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Bryson, Bill. “English as a World Language.” 429-436. Print.

The study is somewhat comforting for English speakers like me, who have struggled to master a foreign language. Indeed, the that only 10% of native-born Americans can speak a second language, compared to 56% of European Union citizens. (In the “credit for trying department,” I spent an hour composing two emails in French yesterday, an effort my Parisian colleague declared “adorable.”)

The ability to speak a second (or third) language is clearly important for becoming a global leader. But – for better or worse – it seems that English may be the most essential language for global business success at the moment. Indeed, even in powerhouse China, more people are currently studying English than in any other country. An incredible 100,000 native English speakers are currently teaching there.

Clark, Dorie. October, 26 2012. English- The language of global busines? Forbes.

Earn a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults

Pennycook, Alastair. 2004. “Beyond Mother Tongues and Access to English.” Journal of Language, Identity and Education 3: 145-150.

Awarded by the French Minister of Education, the DELF certifies speakers of French as a foreign language in 4 units: general expression, expression of ideas and emotions, written expression and comprehension and in the practical usage of the French language. Most French universities require their candidates, for whom French is a second language, to hold a DELF certificate.

Enhance your knowledge of everyday colloquial English to communicate more easily with native speakers outside the classroom. Informal language including idioms, phrasal verbs and slang, are taught for practical, real life situations using a variety of authentic materials such as TV shows, commercials and blogs.

English Become The Global Language English Language Essay

Master the language of international affairs and keep pace with today's changing political climate. Practice English through debates on politics, economics and law. Instructional media for this course includes television, video and the Internet.

England was the home where the language “English” originally was created

English language is primarily responsible for the fizzling out of the native languages that are in line with different cultures. Language is an important component of every culture since different cultures have different modes of communication. This means that it is important for conservation efforts be introduced to preserve these cultures. The introduction of English as a global language is therefore a negative step since it will destroy the very efforts of conserving the fizzling cultures of minority groups. Critics to the use of English as the global language argue that English represent the dominance of the American and the English culture over other cultures. This creates a situation where English-speaking nations will adopt a superiority altitude towards other non-speaking countries that would lead to unnecessary tension that may cause non-speaking nations to feel less appreciated especially in linguistic platforms.

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A Global Language English Language Essay

Essay about English as a Global Language - 604 Words

The emergence of one language as a global language has been attributed as the main reason for the linguistically death of many languages. However, since human beings started the process of communication, language has rapidly developed to match the dynamics of the exact community. It has over the years led to disappearance of many languages. However, globalization of one language does not end the use of the other since the natives are free to use their native language. Supporters of globalization of English therefore argue that globalization of the English language will indeed lead to development of groups aimed at conserving the language of minorities. Indeed, it is worth noting that “English words are not taken just as they are, but sometimes are adapted to local needs” (Bryson 432). This shows that globalization of the English language is after all a harmless idea to other languages.

English as a Global language Essay Example for Free

Additionally, globalization of the English language will eliminate the motivation of many adults from non-English speaking nations to learn the language. This means that the older generations that are developed with the language will find it completely hard to start learning a new language. This will thereafter disqualify them in communication especially with the younger generation. Despite the wide usage of English language, it does not have the very dominant numbers that may make it surpass Chinese and Spanish as the most spoken and used languages globally. The efforts to make English a in the world is not supported by its numbers since other languages have better numbers in applicability.

Free Essays on English As A Global Language - …

English is on a path of becoming the global language in terms of dominance. It has been adopted by different sectors making it one of the most used languages in the globe. This has been attributed to its effective nature, easy learning and rich history. However, conservative groups exist who argues that there should be global language since it may cause the emergence of superior cultures. Nevertheless, it is evident that different cultures ranging from the early polish immigrants, the African American community, the advertising and media will greatly benefit from the globalization of the English language. This will prove in the end that English is indeed a global language.

English as a Global Language Essay - 1947 Words

Neoliberalism and Work
Castells (2006, 58) estimates that only about 200 million of the world’s [formal] workforce of three billion workers (about 7%) find work through the 53,000 or so Multinational Corporations and their related networks; yet this workforce is responsible for 40% of global GDP, and two-thirds of world trade (Williams 2010, 50). Lingua francas are frequently used in these companies, regardless of their location, and English is by far the most common. Ammon (1995) reports that the German Chambers of Commerce recommend the use of English as the sole language of communication for transactions with 64 countries; German is recommended as a co-language for 25 countries and Spanish for 17. These data suggest that English is a global lingua franca for players in the knowledge economy, and English, French, German, and Spanish are European lingua francas. Given that trade involving Japan, the US, and Europe accounted for 50% of world GDP in 2000, the special status of these languages appears to be justified.

The History of English - English as a Global Language

The classless nature of the English language makes it a perfect companion to nay person who wants to fit to the rapidly evolving culture. This has necessitated the rise of language classes, which has seen native adults take English lessons. The advent of technology is highly supported by English since they originate from the US and Europe. English is the official language of the internet, pop culture and the young generation. Although it is important to preserve ones origins as far as language is concerned is also primarily important for one to remain relevant in the changing world by abiding changes, which includes language.

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