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The first American Plastic Surgeon was John Peter Mettauer.

In today’s society, plastic surgery is the number one chosen alternative decision for the augmentation of physical appearance, scar repair and for the repair of a deformity, whether it be a birth defect or disfigurement from an accident....

Being dissatisfied with one’s appearance sometimes brings down one’s self-esteem, and people feel as though cosmetic surgery can help them gain back the confidence they have lost....

They believe that they have no other escape but to go in for cosmetic surgery.

To know about the negative effects of plastic surgery, read on.

This brings me to believe, cosmetic surgery is an epidemic that has affected the whole world....

Ned Hallowell, a child psychiatrist, clearly supports the writers thesis by saying, on ABC news, that Plastic Surgery to avoid bullying and peer pressure is a bad idea “The idea of someone getting plastic surgery to avoid bullying seems to me as crazy and worrisome as if a black person were to go to a doctor and say, 'I want to become white to avoid racism” she continues, “The problem is clearly with the phenomenon of bullying”.

In a 2013 study, 1,668,420 Americans underwent cosmetic surgery in order to alter their body to fit the body image they view as the norm in society....

Counter Argument on Cosmetic Surgery

Since society has placed significant pressure on the physical attributes of adolescents and adults, cosmetic treatments are being performed and considered at an all-time high with patients complying with the potential harmful and fatal consequences.

Cosmetic surgery can be very risky and dangerous if you are not aware of the outcomes.

We visited three clinics that day, including one that featured a plastic-surgery museum (complete with, among other oddments, deformed skulls, postoperative shampoo, and a fun-house mirror) and a flashy medical center (white leather sofas and marble floors) that was investigated last year after photographs turned up on Instagram showing staff members whooping it up in an operating room—blowing out birthday candles, eating hamburgers, posing with a pair of breast implants—while the killjoy patient lay unconscious on the table. We met with three consultants and two doctors. The protocol often involves talking to a consultant, who then briefs a doctor, who then looks you over and draws lines on your face before you meet again with the consultant, who closes the deal. In most of the offices, there was a skull on the table for educational purposes.

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Europe falls second in the cosmetic market.

Cosmetic Surgery Essay Free Essays

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Cosmetic Surgery Essays - IELTS buddy

Being a very expensive medical treatment, cosmetic surgery remained only accessible to the top class people who could afford the costs. Considering the distance to be covered from various parts of the world to probably India or other limited parts of the world where the procedure could be done, many people could not afford its expenses. On this basis, cosmetic surgery could not be accessed by everyone, but by only those people who were wealthy enough to meet the costs. Though in the contemporary society the services are still very expensive, many NGOs have been actively involved in sponsoring the poor who have various natural deformations to undergo the cosmetic surgery treatments (Blum, 1956).

Free Cosmetic Surgery Essays and Papers

In the year 1815, the first major surgery in the western region was performed by Joseph Carpue using ‘Sashruta Samhita’ as the main instruments. In Roman, the cosmetic surgery practices were done on minor surgical processes like on ears and skin scalds. Further, ancient Egyptians were also able to perform specific surgical activities like repairing of damaged skin parts among others. It should be noted that, during such ancient times, the practices of cosmetic surgery were mainly on minor practices, mainly on the external body parts. On the onset of the 19th and the 20th century, major practices on internal body organs could be performed surgical treatments; in which some of them could be transplanted. It should be noted that, the advancements in the cosmetic surgery were nurtured by the evolution of technological advancement across the world which favored the development of more sophisticated surgical equipments (Hait, 2010).

Free Cosmetic Surgery papers, essays, and research papers.

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How to writing argumentative essay about cosmetic surgery?

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Argumentative Essay 'Against Cosmetic Surgery'

Cosmetic surgery started in the year 800 BC, in India by Sushruta, who is considered as the father of Indian surgeries by making a lot of contributions in the field of plastic surgery. Sushruta’s work in plastic surgery was further reinforced by Charak, who got actively involved in developing surgical activities through body transformations. The technique of cosmetic surgery soon distributed to the neighboring countries in Europe; in which they first reached Italy and later Sicily. Ancient Egyptians have also been found to record anatomical observations as early as 2900 BC. As a result, Arabs went on coping and teaching from the classical texts during the dark ages in the Europe region until 1000 AD. More so, British medical practitioners visited India more often in order to acquaint themselves with the technique of rhinoplasties. Meanwhile, the works of Sushruta and Charak were distributing fast, since many physicians from various parts of the world were moving to India in order to learn on how cosmetic surgery was performed (Santoni-Rugiu, 2007).

Persuasion Essay (Cosmetic Surgery) Outline Essay …

Mainly, cosmetic surgery development was enhanced by the changes in the human environment which necessitated the restoration of malformed parts of the body. Considering the effects of the First World War, the weapons used resulted into various body malformations in or on the body; requiring some modifications in order to restore their originality. The second world was also found to impact a lot on the people’s body formations. For instance, the children born in Japan after the bombing act by America resulted into genetic alteration of the people, leading to bearing of disabled children in one way or another. In fact, it has been reported that, more than 17% of Japanese population between the years 1945 – 1970 had various body deformations as a result of the Bomb. As a result, many people were found to require the service of cosmetic surgery in order to modify their bodies up to their satisfaction. Media has played a major role in making cosmetic surgery popular and more desirable (Williamson, 2008).

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