all so adore.
And now, you say, you want some more facts?
Well, in '71, he wrote The Lorax.

Were I writing this essay on a “normal” book, I would be able to pose a question about the book itself and answer it in an ordinary sort of way.

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The Lorax is about an environmental disaster. Not so kid-enticing, it seems. But even at its ugliest, this world keeps kids awake, alert, and engaged. From the Once-ler's wacky inventions, to the peak and decline of the forest creatures, to the beauty of the Truffula Trees and their tragic demise, The Lorax draws kids into its world. This is a world that's just enough like our own to be relatable, but just different enough to be, well, less boring.

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For this reason, he wrote a children’s book titled “The Lorax.” His strong respect for the environment portrayed through this character as a “guardian” type figure for the fictional truffula trees....

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My favorite teacher ever was ; he was the first teacher to make me feel confident about writing, so he has a special place in my heart. He allowed me channel my "inner silly" during his classroom's reading and writing time, and he appreciated my sense of humor when I applied it to his writing assignments--except the expository reports. Oh my, no, we had to take those report assignments very seriously. In fourth grade--after deeply researching by half-heartedly reading from the encyclopedia--we each wrote and published a 'President Report'; we each drew a different president's name from Mr. Borilla's coffee can of choices, and I drew Thomas Jefferson, and my brain was no where developed enough to appreciate Jeffersonian philosophies. In fifth grade we wrote 'State Research Reports'; no coffee cans this time, as we were allowed to choose based on states that interested us. I chose Colorado because I'd recently visited my grandmother there. I wanted to be Dr. Seuss silly when writing those two reports, but Mr. Borilla wouldn't allow it. Essay or report writing is a very serious matter when you're in fourth grade. Am I right?.

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Inspired by Borilla, we take our reports and essays very seriously in Mr. Harrison's classroom. A lot of my kids expect to be Honors English-bound when they head to high school, and we talk very seriously about how students must be able to write a great-sounding, non-formulaic, unique essay. In middle school, we practice writing intelligently about our novels' themes, their authors' style of writing, and the contrasts between dynamic and static characters, because essays about literature in high school Honors English need to convey smart ideas in interesting ways; they can't rely on the lower-level-of-Blooms-taxonomy book report writing skills they mastered in fifth grade before they came to my class in sixth grade. My eighth graders leave me with the ability to write well about the books we read--the ones they liked and the ones they didn't like.

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Be it at sea or on land, in mountains or sand, in the forests or a penthouse suite, you'll find many ways to connect, compare, and contrast the natural world in The Lorax with the one in which you and your kids live. So enjoy, and prepare yourself for the toughest question you'll ever get from your little ones: "What is miff-muffered moof?"

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Published in April 12, 1971 Movie Directed by: Chris Renaud
Kyle Balda

Stars: Zac Efron
Taylor Swift
Danny DeVito Similarities The Once-ler tells the boy the story of the Lorax
The Lorax is the speaker for the trees.
You never get to see the Once-ler's face.
The boy gets the last Truffula seed with hopes that he will bring back the Lorax
The quote, "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing is going to get better, it's not." Book Differences The Once-ler tells the story in the same day.
The boy did not go looking for a tree seed.
The boy comes from a town were it is not very clean and not much living Movie Differences Story is based off a boy, Ted, who has a crush on a girl, Audrey, and wants to give her a tree
The town is very clean, but air is sold to the people
Ted has to go visit the Once-ler over a few days to hear the whole story.
When Ted gets the seed from the Once-ler, the mayor of the town tries to take it away because once there are trees he will not be able to sell air
With the help of Audrey and his family, Ted plants the seed in the middle of the city park.
At the end of the movie, the Once-ler comes out of his house to see the trees.

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